Fallen for Daddy's Friend

Fallen for Daddy's Friend

By:  Esliee I. Wisdon 🌶  Completed
Language: English
38 ratings
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I groan, leaning my body over his, resting my forehead against his shoulder. “Ride me, Angel.” He commands, panting, guiding my hips. “Put it in me, please…” I beg, biting his shoulder, trying to control the pleasurable sensation that's taking over my body more intensely than any orgasm I have felt alone. He's just rubbing his dick on me, and the sensation is better than any I've been able to provide on my own. “Shut up.” He says hoarsely, digging his finger even harder into my hips, guiding the way I ride on his lap quickly, sliding my wet entrance and causing my clit to rub against his hard-on. “Hah, Julian…” His name escapes with a loud moan, and he lifts my hips with extreme ease and pulls me down again, making a hollow sound that makes me bite my lips. I could feel how the tip of his dick dangerously met my entrance… Angelee decides to free herself and do whatever she wants, including losing her virginity after catching her boyfriend of four years sleeping with her best friend in his apartment. But who could be the best choice, if not her father's best friend, a successful man and a convicted bachelor? Julian is used to having flings and one-night stands. More than that, he has never been committed to anyone, or had his heart won over. And that would make him the best candidate… if he were willing to accept Angelee's request. However, she's determined to convince him, even if it means seducing him and messing with his head completely. … “Angelee?” He looks at me confused, maybe my expression is confused. But I just open my lips, saying slowly, “Julian, I want you to fuck me.” Rating: 18+

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Brittany Lynn
I don't want this book to end! ohh my it's my favorite so far (:
2024-07-03 08:36:15
default avatar
This was amazing book I have really enjoyed it.
2024-06-24 21:06:46
default avatar
DaleandYvonne Robbins
I love this book. It was a very good read.
2024-06-20 04:38:38
default avatar
Loved loved this amazing book!! The ending was fantastic!! Hope you will post new books here Author!!
2024-06-14 04:54:08
user avatar
Great read! Happy ending!
2024-06-11 10:23:47
user avatar
Tasha Maslinski
I absolutely love this book. If I could give it more than five stars, I would. I recommend reading this book. The author has done an amazing job writing this,I hope there is a sequel
2024-06-09 14:41:03
user avatar
Angi Splawn
Such a awesome and steamy book!! Extremely well written and I can't wait for more from this talented author!!
2024-06-04 11:05:07
default avatar
This is the story that got me addicted to his app. Everything else pales in comparison.
2024-05-31 19:18:13
user avatar
This was my all time favorite, I’ve been struggling to find an equally romantic, possessive, and dirty story since finishing this one. I did end up reading it a few times though. Please create either a sequel or just keep creating, you are seriously talented ...️...️
2024-05-25 06:03:52
user avatar
steamy and very well written
2024-04-17 20:11:22
user avatar
Kavya singh
such a good book also intense love between main leads. I enjoyed it alot I hope u write more books in future
2024-03-26 03:04:46
default avatar
Loved it. Definitely a great read and book. Definitely would make a great series book.
2024-03-21 08:23:48
user avatar
Beautiful story
2024-03-15 17:28:39
user avatar
Warrick Hunt
I love this book I wish it would keep going
2024-02-24 23:33:54
default avatar
Cindy Dean
Great book keeps you on the edge
2024-02-23 02:28:18
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192 Chapters
01 — When did it all start
When did it all start? Oh, yes… In the damn moment that I accepted his proposal and became his girlfriend. If I had known this would happen, I would never have done that.Another empty drink on the counter bitters my stomach; it dampens my nerves and makes my head foggy.I gesture to the barman to bring me another one of those — what was it again?Leaning over the counter with my head resting on my arms, I close my eyes and allow myself to relive those damn scenes that brought me to this busy bar in downtown New York… a place that’s always full, regardless of whether it’s a Monday. But unlike all the others who are there to enjoy themselves, I’m just drowning in the disappointment that’s eating me inside.It’s all because of Eric… My scumbag boyfriend.Well, ex-boyfriend…It was supposed to be a surprise… He’s so busy with his work, being a successful manager, that lately we have no time together. That’s why I decided to go to his house, cook his favorite food, and maybe give him some
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02 — Little Angel
Hell.Fighting a hangover really is hell.I open my eyes with difficulty, finding a terrible brightness. I groan, turning to the side and it again so my head doesn’t hurt anymore… But realization kicks me, and I suddenly open them once more, jumping up and sitting on the bed BECAUSE THIS ISN’T MY ROOM!Oh, no.Running my hand over the white sheets, I let out another grunt, throwing my back again on the mattress…Damn it.With my eyes tightly closed, I replay the scenes from last night.Buying ingredients to make a pie.Going to Eric’s house.Finding Eric and Laura… Naked.Drowning my sorrows in booze.Meeting Julian Adams.Argh! I finally understand why I ended up in Julian’s room… But of all the people I could meet, did it have to be him?I get out of bed and glance in the mirror, noticing that not only are my eyes smeared with black makeup, my hair is messy, and I have an incredibly hungover expression, but I’m wearing a white shirt much bigger than my body, and that reaches my mid-
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03 — Dumping you
In the end, Julian did give me the day off. It was clear that I didn't have the strength in my body to face workday with such a hangover and sadness surrounding me. And when the hot water fell on my body, I cried like a child who has lost something that can never be replaced.Honestly, I don't understand why I did it.Maybe my tears were because I was angry at myself for wasting so much time. The wedding was supposed to be a significant thing for him and his family, especially his mom… so I was willing to wait. But it’s turns out that it only mattered that I was pure — even if I had hard times controlling the heat that often attacked my body.And I don't know how long stayed in the shower, letting the water mix with my tears… But after the shower, I laid down on the bed that didn't look comfortable as Julian's. Perhaps I fallen asleep, I'm not sure… Eventually, I noticed that my eyes were snapping towards the ceiling and that the birds were singing excitedly outside.At least someone
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04 — Take my virginity
Julian looks at me with a serious expression… He blinks a few times, trying to understand my words, seems like hallucinating…. “Say again?”“I want you to f-” Julian pulls me by the arm into the apartment, preventing the word fuck from fully escaping through my lips again.He closes the door with one hand, keeping his fingers firmly around my arm… His firm touch makes me even more sensitive.“Are you high?” Julian asks seriously, and in the face of my rolling eyes, as I disengage myself from his grip, he completes, “You're definitely high.”“Why are you looking at me like I'm insane?” I cross my arms, making my breasts bounce in my cleavage. And I can swear that this draw Julian's eyes for an instant, even if he quickly turns away.Hum…“Because you seem to be high.” He sighs, running his hand through the blond hair, “Are you listening to yourself?”“Yes. I want you to take my virginity.” I say firmly, and he grunts, “Listen, it makes sense! You're handsome, women are always at your f
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05 — New day, new life.
I stare into the mirror, noticing the deep dark circles under my eyes. I couldn't sleep well after leaving Julian's apartment… Now, I look awful.Closing my eyes, I take a deep breath. Not even the shower and the hot coffee is preparing me to face this day. Because not only I have to meet Julian — who’s inevitably my boss — but also Laura, my best friend, who was screwing my boyfriend.It’s time for facing the reality.A new day, new life.Courage is leaking out of the pores of my skin, and I'm seriously considering making up some excuse. Maybe I could say that my head still hurts? Or who knows, some big unforeseen event has come up? Should I call Dad and whine for time off?A grunt escapes my lips and I grab my hair. No way, Julian won't leave me alone.I take another deep breath and pat my cheek twice, encouraging myself with a smile, fixing my hair and finally leaving the apartment, praying to heavens that my day will be peaceful…But of course not. The universe is constantly playi
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06 — My “best friend”
Laura and I first met during our late years of High School, when I arrived in New York to chase my only family member left — my father… Someone I came to know existed when my mother was already fighting her final battle with cancer.She was my first friend in this great city…. Someone I could trust and who would jump into a burning building to save me if necessary… Or so I thought.And perhaps that's why, more than watching Eric sleep with someone else… it hurt to know that it was with Laura. Almost eight billion people in the world, and he chose to cheat on me with my best friend.Honestly, that's what has been taking away my sleep… who knows how long they're stabbing me in the back like that.But now that she's standing in front of me, looking at me with a cold expression… I can't help but feel a shiver run down my spine. She's with her arms crossed, looking down like she feels sorry for me. And her voice is also harsh as she says, “We need to talk.”Laura tucks a lock of her red ha
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07 — We can’t do this...
“Are you feeling better?” Julian's voice is soft and brings a cozy warmth to my chest, as does the mug between my hands.I lift my eyes, staring at his worried expression. He's standing by the door, holding the doorknob with his big hands that make it practically disappear.After he saw me crying, Julian brought me quickly into his office. The blinds were down, so no one could see how I was crying, even though the floor was really crowded.Honestly, I feel so embarrassed for crying at work… But I simply couldn't help it. Knowing that Laura is pregnant… that she said things so mean… It really hit hard…But I wipe my tears away and give him a comforting smile, clutching the cup in my hands… a delicious coffee that Julian picked up in an attempt to comfort me.He closes the door and approaches me slowly, but his steps are wide, so it only takes a few secs before he's sitting down beside me. His body is so big that it seems to take up the whole couch…. And I feel his arm brush against min
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08 — I'm going crazy
The week seems to pass slowly. I feel like an eternity has already unfolded before my eyes, but it's only been a few days since this hell began.My clumsy hands searched for the pack of cigarettes, and I remember of trying it for the first time when I entered high school, when my mother spent more time in the hospital than at home, before I even knew about my father's existence. From then on, I smoked in secret — one of the habits I gave up on for Eric, who said he hated the smell… Even though he didn't know that this tiny, seemingly insignificant weapon was constantly on my lips.The feeling of putting it back into my mouth after so many years is both exciting and frightening. But I light it and take it in deeply, leaning against the terrace railing.The nicotine brings relief to my frayed nerves and a sense of nostalgia that inflates my lungs. The smoke that I expel causes a slight burn to my eyes, yet it appears to carry the burden that has been placed upon my chest.The view from
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09 — Until you come back
… My angel, you're everything to me; the air I breathe, the reason my heart beats… And I don't know what will become of me if I spend one more instant away from you. I hope you can forgive me because I can't imagine my future without you. — Absolutely yours, Eric.Letting out a loud, rueful grunt, I crumple this damn card within my fingers…Hah, I can't believe he's doing this to me.How is Eric able to write such empty words, after everything he did to me…? After impregnating Laura!… Laura.My eyes follow Laura's desk, and I notice that her expression is furious like her trembling lips. I can see the flames of hatred burning in her eyes that always seemed so innocent.I take a deep breath, turning my eyes to the delicate flowers, the white petals that smell so sweet, but cause me nothing but a screaming anxiety… an urge to run away, to simply disappear…Especially when everyone around me seems simply delighted with the attitude of my thoughtful boyfriend, without ever imagining the
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10 — Just one more kiss
I never considered myself a lonely person. Eric and Laura have always been there for me, as have Julian and my father. But this Friday, when I find myself without the people who, for years, have been my pillars, I feel loneliness creeping up on me like a shadow, enveloping me in a cold embrace. Even my apartment feels empty and cold without Daddy's radiant presence, who's traveling for work and isn't expected back yet.But I did consider knocking on Julian's door and asking him to stay with me today, but this is a day when he usually meets with his flings. We're only a few steps apart, and the desire to see him is just shouting inside my head. However, since he brought me home after our brief kiss, an uneasy silence has settled between us. I could see regret shining in his eyes, along with uncertainty. And this inexplicably hurt me. I take a deep breath, staring at my room that has too many memories in objects, with picture frames on the bedside table. Pictures with Laura, Eric, and
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