Entangled with the two Rival Billionaire

Entangled with the two Rival Billionaire

By:  Faith_Writes  Ongoing
Language: English
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Billionaire Harold Houston's difficult and painful demise of his ex-wife forces him to find a new spouse. Harold approaches Tricia Moore, a stunning call girl for wealthy men, following a one-night fling and declares his love for her at first sight. When she accepted, her entire world abruptly changed. She discovered she got pregnant, but who is the child's father? Houston Harold? or the last man she had a stand with?

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3 Chapters
What’s going on?!
6:00am ….Harold’s eyes followed every of her movement as she walked out of the bathroom, she was already fully dressed, but her hair was still wrapped up in a small white towel.She was beautiful, the delicate kind of beautiful, her big brown eyes further highlighted her good looks and made her distinct.She was a random call girl he brought to an hotel last night to satisfy his sexual urge, he knew better than to take her to his multi billionaire mansion, ofcourse his nosy mother would pester the life out of him, for sleeping with a call girl.Gently the lady pulled the towel off her hair and his eyes trailed down her thick, long black hair that descended down her shoulders.She was different, different from other call girls he had ever being with, not like he had been with more than one though but she still felt different, everything about her was different, it felt weird but the night they spent together was the most blissful he ever had.Harold Houston was a renowned business man
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Why all these efforts
Later that Evening,Tricia’s Apartment …Tricia flinched slightly as a loud bang came on her door, the knock was loud, seemed impatient and continuous.She huffed silently as she wiped her hands dry and walked towards the door, not bothering to take the kitchen apron off her body.“Who’s there?!” She asked continuously a little above her voice as she made her way towards the door, but it seem like whoever was there decided to suddenly play mute.She reached for the door knob gently twisted it and pulled it open, the door opened revealing an handsome guy, he was putting on a casual white shirt over a pair of stone washed blue jeans, he had a stud on his left ear and she unconsciously began to compare his looks with Harold’s.“You’re not ready?!” Carl asked after siezing her from head to toe as his eyes slowly returned to her face.“Ready for what?!” She answered with a question, the frown on her face deepening in confusion.“We haven’t got all day, my boss doesn’t like to be kept wait
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Six months?!
Next Day ….Tuesday morning ….7:00am ….“Ahh,” Tricia exhaled deeply walking out of the bathroom, she used her face towel to wipe her hair dry and wrapped it around her head.Her phone dinged signalling the arrival of a new message.She rushed towards it and picked up her phone on the bed, it was a message from Jane.-“Hey, you’re still alive?!”- The message read.“Aishhh,” she grunted rolling her eyes as she turned and dropped on her bed with a soft thud.-“You’ll hear from me soon!!!”- She texted back, turned off her phone and threw it carelessly on the bed.She stood up from the bed, cleaned her hair well with the towel and hung it on the towel rack.“Meet his parents, really!” She muttered to herself picking up the spiral binder papers he gave her yesterday.**“No don’t tell me that!” Tricia heard Harold rant as she walked into the living room, he seemed to be packing up his bags and was on a phone call at the same time.His phone was on the center table and on loud speaker as h
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