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Nelly falls in love with Dom only to realize she had missed her mark in love. Abandoned with pregnancy, she seeks a way out. To have the baby or to give her up. Chief Lucas and his wife are rich; Mrs Lucas is up to something ; imaginary pregnancy. How does she plan to act it out?

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Another day was born, born with the rising of the same sun that sank beneath the horizon of a sad yesterday.  Nelly opened her eyes and stared at the blank ceiling wondering where she might be at the moment, wondering if this was not a continuation of what she had come to know as the last agonizing moments of her recent experiences.  'How long had she been asleep?'  She thought to herself.  'Was it really true that Dom was gone?  Gone forever, bringing her a sad disappointment that now engulfed her whole being and lingered on and on; while unknown to him she was now in a terrible state of health in such pains he may never care to know anything about?  Or was it all a dream?'  she thought as her mind went through so many things.  Then, she struggled to keep her eyes open and her day consciousness, alive and active.  She was really feeling dizzy and helpless.On moving her head, however, her eyes rested on a staff nurse sitting by, app
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As a matter of fact, for not having sufficient credit, Nelly had gone to the public pay phone in the company of her elder brother, Chuka, to make the call.  So, when he saw Nelly's behaviour as the call progressed, he became alarmed at her sudden reactions, wondering if Dom was alright.  When she suddenly dropped off the line with the clouds that descended over her eyes, shaking her head and looking so tired as if she was about to collapse, Chuka rushed towards her and held her by the hand, leading her to a nearby seat.'What's the matter?' he asked, still wondering what must have happened.'Let's get out of here first,' Nelly replied, trying to get up from the seat.'But you are trembling, Nelly.  What's all this?  You have to sit down for a while.  Pull yourself together and control yourself from within.  What is the matter?  I hope Dom is alright.'Nelly remained silent, staring into nothing and looking so pale and flus
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Chief Mrs. Lucas looked at her husband with so many uncertainties swimming around her mind.  She snapped her eyes at him and looked elsewhere.  Chief Lucas wondered what all that meant as both of them sat at dinner in a most elegantly furnished dinning room attached to a most modern state of the art living room.  Awash with a most beautiful and most sophisticated chandeliers, adorned with the best settees and the most magnificent rugs amid the most brilliant and most eloquent decorations, the whole environment betrayed in all certainty the home of a super billionaire such as one could find in an oil rich nation like Nigeria.The long drawn curtains, made out of the most beautiful materials, like royal cycloramas of the fairy lands swept the rich, red rugs.  The living room, grand as the royal interior of life's best resting place, was made up of some of the best and most luxurious couches and settees, glass side tables and such artistic renditions of p
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Bringing Mr. and Mrs. Aku to accept any monetary reward concerning the adoption of their grand child was more difficult to handle than making them accept its adoption.  All the subtle arguments Dr. Zaki used during the discussion that followed whipped up the elements of suspicion rather than the required results.  Twice, the doctor subtly threatened to wash his hands off all the help he was trying to render to save the Aku family from some looming social problems concerning Nelly's future.  He reminded them again and again, the great trust and confidence they have had on him for more than the past thirteen years he had been their family doctor, even when he was yet working at the UNTH.  He said it was not fair if they would now begin to look at him with such uncertainty in their eyes, just because he was trying to make them understand the need for them to accept some money over the adoption.'The fact is that the couple we are dealing with have been my clien
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For the past five days, Chief Mrs. Lucas was looking quite ill, pale, cold and weak.  She had refused all to eat, especially in the morning.  For she said she was afraid of heightening the early morning vomiting that kept her husband wondering what was happening to her.  Unlike her usual self, she would have gone to see the doctor without waiting to be reminded.  But this time around, she was reluctant to see her doctor, even after being reminded by her husband to do so.  And so, this particular morning in question, Chief Lucas decided to send for the doctor himself, after trying in vain to make her go for a check-up.'I have called Dr. Zaki,' he said to her as she lay in bed, 'you are looking very pale.'  He said he will be here before ten.  I will have to wait until he comes before I leave the house.''Why?' she asked.  'You can go to your office if you have any serious engagement.  I will be alright.''You will be
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The day Chief Lucas came visiting his wife in London was a day of joy for both couple.  His wife had hired a taxi to take her to London Gatwick airport where his flight was scheduled to stay him early that morning.  And when they met for the first time in about three months, it was like ages had separated them since he escorted his wife to his house in Central London.  So, as he came down from the aircraft looking out for his wife, she had already spotted him the moment he started alighting from the aircraft.  As a matter of fact, it was with difficulty that she did not break the protocol by detaching herself from where she was supposed to be waiting and dashing towards the aircraft.  When her husband came close enough, however, she did not know when suddenly she rushed out of her position and ran towards him.  He spotted her immediately and soon they both flew into each other's arms in a very deep hug that locked them in an eternal embrace.
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 About the middle of the eighth month since Chief Mrs. Lucas traveled to London, her husband called her during one of those regular discussions they had every week and told her about his intention to visit her before the baby would be born.  No doubt, this alarmed her more than any other problem that had so far arisen concerning the issue of pretending to have her own biological baby.  At first, the anxiety this brought her blocked all the possibilities of thinking out a solution.  Why should her husband come visiting her at this time when she was expecting that within a short time, her child would be born and sent to her through a young lady she knew was already waiting to carry out that assignment?  Was it not a few days before that Dr. Zaki called her to inform her everything was set as Nelly was doing very well, heading towards the day of delivery?  Could it be that any of her utterances or phone behaviours had ignited any form of suspicion
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No doubt, the lone car Nelly had seen at their entry into the hospital annex early that morning was a part of an arrangement to convey the baby to a very quiet part of the maternity section of Solace Hospital in Enugu.  From there, adequate care was taken by one and all concerned to make sure it was safe, strong and healthy while its travel documents were being prepared.  Above all, Dr. Zaki, in order to establish an early rapport between the child and Nunu, had the previous evening, after the birth of the baby, invited the later there that day to introduce her to the baby.  So, by the time he got back to Enugu around ten that morning, Nunu was already at the reception waiting for him.  Hence, within a very short time, they both were walking towards the private apartment where the baby was kept under the care of another trusted and experienced staff nurse.At their entry into the room, the nurse, Nnenna, was sitting beside a bed where the baby was fast
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Chief Mrs. Lucas did not waste any time to tell her beloved husband that she had finally put to bed under the strict care of her overseas specialist doctor who had for some time now not allowed any visitor around for her own good.  No doubt, that was the long story meant to keep her husband from visiting her at a time he would have unfailingly discovered the tricks leveled against him for the past eight to nine months.  When Chief Lucas received the news of his wife's delivery, however, his joy knew no bounds.  At the same time, in order to avoid a situation where the man would immediately fly down to London, Mrs. Lucas carefully gave him some social assignments to perform.'Darling,' she said to her husband, 'do you not think that as we are coming home almost immediately, it may be worthwhile to organize some of our close friends and business associates to accompany you to the Enugu airport in order to receive our new baby?  After all, many people, some fri
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 Time picked up diverse events and gathered them into an endless roll of an eternal scroll.  Dr. Zaki was faithful in the scholarship he awarded Nelly.  And having really secured an admission at the UNN to study Economics three years before, Nelly had just graduated.  Her result was so good that she was offered an automatic employment by a powerful oil drilling firm based at Port Harcourt with a zonal administrative headquarter at Enugu.  After her youth service corps during which she was engaged in the same firm, she was now undergoing an initial in-service training at Port Harcourt and was going to work in their Enugu office after her three months programme which was gradually drawing to a close.For the past three years before her graduation, however, Nelly had had occasional psychological trauma which she had struggled in vain to overcome.  For the same length of time, she had tried to forgive herself over the fact that she had given aw
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