They say the Bahamas are paradise on earth, and I couldn’t find a better word to describe this place. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

As soon as we arrived at Nassau airport, a car was waiting for us. The weather is really nice here, even though it’s winter. Although I like snow, it’s nice to feel the warm weather enveloping my skin... I wish the girls were here… the cold makes them so sensitive.

Thinking about them makes me feel a bit down. My heart squeezes, and I try to think that it’s only for two days and that soon they’ll be in my arms again, but still, I miss them. It’s an almost unbearable feeling. I wonder how they’re doing, if they miss us, and if they’re crying right now...

But I know that Julian and I need this. It’s the opportunity to enjoy a real honeymoon, which we haven’t had before. Some would think that it’s a shame to celebrate it after so long, with the
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