Contract boyfriend

Contract boyfriend

By:  Vickie Pearls  Completed
Language: English
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This is a thrilling story about Kelvin, he is a twenty year old trader. He is cut up in a contract for an anonymous Mrs Aisha Johnson A $500,000 contract, this was the highest he'll ever get. Even if he accumulate all his achievement, it won't amount to half of it. That alone made it tempting Spending his boss offered him the job firstly because he knew Kelvin needed the money, secondly because he knew Kelvin could handle it and cause of a secret that would be revealed He embarked on the journey with fear of the unknown and hope he'd survive There he fell for Doris, Mr Aisha Johnson assistant who was oblivious of the settings of the house What is gonna be Kelvins fate?

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Vickie Pearls
Nice book actually
2022-03-04 04:41:27
30 Chapters
Chapter 1
"What is the time, darling?" She asked out of the darkness of the airy hotel room.       I peered at the luminous hands of my watch. " 10:35, It's close to eleven o'clock."      " I must be back home before midnight," she tightened her arms around me. " Was it good for you, Kelvin?"       Women. They never seemed to know when to stop talking. Didn't they realize that after a long energetic love making, a man needs to rest and doze it off.        " It was good. The best ever." I said just to keep her satisfied.        She giggled like a teenage girl, I rolled my eyes, feeling sick and tired of it all. " Thanks a lot sweetheart. I had a fantastic time. You're the best man that I've ever met. I can't remember the last time I've ever been soo satisfied."      
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Chapter 2
 I sat up immediately, the way you sit up when a soldier bark at you. A billionaires? That's a big one and the first I've ever heard of since I began working for him.       " A billionairess, you say," I licked my lips. " Are you for real?"        SPENDING nodded. " She's not just any billionairess, she deals with dollars not our currency."       " Wow, a white woman," I was excited. " Does this means I get to join the boys abroad?"        He wrinkled his nose at me. " You're not joining the boys abroad. I told you before, we operate in small scale over there. And point of correction, she's not a white woman, she's a Nigerian widow. Her husband died a year ago and left her all his wealth. She's one of the richest women in the country presently. You might've heard of Mrs Johnson Aisha."
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Chapter 3
He saw me and waved to me. I was on two thoughts whether to go over and meet him or make a run for it. At the end, I found myself approaching him.     " You, Kelvin?" He asked with a coarse blood chilling voice.       I nodded. " Yes. Who are you?"     " The name is Hank, come with me," he answered and began walking away with my suitcase.         If he hadn't been wearing that fancy suit, I wouldn't had followed him. There was something dangerous about that man. I began to get shaky again.         We walked out together to the parking lot where a black Limousin was waiting for me.         Like for real? A Limousin! A whole limo just for me? 
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Chapter 4
    I opened my mouth to say something but she interrupted me.       " Kelvin, Mrs Johnson is a respectable woman of high social standing. She's not interested in a sex scandal with just any stranger. She has taste and class for everything she wants and does. You are going to start thinking above sex and focus on what would make her happy     " I don't get it," I shifted closer to her. " If it's not about sex then why was I called here?"       Doris leaned back on her seat and drummed her fingers on the desk. " Mrs Johnson wants a boyfriend. You see, her husband, Mr Johnson, died a very mysterious death a couple of years ago. No one knows how or where his corpse was but then you have it. She claimed his wealth and everything he left to her in his will. Mrs Johnson was devastated by her husband's mysterious death and she'd kep
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Chapter 5
 I was being led upstairs by Doris to the studies. Someone was playing a grand piano Inside and I had a crazy feeling Mrs Johnson was playing.       "And now," Doris said, turning to meet my eyes. " Time for you to meet Mrs Johnson Aisha.    And she opened the door. I wandered into the room and saw a maid standing beside a young woman. The young woman was playing the piano with soo much flourish and spirit that it gave the room life and brightness.     I wandered around her as Doris walked towards her, clapping her hands. " Mrs. Johnson, your guest have arrived."     Instantly, she stopped playing     I waited for a while, watching as Mrs Johnson's maid helped to turn around to face me.      My heart froze and my face turned into
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Chapter 6
Doris was waiting for me in the Limousin when I came down from the steps. Hank opened the door to let me in. I ignored the gruffy groan that boiled in his throat and got inside the Limo.        Doris was busy with her iPad. She seemed to be making arrangements with contacts for whatsoever it was she was doing.        " So," I asked, relaxing like a king. " Where are we going?"      " You will know when we get there," she replied curtly without giving me another glance.           I frowned, not liking the way she just spoke to me.         The limo sounded and was moving out of the big mansion. I was Soo excited about this outing and I couldn't tell why. Maybe it's because I was goin
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Chapter 7
Hold the phone! Did she just.....      Did she just called me a street rat? How dare she? Who does she thinks she is?       Doris just stepped on the Lions tail. I'm going to pay her back for this Finally we arrived home and I went to my room to get dressed and prepared for dinner tonight with Mrs Johnson. I wasn't looking forward to dinner but I knew I had to do it if I was to pull this deal off    I can barely imagine it. $500,000 dollars just for doing Soo little as dating a bony young billionairess. I began imagining what I can do with such a big sum.      My room had a luxurious jacuzzi tub that blew my mind. I spent an hour relaxing over the warm steaming water that sank my entire body in. It was the first time I've ever enjoyed a Jacuzzi. When I got out of the bathroom, I received a te
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Chapter 8
The telephone blared loudly that it shooked me. I took it and spoke. " Yes?" It was Doris. " Mrs Johnson's company manager would like to see you at the Star light restaurant this afternoon before your dinner with her." I screwed up my eyes. " See me? What for?" " You are meeting him by He sticks by his time so you will have to be punctual," she said instead of answering my question. I grip the receiver tightly as I stared blankly at the ocean outside my room. " Where is this starlight restaurant?" " It's a popular restaurant around banana island. Hank is coming with you." I didn't want that ape called Hank being all over me in town so I responded sharply. " I'm not taking Hank with me, got that?" " And why? We are to keep sight of you at all times and besides, we thought it might be reasonable if you had a guard." " I don't need a guard," I growled. " I can take good care of myself. And speaking of keeping sight of me at all t
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Chapter 9
He studied my clothes, my rings and my necklace and he smiled. " You are really getting a big bang out of this contract aren't you?" I crossed my legs, feeling relaxed like a boss. " Yeah, I'm loving it. Thank you." He cleared his throat. " My apologies, how rude of me. I forgot to place your orders to the waiter. What would you take?" My eyes wandered to the married rich women sex eyeing me and I grinned. Well, what do you know, I'm Soo irresistible. But unfortunately I'm way past them for now. I've got a contract to finish first. I returned my eyes back to Austin. I noticed he was taking coffee and reading the newspapers so I decided to play along with his taste. " Just get me coffee. I've eaten lunch." He seemed impressed and he snapped his fingers. Like magic, a waiter appeared from nowhere. " Get this gentleman here, your best coffee and make it snappy." " Yes sir," and the waiter took off as if fired from a gun. " So," Austin crossed hi
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Chapter 10
Contract Day: 1🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶I’m so gee’d up my bro, Am sorry If it’s not money , don’t call me ohIts been a long way coming E no go make sense if you don’t know the journey🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 That's one thing I love about Nigerian music. They give me that crazy vibes. I stood in front of my mirror, staring at the man before me as the music from my speakers boomed loudly in the room. I looked handsome, I looked gorgeous, I looked take away. Omo money good ooo! The suit was a perfect fit, the golden wrist watch was an outstanding match and the black shoes on my feet were as sexy as my dark glasses. I was ready for my big dinner date tonight. Who says money is the root of all evil? Only a poor man would. Moving like a king that I felt I was, I walked out of my room and ran down the stairs towards the doorway where two servant opened it and bowed as I approached. That's right, make way for the king. The news of how I'd hand
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