Falling for The Beast

Falling for The Beast

By:  daasagatha  Ongoing
Language: English
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"You know, when you decided to enter my world. You should know that there is no way back, Princess." Crystal Leonidas is the Perfect Princess. As the world's number one Billionaire's youngest daughter, her life is perfect. She is beautiful and smart and she also has Aiden Lucero, her prince charming who loves her and protects her from everything. With Aiden, Crystal believes she doesn't need anything else. Until the day her gaze met Xander William's beautiful eyes. He is warm but dark. Soothing and scary at the same time. It is no secret that Crystal immediately fell for the stranger. Fast, hard and deep. The spark of that feeling was scary, turned into fire, then turned into a strong sense of longing. Forbidden, but tempting. When Xander's lips burn her body with kisses, Crystal knows she has crossed a line. A dangerous limit. Unfortunately, there is no turning back. He is a Beast. A cruel beast who can kill you and bury your body deep underneath. So, what happens next when Crystal realizes that she is already Falling for the Beast?

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When will there be updates? ......
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Dimas Agung Nugroho
keren, pengen baca tapi liat komennya jarang update ... penasaran
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pleaseee updateeee
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Can't wait for more chapters!
2022-02-04 14:51:35
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enjoyed reading so far
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finally English version...
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8 Chapters
“So, Crystal Leonidas has finally come?" The entire room was silenced in anticipation. Meanwhile, Xander William lifted Crystal's chin with his cold fingers.Crystal met Xander's eyes. The man was standing in front of Crystal, he was tall and strong. Without the warm glow in his eyes, his usual silly grin, or the mocking glare she had been used to. What was left was him as the head of Tygerwell—a cruel, untouchable, and dangerous man. Xander's eyes were icy cold, while the elegant black suit that replaced his jeans and denim jacket made it seem as if he had swallowed the light. All that was left was darkness and nothing more. The man who had been in a rusty truck with Crystal, laughing with her as they lied down on the grass, who hurled a sneer for the name engraved on his license plate, had disappeared. All that was left was this nightmare. Xander's aura scared Crystal as it should.Like it had scare
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S E A S O N  1  :  T H E  P R I N C E  "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess from a very powerful kingdom. The King held a contest, to find a suitable husband for his daughter. Then a prince came, won the contest and got the princess for himself. They fell madly in love. Even the moon got jealous just by watching them together." * * * 4 years ago. The Venetian—Macau, China. “What an asshole! Does he think just because I love him, he can force me to do whatever he wants?!" Even though her consciousness began to blur, curse words still continued to flow from her thin lips, polished with bright red lipstick to match her high slit red dress and her long hair that was let loose. Her blood rumbled in her ears as if she could still hear the cold, commanding voice of his lover filling her eardrums. "Besides,
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Chapter 1 - The Proposal
C H A P T E R  1  :  T H E  P R O P O S A L   Present Day. The SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER Cruise Ship. Mediterranean Sea—Italy. "Crystal Princessa Leonidas, let's get married." Crystal turned her head and looked at Aiden who was holding her and staring at her warmly. Aiden who was tall looked strong and invincible in a suit that was specially designed for him by a renowned designer. Handsome was not enough to describe Aiden Lucero. His short shiny black hair framed his face, a beautiful contrast to his pale skin. Backed with a beautiful facial bone structure; firm lips, strong jaw, and sharp nose. It was as if the man was a sculpture carved by experts flawlessly. Crystal could not digest, let alone reply to his statement. She looked away from the corner of his eye, feeling how people around them were glancing at this t
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Chapter 2 - Run Away
C H A P T E R  2  :  R U N  A W A Y "Elias? He is joining the contest too?!" Crystal rolled her eyes at Xavier's surprised voice. They were sitting on the long sofa, right behind the large glass wall that separated the glass room from the archery area. Aiden was already there, ready to take aim. It seemed that he was determined to prove that Javier Leonidas’s crazy contest was nothing more than a mistake, and Crystal's whining all night would not go to waste. "What do you think? I am Crystal Leonidas! C-R-Y-S-T-A-L! Only a fool and a madman would miss the chance to marry me!" "Everyone is welcome, but not Elias. His job is to take care of Axelion and Aurora!" Xavier stood restlessly, his clear blue eyes squinting at the blond-haired man who was also aiming—Elias Parks, his own bodyguard. "Christian. Find out what ID Elias had used to sign up for this."
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Chapter 3 - The Escape
C H A P T E R  3 :  T H E  E S C A P E  "What?! Princess?! You call that ugly meng 'Princessa'?!" Crystal snapped in annoyance, placing her hands on her waist, and glared at the man. Wow, this cat's eyes were blue, Crystal muttered to herself. Crystal was used to being a trendsetter, even for upper class people. It showed that she was higher than the rest of them. However, finding a cat plagiarizing her name was more attention-grabbing, Crystal could not accept it! The man looked at him, frowning. "Huh? Meng? Ugly?" "Change her name! Princessa is my middle name!" Crystal insisted, without bothering to explain if Meng was the Indonesian word that her grandmother used for her pet cats. She just wanted the cat's name to be changed, period. The man raised an eyebrow. "Then? If you are already using the name Princessa, other people can not—"
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Chapter 4 - The Problem
C H A P T E R  4 : T H E  P R O B L E M Crazy man. They had to make an emergency landing, but all he could think about was that ugly cat?! Crystal grumbled in her heart. Crystal snorted, averted her eyes from him annoyedly, and returned her focus back to the helicopter. She was reluctant to respond to this annoying man. There was still a few minutes before the helicopter's fuel ran out. She rushed to send an SOS signal, hoping that someone, especially Quinn, picked it up, then prepared for an emergency landing in the water. Should not there be a buoy to keep the helicopter afloat? However, the increasingly loud alarm caused her to panic. She could not think properly. The thought of this helicopter exploding flashed in her mind. It was true that she had intended to avoid that damn contest, but not by going to heaven! "Oh, Jesus! If you save me now, I will consider becomin
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Chapter 5 - The Challenge
C H A P T E R  5 :  T H E  C H A L L E N G E  The SEVEN SEAS EXPLORER Cruise Ship. Mediterranean Seas—Italy | 7:02 PM "Anne, am I not pretty enough now? Not sexy enough?"It was seven in the evening when Crystal was still twirling her body in front of the mirror. Admiring, at the same time doubting every corner of her beautiful body wrapped in a sleeveless dark blue dress with abstract motifs after trying dozens of other dresses. Elegant and sexy. The loose hair that Anne was combing was also quite sweet. But, still, for the first time in her life, she felt insecure. “You are always beautiful, Miss. Only a blind person will not be attracted to you," said the half-century-old nanny who always served her.Crystal pinned her hands on her waist, puffing out h
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Chapter 6 - The Command
THE GUARDIAN : WILLIAM CORPS'S BANKRUPTCY : The World’s Economy is Shaken Up!Manhattan, NY. Shocking news came from William Corp; technology, oil and infrastructure companies which in recent times still occupy the first position in the world. Reporting from Routers, this multinational company began to experience a decline in shares since one month ago. Its stock value continues to decline, even now it has touched the price range—Crystal groaned, tossing her phone against the car's dashboard. Xavier was wrong. Not three days, but it took Leonidas a month to level William Corp.Pressing the gas pedal hard, Crystal drove her white Lamborghini Aventador through the private road that connected the main gate to Xavier's mansion. It took her seven minutes until she reached the front steps of the main door, stopping right behind Xavier's red Lamborghini Veneno."X!" Crystal skipped the preamble, jumping out as soon as
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