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There are many others but I am the original.Centuries ago, a werewolf rejected his mate to be with a human born of a witch. For their forbidden love, they were cursed to fall in love over and over again and die a tragic death.Tired of seeing her daughter dying, Larissa used ancient magic to transform her children into original vampires before she altered her daughter's memories who unknown to everyone including herself she was pregnant.Charlie Griffin has lived a long cold life but that cold heart starts to beat when she meets her mate again but unfortunately for Elijah, Charlie doesn't remember him.Now as an alpha and her soul mate, he has to compete to win his lover's heart from powerful suitors as well as fight a greater enemy while making sure they don't die.

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R.A Higheels
I came across this, loving the title which is a song by Sam Smith. I hope I end up loving it😂😂
2020-12-11 06:49:40
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This book has all the features I enjoy reading in books. It has mystery, romance, and fantasy. I want to read more when it’s available.
2020-10-08 01:51:37
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"Do you still desire to abandon this pack, your mate and responsibilities for this abomination; this human?!" A deep voice, angry and faceless aged man asked the young man who stood before me.The only thing I see was his back. Huge, strong, sturdy with dark wavy hair that laid short on his neck.This person, this man who was always in my dreams... who is he?"Yes. I love Eliza and I'm willing to give up everything for her including the alpha title." He said as my eyes widened.He was an alpha? A werewolf?I gasped softly when I felt him hold my hand before my eyes went to the finely crafted ring made of twigs on both our hands.We were married."Cursed be your love! For as long as you love that woman, you will be met with an endless tragedy." The elder said as the werewolf beside me squeezed my hand."If loving her means I have to die... I will never stop lovi
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The weather was hot in the streets of LA as the youths walked around in summer clothes, laughing and talking while I walked down the streets.It seemed my charisma was enough to draw attention as all the humans stared at me in admiration and praise as I strutted the streets.It wasn't my fault I called attention like a succubus it was what we vampires saw as our charm.This charm was very helpful for hypnosis as humans get lost, staring into our eyes and subconsciously creating patterns in their head that gets us into their mind.I should have taken the car to come to the company I had built with my blood and sweat.No one knew I was the owner. The human who fronted as the CEO was aware of what I was, taking orders from me and passing on when his feeble and old.It would be difficult controlling the company if the CEO refused to... age.I stopped at the receptionist, putting my details down as I stared into her eyes."I'm here
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The sound of panting escaped my lips as I picked up a stool, climbed on and picked up a book. I jumped down, forgetting to return the stool when I ran past my mother.“And where do you think you are going young lady?” Mother asked as my steps slowly regressed.I hid the book behind me and gave mother the most innocent of smiles my little sixteen years old could muster.“To the woods.” I responded as mother arched a brow, while her twin, my aunt Lucinda stepped in with some books.“Why?” Mother asked as I shuffled my feet.“I’m going to visit my friend Rudy. He is expecting me mother.” I replied.Mother was about to go against it when Aunt Lucinda tapped her shoulders.“Let Eliza have fun. She’s sixteen and a young woman exploring the big world and unknown to her. It’s not like she’s going into town a
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I covered my left eye with my left hand as my breath slowly got under control.Adam? Who was Adam?Why did he look so much like that man I saw earlier?Speaking of earlier… how did I get home?“You’re awake. Thank goodness.” Lea said as she dropped some warm towels on the table and touched my forehead.“What are you doing?” I asked in confusion as she took down her hand.“I am checking if your temperature has lowered. You’ve had a fever for the past three days.” Lea explained as I stared at her in disbelief.“That’s, that’s not possible. I’m supposed to be dead! I’m a vampire and we can’t get colds!”“I know that but something strange happened to you. Your body felt like a bottomless pit, absorbing as much blood as possible while you were sick. If yo
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I took bold confident steps into the living room as Lea chased my tail with anticipated steps.I grabbed a bottle of blood wine and poured into a cup before I chugged it down and poured once more for myself as Lea grabbed the bottle."You are not avoiding the subject." Lea said as I sighed and dropped the glass cup heavily."I am not avoiding the subject. I just want to drink it away so when I'm sober, seeing Klaus will be nothing but a dream." I replied as Lea sighed."So about Klaus' proposal; are you considering marrying him even if it was true?" Lea asked as I ran my hand through my hair."Twenty seven years ago Klaus left me standing at the altar because he was supposedly in hell and he waltz back into my life and you expect me to say yes!" I laughed as Lea folded her arms."What if Klaus is telling the truth and you will die even though you're an origina
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I smiled at the lovely night as I felt the cool breeze touch my skin in this crowded city.Everyone was bustling and hustling, car horns honking and people talking about what they would do when they get home or their night shift activities.I felt whole and complete, filled with a joy I couldn't explain as I thought of that werewolf and his name."Elijah." The name felt so sweet leaving my lips as I hummed.Something about him was different from all the other men I have ever knew. His name felt dainty, sweet in my head like the time I had gone for Antonio Vivaldi four seasons concert in the eighteenth century.Then music had value and taste was exquisite not now everything was a clashing symbol but then again, blood was spilled without shame."Eliza."I paused in my steps when I heard that name from a ghastly voice.I turned around to search out where that voice was coming from but found no source as my heart beat sped up a li
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“Are we there yet?” I asked Elijah as he chuckled.“Not yet. We will be very soon.” He said as he held the blindfold tightly to my eyes so I wouldn’t even have a sneak peek to where we were going.I trusted him to be somewhere beautiful as the air I breathed was much clearer and fresher than the stuffy five star restaurant that Klaus took me to have dinner. He succeeded in spoiling my mood and marking that restaurant bad for dinner plans in the aftermath.“Be careful.” Elijah said as he helped me climb a few steps down.“This better be good Elijah or I’m taking your tail as a forgiveness offering.” I said as he laughed.“Of course but I’m a million percent sure you’ll love it.” He said as I smiled before it fell.“Okay, I trust you.” I replied before we got to a spot.I felt the blindfold fall off my
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The ride home was quiet but it was a comfortable silence as Elijah pulled back his bike in front of my house. I came down from the bike and handed him the helmet he insisted I wear since it was daytime.“I guess this is goodbye for now.” Elijah said as I nodded.“You can come over when you want a real treat.” I said as I flashed my fangs before he chuckled.“I never knew I could ever be so full in my life.” Elijah said as he patted his stomach as I laughed.“Call me when you get home.” I insisted as I collected my jacket and purse.I pulled my hair behind my ears before I pecked Elijah’s cheek and quickly walked to my house.I turned back to a dumbfounded Elijah who was smiling like he was assuring himself everything that happened was real before he pulled down his helmet shield and drove off.The mo
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Lea leaned on the gate as she stared at me in disbelief. I was just happy she wasn’t casting any spell on me to make me obedient but her glare was so much like a father who couldn’t wait to kill any of his daughter’s boyfriend.“Stop staring like that, you are going to scare the pup with those.” I said as I elbowed her elbow.“Maybe I want that.” Lea said as I smiled before I wrapped my hand around her neck.I kissed her cheeks and snuggled her neck as she made a terrible attempt at being angry. She laughed as I laughed before she pushed my head away.“Am I interrupting something ladies?” Elijah asked with a smile on his face.“Nothing at all.” I replied as Lea stared at him in disbelief.“You didn’t say he was handsome apart from being a werewolf.” Lea noted as I covered her mouth.“He can hear you.
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“Sorry I’m late.” I apologized as I kissed Elijah’s cheek before he held my hands.“It’s alright. Lea doesn’t seem to like me very much that was why she held you prisoner.” Elijah said as I heaved.“You have no idea but that’s why I love her. She’s the only person who has never left my side even up till this day. Lea’s is the only stability in my long life.” I explained as a soft smile pasted on my lips.Elijah frankly looked jealous but didn’t complain as he nodded before I held his hand.“But there’s no one who has made me interested in them for more than a day and still be a sight for pretty eyes.” I said as I smoldered his cheeks before I kissed the soft flesh.Elijah carried me in his arms as I shrieked before I wrapped my arms around his neck not caring about the humans that were staring at us and whispering at how great we looked together o
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