MICHAEL — Always by your side.

As soon as the meeting is over, I feel my tense shoulders relax. My head is throbbing, a pain that has haunted me since last night when I received a call from my father.

Apparently, his retirement has been announced. He will continue as chairman for another six months just to organize everything until his departure.

The problem is that he still hasn’t announced a successor. The board is desperate because of the options, as none of them have the necessary qualifications to be the group’s new chairman. Of course, that’s just a sadistic strategy to get them on their toes and accept Dominic O’Neil’s desire.

Apparently, my half-brother is taking victory for granted, telling everyone that he will be my father’s successor and that the group belongs to him. With the news of Father’s retirement reaching the knowledge of the media, it won’t be long before he finally names me as the new chairman.

When I accepted Dominic’
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georgia nimtz
You two make a great couple and deserve each other.
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My wish came true, loved it!
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Loved loved this chapter!!!

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