Step Siblings

Step Siblings

By:  ekpikapere  Completed
Language: English
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Sixteen years old spoilt brat, with weird quotes from her diary, Katherine Amelia Jones is being stripped off her position as the only child when her Dad remarries a woman with five children, who she develops this sudden hatred for. From being bullied to getting wanted and longed for, by her bully, her step brother.Things takes a sullen turn when she finally lets her guard down and gets involved in a proscriptive relationship with the eldest male of her step siblings.***A mind blowing story filled with suspense. Totally worth reading.

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34 Chapters
Three months ago."Dad!" I yell running after him with one pair of my slipper, wavy blonde hair tied in ponytail and my bathrobe on."Get out of my way." I shove aside the maidservant that I bump into while descending the giant stairs, she was carrying breakfast up to my room.She yelps as the tray falls off and lands on the stairs, leaving crashing sounds behind as the glasses breaks spilling my coffee, cream and toast.She slides on the steps and reaches over to hold unto me for support, but I snare at her and shove her more, that she recoils steps backwards from the stairs, and lands her ass on the floor with a loud thud, and groans in pain at the impact.I care less, Dad's on his way to the airport.He's this early because he doesn't want to miss his flight to Houston Texas where his Seven Star Luxury hotel had a fire out break."Dad!" I call searching fo
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1. Wedding and step siblings
Villains feel they're right too, that's why they do what they feel they want regardless of hurting people by the way. Before you judge a villain, try seeing things from their own perspective. - From the diary of Katherine Amelia Jones. Present.THE COURTYARD NEXT TO the garden is being set up for the wedding ceremony as I take the binds off my window and watch hundreds of workers carry about their assigned duties.The wedding is getting started at 2pm and I have this egg shell dress to put on. Something I won't dare to put on.I'm not even sure I'd attend this goddamn shit of a wedding. I'm still mad at Dad and I hate the slut Doris Mackenzie who's got five dogs she calls children, whom I refused to meet with.
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2. Home with the Mckenzie siblings
For me there's no difference between dislike and hate, cause when I hate you, I dislike you. And when I dislike you, I hate you. That's why I dislike you from the start to hate you, and hate you to dislike you.- From the diaryof Katherine Amelia Jones.-"SO HONEY, we'd be going to Bora Bora to spend our two weeks honey moon." Dad says as we sit for dinner the next day evening."Honey moon? Bora Bora?" I ask in shock because I was dumb enough to forget Dad would've to go on a honey moon after his marriage.And I hear snorts and chuckles from the Mackenzie siblings.Yeah, they're right here in my Dad's house, sitting on our goddamn dinning and eating our food, with their slut of a mother Doris, whose hands remains on Dad's arm all the time. She and the Mckenzie siblings had their stuffs moved into our house r
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3. Home with the Mckenzie siblings (II)
People don't change, they just mask up their bad habits and careless lifestyle with innocent and charming looks, feigning trustworthiness in order to hurt foolish people who're stupid enough to fall victims for their lies and deceits.- From the diaryof Katherine Amelia Jones -LATER TODAY, I came to know all the names of the Mckenzie siblings.The redhead is Sam.Curly hair boy is Evans.Dirty blonde hair boy is Max.Salt pepper hair, of course I know her stupid name is Sarah.And the black hair girl, Miranda.I had searched them on Facebook.The eldest of them are Max and Miranda who're twins. They're both Eighteen.Followed by Evans who's Seventeen. Then Sarah who's Sixteen too.And Sam, who's fifteen, a year behin
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4. Dad is a backstabber
Parents are just overgrown kids who when they freak the shit out, you'll see the little boy/girl in them. That's how they are to me.P.S: This is perhaps one of the shitty thoughts buried inside the closets of my mind.- From the diary of Katherine Amelia Jones.-"THEY BULLIED ME, Dad." I half yell, take another hitching breath and continue to cry. It's hours after I was being bullied by the fucking Mckenzie siblings. And I'm currently Face timing with Dad."Now Katherine, I wouldn't like you to be on bad terms with your step siblings whom you're supposed to be getting along with.While I'm away with your step mum, Max being the eldest is assigned to be in charge of the-""Fuck, what?" I scream at the screen of my system, interrupting him from going further, giving him my "You gotta be shitting me look" with my swollen eyes and messed up hair.Dad face palms, then sighs."Listen Katherine, the Mackenzie siblings aren't as bad as you think. Max is now in charge of the house, which mea
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5. Walls of Leroy Academic High School
Playlist for this chapter;All Falls Down - Alan Walker ft Noah Cyrus,Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson.There are two answers to every question.The one you're being taught and the one from your own perspective.And during an examination, you write things you were being taught, or maybe from your perspective answers that must correspond or be similar with what you were taught.If you give answers to questions like;What does patience means, and your reply was "I think patience isn't required, helloooo (smirks), why wait for a teacher to keep going on when all the words that proceeds out of his mouth is absolute trash? Why wait for your parents to grant you permission to leave the house when you could always sn
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6. A punch for a punch
Males who hit females are cruel, sadistic and barbaric.- from the diaryof Katherine Amelia Jones-VER DROPS HER TRAY of food on our table with a loud thud as she sits on the chair."Guess what, I've got good news and the bad news for you. And you of all people prefer hearing good news first, before the bad."I put the slice of pizza on my plate, and arche an eye brow at Ver who carries on smiling like a dummy. "What?""The good news is, some kids here in our school obviously witnessed what you did to Tristan yesterday. They videotaped it and had it posted on LAHS blog.""Poor Tristan, he'd have to walk around the whole school, with his head hanging down in shame."I shoot Maggie a glare, and she giggles."And the bad news is that, he's plotting to do something te
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7. You aren't worth my hate
Playlist for this chapter;Bad Blood - Taylor Swift feat Kendrick Lamar,Fire Meet Gasoline - Sia.---When you meet people who're out to destroy you, to challenge you and set you on fire, don't run, fight the hell back.-From the diary of Katherine Amelia Jones. -I PLACE THE ICEPACK back on my torn swollen lip, head banging from the massive headache, fighting the urge not to throw the icepack at the Barbarian infront of me.He hit me!He fucking connected his fist to my face.My beautiful spotless face.I knew he was abnormal, but not to the extent of hitting females.I had cried after I regained conscioune
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8. Blue Barbie of LAHS
Compete and compare yourself with no one. You can never be them and they can never be you. You're going to be killing it your own way if you don't give a fuck about not being too pretty or curvy. You're smart, pretty and funny in your own way and I'm certain there are people out there who're going to love you for yourself if you haven't met and surround yourself in their midst by now.- From the diaryof Katherine Amelia Jones.--ARIANNA GRANDE'S BREATHING blasts through my earbuds as I run through our humongous sorroundings, enjoying the calm, soothing and beautiful early hours morning breeze of Buffalo city.It's 5:23A.M in the morning, a normal morning routine for me to run and excerise every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.I halt my pace, panting really hard, running shorts and tank singlet drenched in my own perspi
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9. Continuation of a bad bad day
(Favorite KAJ quotes)Someone is making you feel special?Keep your expectations on the low..Always have it at the back of your mind that they're going to leave anytime.Its to protect your heart?PS. And my heart is 70% intact because I never completedly trusted Tristan Gardner.From the diaryof Katherine Amelia Jones ---"WHAT THE HELL WAS that for!?" Max thunders, pushing me away from him, causing me to recoil three steps backwards and stagger.His icy green eyes are piercing into mine."Sorry." I mumble looking anywhere but him as I try to bypass him, to make my way towards the cafeteria, cursing my self for letting the stupid blush crept
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