Fated Alpha: The Rejected Queen

Fated Alpha: The Rejected Queen

By:  Kristen Ashley  Completed
Language: English
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As Isabelle fights to claim her rightful place as the Alpha, she finds herself entangled in a dark and dangerous game. Being the daughter of the Alpha, it is her birthright to assume leadership when the time is right. However, not everyone in the pack is receptive to the idea of a female wielding power, including her own father. Forced by him, Isabelle reluctantly accepts an arranged marriage with a wolf of his choosing. But fate has a cruel twist in store when she is rejected and left to face the consequences of her father's decisions. Now, Isabelle has no choice but to comply with her father's terms until she is officially named the Alpha. Yet, she harbors dangerous secrets that could be exploited against her, and there is one relentless individual who relentlessly pursues her until he achieves his desires. In a world where the boundaries between duty and desire become blurred, the path to becoming a future Alpha becomes a treacherous minefield.

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43 Chapters
Isabelle”s Point of ViewI had reached my breaking point; exhaustion and frustration consumed me. After completing my last class of the day, I caught sight of him: my father. He stood in the heart of the college campus, a towering figure, accompanied by another wolf shifter. This newcomer possessed a formidable presence, with his tall stature, muscular build, and penetrating dark brown eyes that seemed to peer straight into my soul.Malik.My heart raced as I approached them, feeling the weight of my impending fate tighten around my neck. I knew what awaited me, and fear gripped me tightly.My father spoke first, his voice unwavering and resolute. "Isabelle, you're well aware of the reason for my presence," he declared. The stern lines etched on his face signaled that this conversation wouldn't end favorably. He intended to impose an impossible choice upon me."You must agree to an arranged mating within our pack now, or else I cannot guarantee your position as the future pack alpha w
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Isabelle's Point of ViewWe bid our farewells, and I stood there, watching as my father and Malik receded into the distance, their silhouettes gradually diminishing in the twilight. Only once they had vanished completely did the authoritative aura of my father's alpha status dissipate, leaving me to face the stark reality. I glanced down at the ring adorning my finger, pondering how they had managed to manipulate me into saying yes so effortlessly.My father was utterly delusional if he believed I would accept this passively. I let out a piercing scream, my voice reverberating through the air.Claiming my rightful position as the queen of the Silverstone pack ran deep within my blood. I spat on the ground where my father had stood merely moments ago. It was all a load of nonsense—a steaming pile of bullshit. My father was the epitome of archaic values, adamantly adhering to every antiquated rule imposed by the pack. It mattered not that half of them desperately required modernization
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Isabelle’s Point of ViewAfter Tyler agreed to meet me in the woods, I hurriedly tucked my phone into my pocket and dashed down the narrow path that wound its way through the towering trees. My fingers clenched tightly into fists as I sprinted, my mind a whirlwind of conflicting emotions - desperation, anger, and an overwhelming sense of dread.The woods enveloped me in an eerie silence, devoid of any signs of life. The only sound that filled the air was the rhythmic thud of my feet hitting the ground, propelling me forward with a fierce determination. Each step brought me closer to Tyler, but it also fueled a raging fire within me, a primal fury that threatened to consume everything in its path.Nothing and no one would hinder my progress. I glanced up at the night sky, and it dawned on me that it was a new moon, the most potent phase for individuals like me. No wonder my thoughts felt clouded and my emotions were running wild. The timing couldn't have been worse.As I finally reache
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Chase’s Point of ViewIn response to Isabelle's heart-wrenching howl, I sprinted through the dense woods, driven by a mix of worry and anger over whatever Tyler had done to her. Something had clearly gone terribly wrong, and as a seasoned member of the Silverstone pack, I could discern the distinctive cries of my packmates, including the ones that tore at my own heart."I'm on my way, baby," I murmured under my breath, my determination propelling me forward. The clearing where Isabelle and Tyler had initially met was now empty, but I sensed her presence nearby. Her wolf's whimpering echoed through the trees, tugging at my instincts.Regretfully, I hadn't thought to bring my night vision goggles, but I relied on my enhanced wolf senses to guide me. Though my human vision was sharp, it paled in comparison to the keen sight of a wolf. However, I did have my trusty gun, which I quickly drew from the concealed holster at the small of my back. I knew I had to be prepared for anything, ready
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Chas's Point of ViewBut now, the barriers were breaking down, and there was no turning back. The intensity of our connection could no longer be denied. It was time to fulfill our desires and unleash the pent-up passion that had smoldered between us for far too long."Oh, Isabelle," I groaned, my ability to think clearly slipping away as quickly as hers. The desperation in her voice tugged at my heart."Please, Chase. I can't take it anymore. I feel like I'm going to explode."Summoning every ounce of focus, I managed to open the car door, but it took all my strength to guide us inside while she continued grinding against my hand.As soon as I locked the door, she flipped me over, straddling my legs. Her words sent a surge of desire through me. "I want you so badly.""But we...," I tried to interject, but she cut me off."Don't say we can't. How many times have you pleasured yourself, calling out my name?""You heard that?" I was taken aback, unsure of how much she had actually notice
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Isabelle’s Point of ViewThe distant thumping echoed through my veins, synchronized with the rapid rhythm of my heart, intensifying the pulsating desire within me. The anticipation for tonight's ceremony had been building up all day, and I absorbed every ounce of energy in the air. Standing unclothed by the window, gazing up at the moonless night sky, I couldn't believe I was about to embark on this journey.My attempt at a normal college life a few years ago had ended disastrously, leading me back home under the protective shield of my father. It had been a defining moment for me, shifting my perspective. What had once felt suffocating and confining now became my liberation from the inner turmoil that had haunted me since my mother's passing. The primal wolf within me demanded acknowledgment, and the pack rituals provided the necessary balance for our human side to coexist harmoniously."You look absolutely breathtaking," a deep, resonant voice broke through my reverie. Startled, I t
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Isabelle’s Point of ViewThe room grew increasingly tense, causing my skin to prickle with unease. My inner wolf whimpered, sensing the mounting aggression and my own need to assert dominance over Malik. As if that would be an easy feat. He could hold his ground and match my strength, always keeping me on my toes.A soft, apprehensive knock echoed at the door.My heart sank."It's time, Isabelle. Everyone is waiting outside, including your father," a voice called out, breaking the heavy silence that enveloped the room. My father, the one who had orchestrated this arrangement, insisted that before I took over as pack leader, Malik and I must undergo a traditional mating ceremony. However, deep down, I sensed his doubts about my capability and dedication to Malik. It seemed he was using this night to test me and push me towards a decision.Tonight, under the black moon, the time had come for me to face my father's expectations. I had known since my return to the pack that this moment wo
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Isabelle’S Point of View"Tonight is a momentous occasion, my pack," he declared, his voice commanding attention and respect. The moonlight cast a mesmerizing glow on his figure, emphasizing his authority. "As the black moon graces our presence, we gather to celebrate not only the cycle of life and creation but also a sacred union between two souls."The pack erupted in cheers and howls, their excitement palpable in the air. The beat of drums reverberated through the clearing, stirring a primal energy within me. I closed my eyes, surrendering to the rhythm, allowing it to carry me into a state of heightened anticipation.The forest seemed to come alive with unseen forces, as if nature itself acknowledged the significance of this night. Leaves rustled in the wind, whispering secrets, and the scent of pine mingled with the earthy aroma of the forest floor. It was a symphony of sensations, a symphony that mirrored the surge of emotions coursing through my veins.In this moment, I let go
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Isabelle’s Point of View"Claim me," I demanded, my voice laced with a raw hunger that matched the intensity in his eyes.Without hesitation, Malik prowled towards me, his features subtly shifting. I tilted my head in a submissive gesture, a rare display of vulnerability, as he seized my throat with his teeth. A sharp pang of pain mingled with pleasure, igniting an electric current within me. The metallic scent of my own blood, mingling with the heady scent of desire, filled the air, fueling our mutual craving to its climax.My body quivered with a potent mixture of desire and anticipation as Malik released my throat, his teeth trailing along my skin until they reached my shoulder, where he bit down once more. The sensation sent a surge of electric pleasure straight to my core, igniting a burning hunger that begged for more.But it wasn't enough. I craved his touch, my skin tingling with a desperate need for more. My hips strained against his, desperately seeking the friction that wou
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Chase’s Point of ViewGood Lord. I knew this day could come, but I never pictured myself hauling Isabelle through the woods with her bare behind in my face and desire dripping down her legs. This was a scenario nobody had even thought about. Responsibility was one thing, but witnessing my woman engage in primal, animalistic sex during an archaic moon ceremony that bound her to another of her kind had been pure torment. Distant screams filled the air, urging me to quicken my pace. Isabelle was now the pack's alpha, and her safety was paramount. We had roughly twenty-one hours and fifteen minutes before she regained her full strength. I prayed that the patrols had a damn good reason for allowing something, or someone, to breach the town's defenses.The ground beneath me sloped downwards. "Shit." I gripped Isabelle's thighs tightly to maintain my balance."Put me down. I can keep up on my own two feet now." Isabelle clawed at my shirt once more. If I didn't let her go, my back would be
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