Earth Bound

Earth Bound

By:  Dani Vera  Ongoing
Language: English
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Maddison Hart wished upon a star for a life-altering experience. She was a bored college student looking for something to help her heartbreak and one little wish would not hurt anyone, right? She should have been more specific. After a weird encounter with a self-proclaimed Alien Prince named Cy, Maddie is forced into a contract which marks her as his ``Earthling Companion¨. But with unknown enemies and an intergalactic war brewing, how long can the runaway alien prince hide?

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4 Chapters
I should have been more specific when I asked the universe for a friend. I didn´t think it would grant me a loud, argumentative stranger that bullies people as a sign of affection.I didn't mean "anyone" to just literally be "anyone""Hey, Maddison, it's going to be a great night tonight. Let's end our shift a little early okay?" my friend (sort of) slash tormentor, Rosie asked me. ¨Also, please clean that table over there, there's a gross goo of unknown substance on it, and I refuse to touch it,¨Of course she does. She barely ever touched anything here."What's so great about tonight?" I asked while trying to balance a bunch of plates on the tray that I'm carrying.My arms were about to fall off from carrying all this heavy dishes all day, and all Rosie ever did was reapply her lipstick every minute, and make duck faces on her compact mirror.I'm not mad that she wasn't helping me on anything, but seriously?! Duck faces? Who
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I woke up expecting it all to be a bad dream."Thank goodness, you woke up. I know nothing about disposing dead human bodies yet, I just got here,"Hearing the words "dispose" and "dead human bodies" as soon as I gained my consciousness made my head throb even more. I was lying face down on the field where I met this weird stranger. How long was I passed out? It was still dark, so I'm guessing it was not that long. The prospect of dying at the hands of  'whatever-he-is' sent my  body to full-on survival mode. A dose of adrenaline kicked in, and I was suddenly alert. I immediately stood up and ran to the nearest exit. I wasn't fully aware yet that I am in fact running away from a possible threat to humanity and leading him straight to my house."Hey, where are you going? Wait for me!" he shouted at me."You jerk! Stop following me," I shouted back and ran as fast as I could. I have so many other expletives to call this s
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I didn't know what happened. It didn't make sense. One moment I was outside talking to an alien or possibly a weird perverted hippie. Now, I was in my room, comfortably tucked under my blankets. Oh, so it was a dream, huh? I knew it wasn't real! I got up and stroked my head. I was having a slight headache and my throat hurts. I didn´t know shouting in dreams could affect me physically too. I faced the mirror. Wow, I haven't seen my face in a long while. My dark hair which is this muddy brown color that reaches down until my waist is a mess. I don't have the money nor the time to have it properly trimmed so I just allow it to grow this long. I looked like I haven't sleep in a long time. My eye bags are really getting out of hand. I used to care so much about what I looked like but I just got so tired. Nothing else matters now. I just want to get my degree and escape this town. I looked at the picture of the Van Gogh Museum on my wall and imagin
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"You should teach me how to be Human," Cyfrin said and continued to munch on the rotting apple that was sitting on my counter for the past few weeks now. "I like that you're not fighting against me anymore, Earthling. Smart choice," It's not like I am given much of a choice here. Its either I agree and I live or I disagree and I get killed. I looked at him with a disgusted look on my face and snatched the rotten apple off his hands. "You do realize this is already rotten and not safe for human consumption, right?" "Like I told you, I have so much to learn about being human. I didn't know I was not supposed to eat that. And what's it called? An apple?" he nodded like he finally understood what just happened. "Also, I'm not going to kill you, Earthling. Because if I would, I would have already. You watched too many bad alien movies," Those words did not make me feel better. "Stop calling me Earthling, I have a name," "I know your name, Maddison
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