Every Bad girl needs a Bad boy

Every Bad girl needs a Bad boy

By:  Butterflydiva23  Ongoing
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Treasure Lawson- An average 17 years old teenager, who comes from a broken home. Father abandon her and her mother at the age of 5, Treasure and her mother had a good relationship. Until one day her mother brought home her boyfriend. That turn Treasure world upside down, Will Treasure overcome the pain of betrayal or will it take her down the wrong path? Harlem Cartwright- 18 years old, who consider himself a loner. In every girls eyes he consider a bad boy, and a heartbreaker. Harlem home life is in shambles. Harlem and his father bumping heads to the point that his mother caught up in the middle. Harlem feels trap the only thing he wants to do is escape the harsh of reality. Will Harlem be able to leave his troubles behind for good? Come take a journey into Treasure and Harlem life, see when a bad girl meets a bad boy.

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Front page promo! Thought I recognised the cover. Hehe.
2023-04-26 08:11:49
26 Chapters
“Treasure, are you almost done with the mopping?”“Give me two minutes, Butterfly”“Ok hurry so we can go have lunch”I nodded as I continued mopping the floors. When I finish the last room, I ring out the mop and place to the side. Then I took the dirty water pour it into the toilet flush down the drain. I put the cleaning supplies away, Butterfly and I exit out, heading to the cafeteria. There at the cafeteria, we grab our food headed to our usual spot. Once at the table, Butterfly asks “how long have you been here?”“It’s been almost three months. Why?”“I’m just asking. its seems like only yesterday is your first day being here,” Butterfly said.“Don’t remind me I remember my first day here, How I got off that bus chained. When I enter the building, the sound of the bars slamming shut. That when I knew my life was about to change”“I agree everyone felt the same way when they arrive here. I have been here now for two years. Let me tell you the first few weeks I was here was hel
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Chapter: 1
Treasure POV: I was in my bathroom looking in the mirror doing my hair, then suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Hurry and get out of my house,” my mother shout from the other side of the door.“Don’t worry, I’m leaving in a minute. Leave me the fuck alone”“Watch your mouth bitch,” my mother said.“Go fuck yourself whore,”I could hear footsteps moving away from my door. I was relieved, it’s been three months since I been home. Ever since being here all it has been nothing but war world III. Me against them my mother, and her pathetic boyfriend Dax. To make matters worse, my mother has been nothing but abusive towards me mentally, and emotionally. In her eyes I saw nothing but a worthless whore who would do anything to seek attention, including seducing men. At first, her harsh words hurt me then I start not to care anymore. The day she turns on me was the day I lost my mother; I don’t see her as the mother anymore, I see her as a heartless bitch. After finishing my
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Chapter: 2
Harlem POV: I was down the hallway at school heading for my next class. “Hey Harlem, wait up.”I turn around to see that it was my best friend Jason, running up towards me. When he was close enough, we walk.“Hey, how was your weekend?” Jason asks.“The same as usual, sitting at home bore out of my mind, watching stupid shit on t.v. typical teenage stuff”“Speak for yourself, guess what Harlem”“Just tell me Jason, if I have a dollar every time you said guess what, I would be a millionaire,” I said with a chuckle.“Whatever anyway, remember Ebonie Braxton? The girl I told you about a few weeks ago”“I think so, why?”“ She gave me her virginity, and let me tell you I love every minute of it”“ Are you serious, Jason?” I ask with a brow.“ Of course. Why would I lie about something like that?”“ I guess you two, are you serious now?”“Who said we were in a relationship?”“ You seriously Jason? That girl gives you her virginity, and you know that is something precious to a girl”“Well
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Chapter: 3
Harlem POV: I’m sitting in the principal office waiting for my parents to show up. Preston already had his father present. I saw I had broken Preston's nose; his father was furious at what I did he wanted to call the police on me. I did not care because people like him always feel that money can buy their way out of every situation. When I hit Preston, he provoked me, when you talk about my family, I take a fence to it, especially my mother. My father, I care little about especially all the sins he has committed towards my mother. As of right now, my father and I don’t see eye to eye. There was a knock on the door, “Come in,” Principal Foley said. The door had open in came the principal secretary right along with my parents. My mother immediately came over and sat by my side. My father just gave me a death glare. I gave him one back. He walked over to us and stood by my mother. Principal Foley gave his secretary a nod. She walks out closing the door behind her.“Mr. and Mrs. Ca
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Chapter: 4
Harlem POV: As soon as we made it home, my parents when into their room, and the argument started. I could feel tension with all the yelling. It disappointed me that my father, show his weakness, I could see how embarrassed my mother was, she felt betray by a man who was supposed to love her, and protect her from any harm. I feel that love is just a silly word. After what I witness with my father, I’m a genuine believer of my word. They're in principal Foley's office, I told them why I broke Preston's nose. I did it all for the love of my mother. My mother was proud of me for standing up for her honor. My father, on the other did not even attempt to show an ounce of anger knowing that the person insulted your loved one. In my mother eyes it was a betrayal that could never become undone. I was sitting in my room when there was a knock on the door. “Come in.” the door open up, in came my sister Jessika.“Harlem, what’s going on? Why are mom and dad fighting?”“It’s a long story
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Chapter: 5
Treasure POV: I got through the first day of school with a blur, I’m leaving out of the building heading home. Even though I don’t want to go, but I have no choice because I don’t have any friends to socialize with. I’m a loner. I would rather be that way. It helps with my sanity. Also, I could see the phoniness in people, so I choose to keep to myself. Finally arriving in front of my house, I pull out my key and unlock the door. When I enter, I look around. I saw no one was around, I was relieved. I went into the kitchen, made me a sandwich and grab an apple right along with a soda. I headed upstairs to my room. Once in my room, I place my food on my dresser and started pulling out my books, I do my homework. I was in my studies, then my door burst open. In came my, mother looking piss off about something. When her eyes landed on me, I could see the death glare she was giving me. I choose to ignore her when she realizes I was not giving her attention. She shouted, “Wh
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Chapter: 6
Harlem POV: Today is the day, that we are leaving, I went to school today to say my last goodbye to people. Jason and skipped classes and hang out for the entire day. It wasn’t no point of me attending, since I’m leaving, Jason, it will affect him. He did not care, he told me that spending the day with me is more important right now. I appreciate that, instead of leaving school, we went up to the school roof Jason, and I sat there chilling. It was silence between us right now, what can you say to someone that you been with for a long time? I never knew how to say goodbye, someone. I never thought my one action will cause my family to up and leave. I really feel that this is all my fault, if only I walk away from Preston that day, I would not be sitting spending my last day with Jason. I spoke “Jason, I-““There no need for apology, you did nothing wrong. It was Preston fault; I just hate that asshole is the reason you have to leave. There is no need for sad goodbyes, sinc
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Chapter: 7
Treasure POV: I’m sitting on the roof of my school smoking a cigarette, I been doing this ever since I got out of juvenile. My house life is a mess, that sometimes I just thinking about running away just so I could get away from the abuse of my mother and Dax. Sometimes I wish I could just get on the phone and talk to Butterfly. I miss her a lot right along with the rest of the girls, because she understood where I was coming because she in a situation herself. I took my last puff, and put it out, I’m heading back downstairs to the school heading to my English class. The minute I enter I could see trouble waiting for me, there Irene one of Alana’s friends approaching me. I wish I could get some peace I’m not in the mood for bullshit. But it seems I can never any luck, Alana thinks she is the queen of the school, and she have her goons at her feet. It funny how money changes people. Alana was no different from me, we were once best friends still can’t believe that she will turn
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Chapter: 8
Harlem POV:“Harlem is time to wake up” I heard my mother voice. I sit up, and rub my eyes, once open I look out the window to see that we was parked us in front a red brick two-story house. I got out of the car and look around. I see that the neighborhood looked distant, but it was nothing like being back at home, where I grew up and missing Jason. I’m never thought that everything will come to this, I’m still in disbelief. “Come on, let’s go look and get this over with” my mother said. I nodded, Jessika and I follow my mother as she led the way towards the house. My father stood by the car; I believe he was waiting on the movers. My mother took out the key from her purse, she places in the key hold and unlock it. When the door open, we all walked in we walk around until we step in the living room there, I notice the walls was white, it had a mental piece right along with a fireplace. Also, there are long red drapes covering the windows. Next, we all enter the dining ro
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Chapter: 9
Treasure POV: I woke up late, trying to get myself ready for school, my reason for oversleeping is because I came home late from working my new job. I got a job working at that sleazy motel that ten minutes from my house. It’s the one that running the prostitution operation. My job is simple I clean the rooms every time the prostitutes finish with their Johns, I also clean up around other places. The owner Dale, try to preserve everyone that he is running a legitimate business. We all knew that was now true thanks to the mouth of the south, not only that everyone always see the same women taking different men inside their rooms. Dale motel is a run down place it looks like it have been fix in years, everyone knows about Dale, even the kids that goes to my school because if they are looking for a place to have a good fuck. Dale motel is the place to go, because Dale ask no questions the only thing he cares about is making money. I think back on that day I enter his office lookin
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