Chapter 8

"I am sorry I couldn't be of help to you Jord,"

Greg said after a fruitless search.

"It's fine, you did your best, I guess it was never met to be,"

He said as he got off the seat and made to leave, Greg pulled him back, his hands on each side of his waist, Jordan looked up at him in shock, he didn't have time to process it before Greg's lips came crashing on his, Jordan surrender to the pressure of his lips in his, he held onto him, grabbing his hair and deepening the kiss.

"Greg, what was that for?"

He asked when they finally broke apart, his lips stinging, he touched it still in shock over the kiss

"That? I wanted to cheer you up, you looked so down,"

"Are you drunk Greg? You ain't gay, plus you have a girlfriend,"

"I am not drunk, just tipsy, yes I have a girlfriend but she will understand that I was just trying to cheer up a friend, I didn't cheat on her, and besides Classy and I are both polygamous, what more, I may not be gay but I am bi,"

Greg revealed, Jordan didn't know what
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