Fated Rejection - Fated Claim

Fated Rejection - Fated Claim

By:  Shana Allen  Updated just now
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Elle is raised as an Omega after she is supposedly found as a pup by the Alpha of the Blue Crest pack. Blue Crest Omegas are treated no better than slaves, forced to endure the pack's whims while taking care of a pack that does not even respect them. She longs for the day that she will meet her mate – that one person who completes her and will love her instead of despising her for no reason at all. The day that should have been her fairytale turned into her nightmare when Blue Crest's Alpha heir rejects her in front of everyone in order to humiliate her. The truth about Elle is known only by two people. Elle is not just an Omega. She is a descendant of the Moon Goddess who is destined to make her pack the strongest in history. Alpha Kade of the Nightshade pack has yet to find his mate even though he is twenty-four years old. That changes when he visits the Blue Crest pack to discuss an alliance between their packs. He has waited to find his mate and finally has. He also recognizes that she is not just an Omega like Alpha Andrew insists. He finds great amusement in the fact that her ex-mate was such a fool, but he is thankful for it since she was given to him, and he will always praise the Moon Goddess for such a gift. A prophecy, destiny, and supernatural forces are at play as Alpha Kade and Elle are forced to figure it all out before anything happens. Alpha Andrew is not a forgiving man and will stop at nothing to get her back. Can they figure out who their enemies are before it is too late? Can Alpha Kade protect his Luna?

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125 Chapters
Chapter 1
ELLE A shifter’s eighteenth birthday was a monumental occasion for most because it marked the beginning of being able to sense one’s mate. Many dreamed of the day that they met the one that was destined and fated to them. The only one who could truly complete them – their soulmate which was handpicked by the Moon Goddess. I always longed for my mate because love was a concept that I had not really grown up with except a select few people. I was orphaned at the age of five with no memories from before then of who I was or where I came from. Alpha Andrew said that he found me right outside of the pack’s border when I was a pup and brought me back to the Blue Crest pack to be raised by the Omegas of the pack. Blue Crest Omegas were slaves to the pack and were treated as such. Have you ever been treated like you were less than simply because of factors that were outside of your control? It sucked, but that was unfortunately our reality – one that we could never escape from no matter ho
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Chapter 2
ELLE ‘Stay strong,’ a melodic voice whispered right before I woke up to a knock on my door. I groaned when I looked at the clock. It was already six in the morning, and I had to get up and get ready for the day. I did not get much in the way of sleep last night because I kept thinking back to the idea of things changing. I could not tell if I was happy about that or nervous. The other part of the troubling equation was whether the change was going to be good or bad. I was not certain how much more bad I could handle without finally cracking. “Come in only if you have java,” I called out, sitting up and stretching my arms over my head. Gabriel opened the door and held up the coffee cup to show me. I chuckled and waved him in. He knew me well enough to know I would need coffee this morning because of how stressed out I had been lately. This party took over an entire month to plan. It required long discussions with Luna about what all she wanted and what she would not accept which eq
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Chapter 3
ELLE This was what the Goddess meant by staying strong. There had to be a purpose to this pairing, so I had to stay strong and have faith that it would work out how it was supposed to. Right? That was what I was trying to tell myself at least. Faye was exceptionally quiet. She was certainly in shock because wolves longed to meet their mate even more than the humans did. Her being quiet did nothing for me but make me even more nervous and apprehensive. One would think that she would be jumping for joy and howling into the night sky with her delight. Those were things that she was not doing. At least we were on the same page regarding him. Gabriel placed his hand on the small of my back and gently pushed, knowing I was not thrilled with this. He could read me like a book, so he would understand the war that was raging inside of me without me even uttering a single word to him. However, he also knew that it would be worse for me if I did not go. So, my feet started moving forward desp
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Chapter 4
ELLE “It’s great to see you, my Goddess,” I said. It truly was. Having any interaction with her was a significant blessing. I submitted myself to her. I was not entirely certain about what was the proper protocol to observe when coming face-to-face with the Goddess. I was too young to remember what I did the first time around. I just hoped I did not look as unsure and awkward as I felt right now. Her eyes twinkled before she closed the distance and pulled me into her arms instead. Warmth encased my entire body, relaxing it in a way that only her presence could. It was the best hug I ever had in my entire life. It was filled with pure and unadulterated love. Such love was willingly given instead of forced or demanded. It was a love that not even the strongest evil could overcome. “You need not submit yourself to me, Elle. Please call me Selene as well. It is finally time that I can tell you the things that I need to. Come and sit with me,” she said, linking her arm through mine. B
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Chapter 5
KADE“You ready for this trip? It’s about a four-hour drive so not too far away,” Apollo said. He was my best friend and Beta. He was damn good in both roles.Was I ready? No. Did I have to go? Yes.I was twenty-four and had yet to find my mate. Normally, that would not be a big deal. However, being the Alpha of a prominent pack set certain expectations upon my shoulders. I took over as Alpha six years ago after my father died in a rogue attack. Our Elders had been trying to force me into taken a chosen mate in order to strengthen the pack for the past year, but I adamantly refused. I would only accept the one fated to me. She would be my equal in all ways. They struck a deal with me that they would lay off entirely on the whole chosen mate thing for two years if I visited various packs in order to increase the likelihood of finding her.This was the third pack that I would be visiting but at least it was not too far away. The first two were complete duds, but I would keep going becau
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Chapter 6
KADEI made my way back over to Apollo’s room so that the Luna did not realize I switched rooms. He opened the door with a glare, but I just shrugged. I often had to do things for our pack that I did not care for, so that was what he was doing now. He just needed to be a team player on this.“Imagine how much it would hurt your new Luna to have this one coming in to make a move while she and I were getting to know each other. It could make her feel betrayed. Do this for her,” I said, squeezing his shoulder.“Fine. For her. Not you because you fucking suck,” he said, shaking my hand off his shoulder. “How are you feeling?” he asked.Apollo knew how much I wanted a mate. My grandparents had an amazing connection that held strong to this day. Gramps still took Grams out on dates every Friday night unless it was a full moon. He would move those date nights accordingly. They said that life of a leader was hectic and stressful. Intentionally making time for your mate was what created strong
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Chapter 7
KADE‘You must let it play out. They need to see his power,’ the Goddess whispered into my head.Her words were not comforting because that meant that something was about to happen. I had to trust that my mate would be fine because the Goddess was not cruel. She brought us together for a reason, and that would not be to let us meet before we were murdered.The Alpha family glared at my mate, obviously feeling left out. They had no idea who she was at all or that she had a direct connection to the Goddess. The ‘weak Omega’ that the little bitch chose to reject was anything but.“You didn’t tell them?” I asked her with a smirk, amusement dripping from that simple question.“They didn’t deserve to know,” she said plainly with her own amusement. Her eyes held mine, and I was a goner.My respect for her just increased even more. I could guarantee that she put up with their shit, but they did not break her. It was impossible to break someone who held true strength within them. I did not mea
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Chapter 8
KADEI took a steadying breath to push away the anger at the entire situation because I did not want her to think I was upset at her because I certainly was not. What she and Gabriel went through angered me. What the Omegas went through angered me. Who protected them? Nobody. That was why they had to protect themselves. Gabriel and my mate protected one another, and that was a loyalty that I admired.“Gabriel, I would like to extend the offer for you to relocate with us. It’s up to you, but it would be our honor to have you join our pack,” I said, holding my hand out to him.He looked taken aback with my offer. His eyes slid to my mate before he nodded. “Thanks, Alpha Kade. I’d appreciate that,” he said, giving me a firm handshake.“Just Kade. Our pack is a bit different than you’re used to, but I think you’ll like it. The inner circle of people doesn’t go by titles, and you definitely earned that spot.”He nodded and stepped away so that I could officially meet her. Her doe eyes look
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Chapter 9
ELLE This was a turn that I never imagined my life taking. Selene promised me that I would love the changes that would happen, and I most certainly did so far. Kade was a sinfully sexy gentleman who showed me what a true mate should act like. His scent was reminiscent of cinnamon espresso which definitely called out to the java lover in me. It was the most incredible scent in the entire world. I would never tire of being around it. When I first smelled it on Gabriel’s shirt, I was incredibly confused. It smelled a thousand times better than Eric’s scent ever did. Kade was every bit the dominant Alpha type with his broad shoulders and muscles that even his shirt and slacks could not hide. They fit him like a glove which allowed me to see that he had a chiseled body underneath them. It clearly showed his power. His auburn hair had some waves at the top, and I had the urge to run my fingers through it. Those grey eyes of his were a shade I had never seen before. He commanded respect wh
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Chapter 10
KADE I had never been more furious in my entire life than I was today. To see my mate treated so poorly threatened my tenuous control because everything would become much more difficult and dangerous if I lost that control. Walking to the Omega quarters was damn near impossible because all of the Blue Crest warriors lined up outside the packhouse. You could tell that Alpha Andrew was pissed off at having no control in this situation. He was used to being the one to give the command instead of being the one forced to take it. I was not someone to mess with, but he did, so he would suffer the consequences. I almost lost my mind with the hateful looks thrown at my mate. Then she laced her fingers with my own, and it helped calm the raging storm inside of me. The sparks reminded me that the best possible thing came out of today. I got to meet the gorgeous and courageous Elle. It was clear that the Omegas in this pack were treated like trash, so I was not certain what it would be like m
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