Chapter 104 - The Twin

"Wow! I underestimated your skill. You're not only good at seducing, but also good at manipulating. You have taken advantage of the fact that my fiancee had lost her memory," Charles said sardonically, his lips twitched.

"He didn't manipulate me, he had proof that I am his wife. And he also has proof that Adil Amir and Avril are our offsprings," she can't just remain quiet when she hears that he was ridiculed by Charles.

"Amaro, please show them the proof," she whispered to him. Amaro kissed her forehead and went to their room.

Charles was so jealous when he saw how they displayed their affection. For two years since she returned, he had never had a chance to be intimate with her because she always distanced herself from him.

Mrs Lavigne was agitated at how Naomi behaved in front of Charles.

"Naomi, what happened to you? What did he do to you to behave like this? " Mrs Lavigne couldn't hide her exasperation.

"I'm not Naomi, I'm Kashmir," she fired back.

Mrs Lavigne was startled
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