Escaping The CEO

Escaping The CEO

By:  KC Mmuoe  Completed
Language: English
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Angelo loved her from the very first moment he laid eyes on her. She didn't know who he was and what he did in his past and he loved it that way .It was his past and he wanted her not just for fun but for keeps. If only she stopped running away from him...Cleo didn't want to catch feelings for a guy who was out of her league . He had everything sussed out and she didn't or so she thought . Running was always a safe option but fate had other plans ...

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After chapter 69, it shows chapter 40 Twice!
2021-06-15 11:02:19
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Love this!!!!!!
2020-12-21 18:27:30
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Willie Martin
Why are the chapters repeating? I shouldn't have to pay for chapters that are repeated.
2021-05-09 05:33:08
user avatar
wow!! that's a whole ton of drama , with a cliff hanger ending. two chapter 33 and two chapter 40 at the end....why?
2021-11-20 05:01:38
73 Chapters
Prologue Cleo There is always something calming, cleansing, rejuvenating, and healing about water. The ocean has always been a place of refuge for Cleo. She loved any body of water and it came as no surprise when she made a decision to save up for a holiday, she chose a location by the coast. The sea was calming because she could always get lost her thoughts and watch the ebb and flow of the ocean and just let go of what was stressing her, the ripples of an ocean or lake always put her at ease and at one with herself and the universe. Nothing also could compare to; a good old fashioned shower, or bubble bath after a long day and relaxing with a glass of red wine, and dinner by the ocean. There had been times when Cleo wanted to drop everything and just run away... far away to a place that she dreamed of but didn't exists, away from failed dreams and boring routines. At least when she went far away from home she could take off the different masks and hats she wore to adapt to the k
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Chapter 1 - Change
CHAPTER 1 Change Cleo Change is good it allows you to grow; if you are willing to be flexible and roll with the tide, and look at how you can evolve. Sometimes change can be bad if you don't have a backup plan, you either have to start from the bottom or in some cases you don't know where to start and you feel overwhelmed. It's okay to break apart; but we as humans aren't built to break. We can bend and adapt, but what remains unbreakable is our spirit to fight until we win. The past week at work has been hectic. The CEO told us on Monday morning in a meeting that the there are going to be changes and we should wait till Friday... Can Friday please come sooner, I really need a break. My boss Ruth; has been so excited lately and it's not because she is giving me a raise, however it has to do with the bosses son. All I've been hearing lately is how she wants to kiss him everywhere, and how he can touch her anywhere. She doesn't realize she's already playing a role she hasn't audition
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2AngeloThe universe has a way of bringing you what you want ; not at the time you want it but at the right time when you need it the most. At a point in my life when I thought I couldn't fall in love , I fell hard and nothing could compare to being drawn to someone who just gets you in more ways than one. You just Click and snap out of pretend mode into authenticity mode. The real thing feels real and you don't have to fake what you feel or force anything... You just allow connections to strengthen and love to flow .This by far has been the longest ten days of my life; and it's not because my father is deciding to call it a day and hand over the family business to me ,or the fact that my son is worried sick about me and doesn't want me to go to work. No ... This has to do with what happened two weeks back.It was a normal Saturday and my son was with his grandfather for the weekend. Well he goes to him every weekend and It's going to be longer now because I will be busy with
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Cleo There are days when you know what's going on. How everything is going to go , what to do , when to do it, what's going to happen and more importantly how will your day end. When I woke up this morning I knew my day was going to be hectic . I'd get to work and make sure Ruth had everything sorted out , including her diary, brunch since I know she strolls in at noon and leaves four hours later, and reminders. The only time she comes in and leaves at normal times is when we have meetings or department review days . I normally bring her up to speed with what's going on and What she needs to do and where she needs to be. In actual fact I do her job for her. I also come in on weekends to back up some of the stuff she doesn't do. I woke up this morning doing what needed to be done . I didn't care much about Angelo coming to the department and besides Ruth knew something was up with me and the boss's son she didn't want me around , mainly cause she saw me as a threat to he
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4 Angelo I am not made of titanium. As much as I pretend to have everything sussed out, I don't . I have my own demons to fight everyday . I try my hardest to be a father and mother to my son, but I seem to fail him every time I snap or react in a situation. Last night was no different and the girl I've fallen for was there. One minuet we were preparing to have dinner the next I was telling my son to say goodnight and that he couldn't stay up any longer even though he didn't have school .I pulled him away from Cleo and when I returned she was gone .I had to settle on having dinner with Nicolai my right hand man, friend and above all a man I loved like a brother. My son had eaten earlier last night and wanted to play match maker. When I went to sleep last night, all I could think about was Cleo. Funny enough that's who I've been thinking about for the past two weeks until I saw her on Monday and held her only for a little bit last night. Truth be told I want her so bad
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Cleo I love running it clears my head and gets me into focus mode. There are times when you need to figure out if you are running away from something or to something. If I want to avoid conflict and I don't want to hurt anyone; I find excuses to run , if I believe what we have is worth fighting for and that you are worth the fight; leap, fall ,or jump... I will find every possible reason to stay. I am able to exercise self control;given any situation I can way my options and react accordingly. I have never lost self control at work until Angelo happened. Granted that I have a curiosity streak however my self control is always under siege when he is around. Today he looked like he walked off a GQ best dressed shoot and came straight to the office. His voice sounded raspy and sexier than the night before, not to mention the kind of calm and surety he exuded when he turned my plans upsidedown , kissed me in the process, made me weak at the knees and dare I say my whole bo
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Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Angelo I am always in control . I love being in control; I'd like to believe I have self control and I also don't want to be out of control. The only person who can turn my plans upsidedown is my son . He just snaps his fingers and whatever he wants or needs is his . I thought that Giovanni was the only one who could control me to a degree but I was wrong. I've dated a lot of girls since my Nina left me and the last one I introduced to Gio wanted to to ship him off to boarding school , and Nikki was loud. In fact all the girls who I slept with for fun were loud and selfish. I don't know why I attracted that type. I'm not loud... However everything changed when I laid eyes on Cleo at the Market and the night she literally came running into my life. She's a breath of fresh air Giovanni loves her and I'm falling for her . Nicolai is already going out with Jane and well Jane was on my case this morning for reasons that were valid. When I asked her what happened with Duncan and
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Chapter 7
Chapter 7CleoNothing hurts more than a broken heart . A broken heart that has not healed properly is like a scar that hasn't healed properly . On the surface everything looks standard; however when you go deeper you are still blue and black from the blow that you sufferd at the hands of the one who swore love , protection, and stability. If dealt with sooner the scar can heal if not it can rott and cause major problems. Imagine baking a cake that flops. Proper healing happens from the inside out. When you nurse your broken heart too long thinking that you're okay you end up discovering that the damage is worse than initially thought and its somehow spread to your soul. So not only are you nursing a broken heart but a broken soul too by default. Two broken pieces are a perfect fit only if they are whole and not shattered. If you can find someone who loves you inside out broken parts and all then you are lucky. When you love; you love the bright sides as well as the dark, you cannot at
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Chapter 8
Chapter 8 Angelo Aleo had turned around to look at me. Strangely enough she didn't throw the can of soup at me or try pull self defense moves on me. She let me touch her , hold her and kiss her . I was in my socks and she was in the cutest set of sleep wear I had ever seen. Her eyes are my weakness amongst other things but all I am is thankful that she was home . I had come by earlier and she wasn't home . I called Nicolai who was with Jane in my house and I wondered she was with him instead of Cleo. I asked her if there was anyway to reach her . When she said no I pulled the waterworks, and she ended up giving me her key to Cleo's apartment. All three of them have each others keys . My mind started racing and coming up with all sorts of images. The thought of Cleo being with Brendan made my blood boil. Although I'd deserve any hurt that came my way... Before I left I had asked Jane about Duncan and she shook her head saying; he wasn't good for her and that if I hurt her in any way
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Chapter 9
Chapter 9 CleoThey say curiosity killed the cat. I always say; curiosity might have killed the cat but the cat died satisfied... But then a cat has nine lives so it lived to tell the tale.I have many ways to cope when it comes to flashbacks that sometimes leave me on edge or shaken. I run , do cardio, self defense or yoga. I haven't seen Duncan in over three years and I guess I'm doing all right; more than all right because I think I like someone. I didn't lay any charges on Duncan , he was well off and he could afford a good lawyer that could discredit me on the stand. I never really liked him because of his status or money . I liked him for who he was or so I thought before he became controlling and promiscuous. When I called him out on his unsavory and unsanitary behavior, he flat out denied it, and funny thing is I made him wait as in I didn't give it up to him because I wasn't sure I wanted to at that stage of our relationship. I
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