Escaping the Reality

Escaping the Reality

By:  Ceres  Ongoing
Language: English
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Katrina Riyel Youngstern is a princess of the province Alkinia, Honzel. She's rude to everyone except to her family. One night came and everything has change. She lost her eyesight as well as her father. Her atitude worsen. Then, Paolo came to her life. He give her another light but one thing for sure, destiny doesn't want her to be happy. Will she able to find her love in that guy? Will she be happy with him? Lets see.

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Will she find it? Haha.. Great story. Love them all. I will 10 here. ???
2020-09-03 20:30:10
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So I did try to read it but I couldn’t get past the grammatical errors for a few sentences. Also I didn’t feel a connection within the characters and myself. But it’s a good story, it has potential and I see a bright future ahead. Keep writing
2020-09-07 09:32:25
19 Chapters
"Find a donor or fvcking just go buy their own eyes! For pete's sake! Are you even using your brain? Or you just let it to be useless?! Argh!" I stamped my feet in annoyance. "Do your job better! You piece of trash! I paid for all of you so, don't just sit there and tell me that you found nothing!" "But, my lady, we already talk few people around in Alkinia, but no one wants to donate or even let us buy their eyes." "What? Did you just said 'few? Oh, come on! Talk everyone and when I said everyone, EVERYONE! Don't leave any single of them!" "Yes, my lady." "Get out!" I point my baton in front, where the door is. When they already gone, I called our long time maid. "Any news?" "
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KATRINA"Come and see me at my office." I seriously said to my father's secretary.She looks scared but she's still followed me."What's this?" I get the papers and show it to her."My lady, we're already finding the culprit but—""But you haven't found him?""Y-yes."I close my eyes and count up to three to calm myself down."Are you fvcking kidding me?""No! A-ah, I m-mean n-no," then she bowed down her head, avoiding my gazed."Then, explain it to me! Why until now, you haven't found him?! Are you going to lose our company?!""N-no. I'm really, really so
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KATRINA"Where is he?""In your office, my lady.""Why did you send him there?! Then, who's with him?""Alex is there to watch over him.""Did he already spill out his mistakes?""No. You're the one he wants to talk too." I raised my hand as soon as I stop in front of the door of my office."You can go back in your office.""Yes, my lady."I opened the door and saw the man who's kneeling on the floor.
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KATRINA"Where should we go first?" I look around as if there is another shop that I can go to. But the truth is, I usually goes to clothing brand, perfumes, bags, shoes, jewerlies so, I don't know if there's any place that will be a new to me.I didn't heard Tina's answered so, I turn my gazed at her and only to found out that she's looking to the shop for a baby.Wait... What?!"Hey!" I wave my hand in front of her face."Oh, I'm sorry!" She immediately said."Where are you looking at?" I raised my left eye brow and wait for her to answer but she avoid it. So, I let it aside.
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KATRINA"Where is Tina?" Ask by Trey.Today is his wedding day and now Tina is nowhere to be found.Well, I can trace her but I don't want to invade her privacy."She's been out of reach this past few days.""You didn't try to find her?" He looks concerned right now. Well, who hasn't?"I think, it is not the right thing to do. I don't want to use my family's connection just to find her. I know she will let us to see her if she's already ready.""But, its been 4 days!" He exclaimed, because of the adrenaline rush I hit him.
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KATRINA"Wel, come to my office."Moments of later, Mel entered."Yes, my lady?""I want you to find an investigator.""Can I ask why, my lady?""I want to check something. I want that investigator come today. Got it?""Okay, my lady." She bow down her head and got out.When my phone's vibrate, I grab it and look who's calling."Dad?"[Glad that you answered.]
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KATRINAWel said the details in evening. I just check it in the morning cause I quickly passed out when my back felt the softness of the bed.I fix myself as fast as I could. When I already okay, I let Lark drive me where's Tina location is.I have a lot of questions in my head that I want to ask her. But as soon as I arrived in their house and saw her, my heart melt.I even feel my tears about to scape in my eyes. She accidentally look at my direction. When she saw me, she look so shock that I think she even think to run. But, I shout."Don't you dare to hide yourself, bitch!" I shout in anger.I step my foot
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KATRINA"Oh my god! We should stop this drama." I said while wiping my tears."Yeah. I think, we should." She slightly laugh as she wipe her tears too."This is your fault, tsk!" I hissed but she just pout."Let's sit. I'm sorry! This is the only food that I can offer to you." She smile bitterly. So I groan."Duh! Don't be bitter! Its okay. As long as its clean, I'll eat it.""Okay. Here!" She move the tray infront of me."Anyway, where is your mother?" I ask when I can't see her mother around."She don't want to go ou
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KATRINAI let Lark to have his day off for two days. I planned to sleep here tonight and just go home tomorrow.Tina's mom are now cooking our lunch so I tried to find Tina to have a little chitchat but I didn't find Tina but I found someone."Who the fvck are you?!" Who the fvck is this kid?! My forehead knit because of what he said."What a rude kid." I cross my arm and arched my left eyebrow."I'm not a kid, woman! Again, who the fvck are you?!" I'm going to answer him when Tina's got on my way."Terrence?! Have some manners to my friend!" She scold him as if I'm not here.
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KATRINA"Tina, how old is he?" I ask her while watching some cartoons. Maybe it is the way of her conception."Who?" She ask while her eyes was busy looking at the face of usagi. The one in the sailormoon's character."Your brother, ofcourse!" She look at me about a second then back her gaze in the t.v. Tsk!"16." Oh, why is he have those? I think he's too young or maybe not?I suddenly did giggle so Tina look at me like I am weird."Its nothing. Don't mind me. Anyway, how many months left before you'll giving birth?""6 months."
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