Eve's Dark Destiny

Eve's Dark Destiny

By:  Hira Baig  Completed
Language: English
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Eve was the most hated child of the family. She was always treated as a slave in her own house. She was being punished for the mistake she had never made.Her mother made that mistake but in return, she had always hated Eve. Not just that, she had tried to kill Eve many times but every time she survived. Her brothers also hated her as well. Then one day they decided to punish her the worst way. They decided to sell Eve to their Master. The vampire who is known as the boogie man for all the children and demon for the adults. Everyone feared him. Will this be an opportunity for Eve or will her life be worse than death?

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113 Chapters
EVE'S POV:-They kicked me out of the Master's castle. They said I am the death. That is why I do not deserve to be inside of that castle. I was wearing nothing but a thin lacy nighty that reached my upper thigh. It was barely covering my bottom. 
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EVE'S POV:-  I opened my eyes in the evening and sat up on the bed. I stretched my arms above my head and a yawn escaped my lips. I looked at the calendar that was hanging on the wall. It was the 8th of February. I hopped off of my bed and started dancing. It was my seventeenth birthday. I was more than happy. "Only one more year to go then I will be free." I thought to myself as I opened the windows of my bedroom. I inhaled the crispy fresh air deeply. It always calmed my nerves. And also soothed my pains.  My pains, you must be thinking what kind of pain I must be talking about. How could a seventeen years old girl could have pains in her life. Well, I do. I have a lot of pains I was trying to get rid of. But I was not old enough to just get rid of them on my own. I could not just run away from my home. I did not have anyone except for my family. The family who did not want me. I was nothing but a curse for them a
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EVE'S POV:-  I was curious to know who was at the door. I tried to go after Justin but Calvin stopped me. I sighed and huffed in anger. I sat on the chair near me and crossed my arms above my chest. "Now as I have paid you, she is a slave for our Master Adrian from now on" I heard that voice that sent chills to my spine. I hopped off of the chair and looked if my mind was playing games with me. I wished it would be a sick game of my stupid mind. But it was something I had never expected in my life. It was Master Salvador Cerberus.   It felt like my soul left my body for a minute. I wished it would have happened. Death was better than being a slave for Master Adrian Cerberus. He was my worst nightmare. All my life I had prayed to God to never let me cross paths with Master Adrian Cerberus. But looks like even God did not like me. God sent Master Salvador into my house so I could be Master Adrian's slave.
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EVE'S POV:-  I felt a sharp pain on my head. That made me open my eyes again. It was the same vampire, pulling my hair again. I just realized that it was just a dream. A dream that made me feel safe for a while. A dream in which I was hugging death and begging him to kill me. But he said he was not allowed to do that. It was not his fault. It was no one's fault. I was just a born sin, maybe. That was why I was hated by everyone. "Who told you that you can fall asleep in this cart. Now look, your dirty tears ruined this cart. Get up and bring wipes and a bucket of water. I want this cart to be cleaned up in an hour." He said and he dragged me out of the cart.   I yelped in pain as my knees hit the ground. "I said get up and get to work." He yelled at me and I jumped in fear. I nodded my head and ran towards the door of the palace. "Stop!" He yelled again from behind and I stopped into my tracks. I turned around
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 EVE'S POV:-  "Master, she is lying. It's a lie. I didn't say anything like that. I told her where she could find her clothes. She wants to separate me from you." She said and started sobbing hard. Master Hayden gritted his teeth and came to me. Before I could understand what was going on, a sharp slap made its way to my cheek. I fell on the ground. Because of the sudden impact, Master Salvador let go of my hand.  Master Hayden grabbed me by my neck and pulled me up. I started coughing due to his firm hold. He was choking me. "Hayden, that's enough. Let her go. She belongs to Master Adrian. If she dies, you will be the one to answer Master Adrian. Let her go now." Master Salvador yelled from behind but did not try to help me. My eyes fell on Melissa who had a satisfied smile on her face. As if she had won a game. A dirty game she was playing with me.  "Master Hayden, I
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RYAN'S POV:-  As soon as I received the message from my master, I grabbed my bag and hopped into my cart. I told the driver to take me to Master Adrian's palace. It had been long since I had seen my master. He had told me that he would call me back soon. He needed me around him and to take care of his personal matters. And he only trusted me with that. I was more than happy to serve him. After all, I owed him my life.   They all called me Eclipse. As I was a dark soul. They all feared me, even Salvador and Hayden. They all knew I could chop them easily if my master would order me. The only person I cared about was my master. It took us long but the cart finally came to a halt.  I stepped out of the other cart I used for traveling. Hearing a lot of noises coming out of the palace, I got worried. I quickly went towards the door. I saw a cart parked in front of the doors of the pa
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 THIRD PERSON'S POV:-  Salvador saw Hayden walking towards him. He gritted his teeth while mopping the floor of his master's bedroom. "Tell me, cousin. You like her, don't you? That's why you stood in front of me. Because I remember Master Adrian threatened us to behave before he left." Hearing Hayden's claims, Salvador felt the pure rage inside his chest. Salvador balled his fists and punched Hayden's face hard.   "You should be ashamed of whatever you just did, Hayden. That girl you have beaten up mercilessly, she is not a vampire by now. She is just a child. And guess what, she will soon die because of you. I heard the doctor saying all that. I can't believe it, her brother lied to us and sold her saying that she can't control her blood lust. That was why we bought her in the first place. So she would be a guard dog for us. Now I don't know how I will ever get rid of the guilt of being harsh wit
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EVE'S POV:-   I opened my eyes and sat up on the bed. I looked around and frowned. "Why does heaven look like the old hell-ish world I was eliminated from?" I asked myself and tried to hop off of the bed. I screamed loudly as I felt a sharp pain in my leg when my toe touched the ground. It was not the same pain I felt when my leg was broken. But I still felt pain. That was when I noticed that my leg was plastered.  "Are doctors available in heaven? Do they plaster the broken bones? I did not imagine heaven to be like earth." I spoke to myself as I tried to get my leg back up on the bed. It was a very silky and soft bed.  "If it is not for this lovely, silky bed, I would have thought I was still on earth." I spoke to myself while rubbing my palm over the silky bed. I froze as I heard a chuckle. I quickly looked up and found Master Adrian standing by the door frame.
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 MASTER ADRIAN'S POV:-  I was pulled out of that nightmare when someone shook me. I looked around and found everyone hiding behind the furniture. Master of the Redford territory, Vincent Redford was standing in front of me, ready to fight. "What happened?" I asked in a confused tone. I just did not understand what was happening. First, I was sitting with Master Redford, discussing some matters with him. Then I saw that girl in the house of the doctor of my territory. And then it felt like I just woke up from a nightmare.  "We were talking about the borders and the trouble we both are facing because of those witches. Suddenly, your eyes went pitch black and you started screaming at first. You were about to attack us when I shook you hard enough to make you wake up. It was like you were stuck into a nightmare. Are you okay, my friend?" Vincent asked me and I looked around. I sighed and nodded my head.
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Chapter 09
EVE'S POV:- He pinched my chin again lightly and shut my mouth. All the time he had a beautiful smile on his face that I had never seen ever before. "Now close your eyes. I want you to heal as soon as possible. So I can know you more." He said and I just slowly nodded my head. He laid beside me and wrapped an arm around my waist. He pulled me closer to him and I inhaled his masculine scent deeply. Something tickled inside my stomach as his scent reached my lungs. I closed my eyes and fell asleep faster than ever.I opened my eyes again as I felt an urge to pee. Again, I was able to sit up on the bed easily. But I could not move my leg at all. It hurt a lot every time I tried to move it. But at the same time, I knew I was on Master Adrian's bed. I did not want his bed to get dirty because of me. I did not know what to do. I started crying as it was getting impossible for me to control.
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