Eugene Ari Darian

Eugene Ari Darian

By:  JescykaCharm  Ongoing
Language: English
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Warning, this book contains some mature content which is rated 18+ ******** Eugene Ari Darian, a name meaning well-born, superior and Gift is a Greek god who knows nothing about his father. He's filled with emptiness and even after eons, he still feels the same. The only source of comfort he has is his mother who visits once or twice a month from Mount Olympus.

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Well written dear...️...️...️
2021-09-08 21:58:15
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the cover is lit. It gives it a billionaire vibe, a classic. kudos to the author
2021-08-03 15:08:02
default avatar
The cover is lit. it gives it a billionaire vibe. a classic
2021-08-03 15:07:03
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The blurb is really captivating. Too much info wasn't given out. I like it
2021-08-03 15:01:42
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love the story so far. Eugene seems like he has split personalities
2021-07-31 05:42:51
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The cover is enough to give the goosebump. the prologue is so well written. I am curious to read the next parts.
2021-06-04 16:22:55
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Chocolate topping❤?
Mad o! Okay this is the part I have to comment that the book cover is fireeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥 the blurb ilthey burst brain
2020-11-22 20:25:31
user avatar
Great book. Totally worth the money.
2020-11-22 20:24:44
14 Chapters
Chapter one
Lonely is not being alone, it's the feeling that no one cares about unknown Eons later, Eugene Ari Darian's POV The portrait looked a lot real like I imagined the real deal to be. The beautiful fountains in the middle of the city as the evergreen grasses keep their leaves, Zeus' statuses hung all over the city. Flogging the canvas with powerful strokes, I thought about what it would be like to be there. Laughing, chattering, and mingling with my kind. I sighed, dropping the pitiful thought. What use were dreams that could never be actualized? My heart ached so much, it almost felt physical. My hands moved to grasps my chest as the pain grew bigger. I have been stuck here for decades with no sight of light at the end of the
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Chapter two
Eugene Ari Darian's POV I stood in line for coffee to get my day started. It was likely one of the few interactions I got. I scanned my surroundings, looking about the tiny shop which was a few miles from my studio, my sanctuary. It wasn't much, fully packed with caffeine addicts like every morning and less later in the day. The walls were peeling off for having not been painted in years. The doors were also worn out, about to fall off their hinges. While the counter and coffee machines must have seen better days. It was really rusty but even with those flaws, they still made one of the best coffees in town. Had me wondering where all the money went. The bell from the entrance chimed, alerting the arrival of a new customer. Turning my neck to get a look at the person, I was stunned, not by her beauty but by how ridiculous she looked. She was f
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Chapter three
The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul - unknown Eugene Ari Darian's POV My eyes opened slowly to see the clock hanging loosely on the wall. It was halfway on the floor and read two in the morning. I walked to an adjacent room to what I presumed was the bathroom. A curse left my mouth at what looked to be a shower but was covered with mold and algae. I walked back out into the bedroom and simply wrote a note, thanking her for the lovely night, and went back to the bar to have a good time. Quickly, I wore my clothes, bumping into bed now and then as the jeans refused to let go of my ankle. I was out the door in minutes. It was less crowded than earlier with few people passed out at some corner and empty cups loitered on the tiles floor. Th
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Chapter four
Anger is a wind that blows out the lamp of the mind by Robert Green Irene's POVWaking up to meet an unfamiliar gray room. On instinct, I hurried and sat on the bed I was on. The duvet wrapped around me and cocooned my body like a mother bird would her child. I took a survey of the room and it reeked of testosterone. My eyes continued their scan till they fell on a male figure halfway across the room. He looked uncomfortable as his large frame was barely hanging on the sofa. He was snoring too, full-blown snores that could wake up anyone left him and that's when I giggled. Brown eyes stared at me and that was when I noticed how good-looking he was. He had that early morning look all guys had. First confusion for the first three seconds and then full awareness of his surroundings. It was cute the way he rubbed his eyes, trying to get the foggy image out
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Chapter five
Eugene Ari Darian's POV It's been a while since my mother's last visit. I was expecting her to show up a lot sooner but I guess I hurt her feelings during our last meet but I wasn't ashamed to admit I wasn't sorry. She just doesn't know when to stop. I've always imagined her getting on the nerves of the gods over at Mount Olympus. But then again, they were all annoying over there, at least that's what history says. I can never be too sure but seeing my mother, I'd agree with them. Three weeks ago, I had that incident with the coffee lady. I didn't get the chance to catch her name. I have no idea what got into me, I never imagined my first real human encounter to happen that way. It never occurred to me that my blunt honesty could hurt her feelings. I felt really stupid for a guy who has lived hundreds of years. I was supposed to be mature and open. I had to accept not everyone was like me. If only I realized thi
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Chapter six
Eugene Ari Darian's POVI drove calmly to the university in my Bugatti. The fluid curves, angrily squinting headlights, and exterior designs that communicate power and performance were what draw me in. I guess all gods are annoying in their way. I parked a few blocks away from the faculty building and continued on foot. I wanted to make an impression but not a rich one. I didn't want anyone to notice me. I presume they all drove worn-out cars and I scoffed internally, mortals are pitiful. I walked up to security and handed them my invite. His hand brushed over mine for a second before he took it from me. I held my head up high, readjusting my tie and ready to grace the room with my presence. I was a little impressed, the room looked nothing like it did a few days ago. The large and lofty doors were what first caught my eyes. Works hung proudly on exhibit stands, huge, pillared walls were lit
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Chapter seven
Eugene Ari Darian's POV After the long event, we exchanged numbers. I was so nervous to ask for it, not wanting to seem too rude or forward like earlier but she took the hint and just gave it to me, it reduced my anxiety level a lot. It felt like my moves had no effect on her like they did other women and it was a mystery to me. "So what do you do?" "I'm a psychology lecturer. I once worked as a therapist but it didn't work out." "What happened?" "I-I-" I paused in my step and she did too. She turned to take a look at me before walking again. "It's a long story, one for another day." Though I knew the reason she was being silent was because of what happened the other day when I was extremely judgemental. I regretted it immediately but I couldn't possibly explain it to her or expect her to understand. "Wher
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Chapter eight
Eugene Ari Darian's POV I couldn't believe I took the job offer. Although I had a good feeling it was to annoy my mother and make her visit. Her visits were to make sure I stayed out of trouble like I was some two years old and considering the age difference between us, it was equivalent but I still didn't feel good about it. Another part of me knew the second reason. To impress Irene which was looking kinda good. I was finally getting her to open up to me little by little. It didn't seem much but I was in no rush. I had all the time in the world, literally. After I stormed out on her and her annoying friends last night, she looked for me and apologized on their behalf not knowing I planned it all. I've studied women over the past decades and I know her type. I finally had the chance to study her and she was the type I dubbed as crazy. The type who also believed that men have the right to be vu
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Chapter nine
Eugene Ari Darian's POV My resumé was slightly out of date. My results were from eons ago when Mother forced me to attend school to learn the mortal ways of life. It was new to me like it was to the little mortals then but I got used to it. Learning about my god heritage made me look down on the inferior humans. They were beneath me but when puberty hit, I had to get close to them, or at least their girls.  I was back at the bar, ordering a bottle of scotch, totally minding my business when an unknown lady snuck up to me, wrapping her hands around my arms. I slowly turned my head to her, hands still on my glass. I hadn't taken a sip yet. "You look lonely," she tried being seductive but failed miserably. She had an embarrassed blush on before turning her faze to the floor and out of my peripheral vision, a couple of girls facepalmed themselves. It occurred to me they were her friends and if
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Chapter ten
Eugene Ari Darian's POV "Why is she the one showing me around the place? Isn't she in a whole other faculty?" "She is but I saw her around the premises and thought she'd give me a hand and besides, she like a daughter to me. I've known her longer than this school so I know you are incapable hand." "Hurry up now, she isn't very patient," he added, spacing out as he held on to his phone, scrolling through. I groaned internally. I wasn't in the right state of mind to see her. I felt talking on the phone was better. It was too soon to be in each other's presence again. The last time didn't end well and I wasn't in the mood to embarrass myself again. "This is the art studio, as you can see, the canvas and all that stuff are placed over there," she pointed in the direction of an ajar room with some tools sticking
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