"Are you ready?" Amaro hugged Kashmir from behind.

Turning to face him. "Yes, I am."

"Finally, our Adil Amir will be the crown prince of Dubai a few hours from now," she said.

The king had abdicated the throne and Kharim was crowned king when Adil Amir was 10 years old. 15 years later, Adil Amir was to be crowned as the crown prince of Dubai since Amaro didn't like the position, Adil Amir was next in succession.

Kharim and Cleo had three children who were all female. As Kharim resolutely chose to be like his father and brother who had only one wife. Most of all he loved his wife and never looked at any woman. After all, he was already fed up with womanizing. So he had no hope of having a son.

"Mother, you are always beautiful," Adil Amir said as he hugged Kashmir.

"Thank you son," she said, looking at her 25 years old son wearing a crown.

"Your mother will want you to visit us in Paris once a month. I know you'll be busier than ever now as you're already the crown prince of Duba
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