13 — See what you do to me, girl

The return drive to our building was considerably quiet. The streets of New York City were busy, and the traffic was crazy, so it took us a little longer than expected. Sometimes, when we stopped at traffic lights, Julian would look at me until the red light turned green. I know this because, even though I kept my eyes locked on the people walking on the sidewalk, I could feel his gaze on my skin, warming me as if I were under the sun.

When we reached the parking area of the building, I noticed how Julian's hands held the steering wheel with firmness, veins running down his skin, and how he sometimes relies on just one hand to push the car into its spot.

As the car finally stops, Julian reaches out to grab the bags before I can do so, and I'm amazed at how easily he picks them up; his hands are so big they don't seem that many. At my obvious expression of surprise, he gives me a subtle smile that brings even more butterflies to my belly.

I quickly get out of the car, allowing a breath
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julian, you giving her a HOPE ! and you the one gonna hurt her more, if you think about it !! btw, how many chapter you plaining to write author?? its not even completed tho.. now 169 chapter! pls make it stop already.. FINISHED/COMPLETE IT..
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I think you need to write a book that’s appropriate

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