Chapter 105 - New Royal Family Member

The day after Kashmir's father and mother arrived, the king and queen together with Kharim and his wife Cleo arrived in Paris.

The queen couldn't hold back her tears, "Kashmir, my daughter." The queen hugged her tightly as if she didn't want to let her go.

"Mother, you are smothering my wife," Amaro chuckled.

"Mother, my wife still has yet to recover her memory," Amaro explained as Kashmir couldn't return the affection given to her by the queen.

"You mean, Kashmir is amnesiac?" Kharim chimed into the conversation.

"Yes," Amaro replied, putting his arm around Kashmir's shoulder.

"How are you, daughter?" The king asked Kashmir, his eyes tenderly looked at her.

"I'm fine, Your Majesty," Kashmir answered and bowed her head.

The king chuckled and said while looking at Amaro, "You're right son, your wife has amnesia because if she hasn't, she'll call me father." The king looked back at Kashmir and added, "Call me father, that is how you address me since
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