Mated To The Cursed Alpha King

Mated To The Cursed Alpha King

By:  Payson Fangs  Completed
Language: English
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Born of the lowest rank, Emily has suffered greatly as an Omega Werewolf, facing three pack attacks and being sold and held captive from one pack to another. Finally escaping from a group of dangerous rogues, she finds herself facing rejection yet again when she learns that she is mated to the Cursed Alpha King, Garrett, who is the most feared, ruthless, and deadliest werewolf in the world. Garrett ruled with an iron hand, was merciless and dangerous just the way he wanted it. He knew he had no chance at love, and discovering he had a mate was out of the question. Mates were weakness, and his parents were the perfect example of why he should not be mated. Then, what was the Moon Goddess thinking, mating him with an Omega? "Mated to the Cursed Alpha King" is a thrilling story of love, pain, and rejection. Follow Emily's journey as she navigates a cruel twist of fate. Would she still be rejected by her angry mate, or the cursed Alpha King that called her weak would learn to accept and love her? Find out yourself!

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Raven writer
The beginning alone is driving me hungry for more. Keep it up author
2023-08-04 01:20:56
user avatar
I must say. Good work Author ...️
2023-07-28 22:38:45
user avatar
Great book. I’ll recommend
2023-07-28 03:47:57
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Aaron Farquhar
I hope Garrett won't reject her... I love this story .... Keep up the good work Author!
2023-04-07 10:20:43
default avatar
Yolandaloves Herkids Solomon
So far the storyline is great, I can't wait to see what happens in the end.
2023-08-06 19:24:15
92 Chapters
Chapter 1
The night was dark, but the moon shone bright in the sky. The members of the MoonShadow Pack were gathered around the bonfire, laughing and chatting. Emily sat beside her parents, listening to their stories of how they first met. She couldn't help but feel grateful for her loving family and the pack at large. Suddenly, the peace was shattered by a loud howl in the distance. The pack members froze, their expressions turning grim. Emily's father stood up, his hand gripping his hunting knife tightly. "It's the Blood Moon Pack," he growled, his eyes scanning the darkness. "They're here for a fight." The members of the MoonShadow Pack quickly took up their weapons, preparing to defend their home. Emily's mother grabbed her by the arm, fear etched on her face. "Emily, darling," her mother whispered urgently, "you need to hide” Emily's parents grabbed her and hurriedly led her to a small hidden alcove, tucked away in the rocks at their garden. She watched as her parents disappeared into
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Chapter 2
When Emily heard the voice of Alpha Howard, she knew that trouble was on the horizon. The Alpha had always harbored an intense dislike for her, and she was well aware that he would always find a way to punish her. Emily had never dared to look the Alpha directly in the eye, as fear always gripped her whenever he was around. "Have you been neglecting your duties?" The Alpha's voice boomed through the room. "She has, Alpha," Mrs. Wesley answered. "I see." The Alpha nodded his head, a scowl on his face. "Get her locked up in the dungeon. I don't want this mutt walking around on a day like this." At the mention of the word "dungeon," Emily's mind was immediately transported back to a few months ago when she was scrubbing the dirty floor. • • [As she was scrubbing the dirt on the floor, she suddenly heard a commotion outside the kitchen. Curiosity getting the best of her, she peeked out the door to see what was happening. She saw Alpha Howard and a few other pack members gathered aro
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Chapter 3
Garrett Hunter sat impatiently in his office at the pack house. Although he had another office in his personal residence nearby, he had opted to hold this meeting in the pack house office. The space was as dark as his personality, with walls painted in dark hues. In one corner, a bookshelf brimmed with files, and opposite sat comfortable chairs with a middle table. In front of his desk, there were two armchairs for visitors. Otherwise, the office was sparse. Impatient for his visitor, Garrett demanded an update through a mind link with his Beta, Davies Harris. "He is on his way, Alpha," replied Harris. Garrett said nothing, waiting for the footsteps he heard approaching his office. The door swung open, and Garrett's cousin, Drake, strolled in nonchalantly. Garrett reacted swiftly, grabbing Drake by the neck and pinning him to the wall. Surprised, Drake looked down at Garret, his hands clutching the king's grip. "What do you think you're doing?" Garrett demanded. "Is it your hand tha
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Chapter 4
Emily tried to quell the terror rising inside her as they approached the main hall, but it proved to be futile. With every step they took, her body trembled more violently with fear. Fanny, too, was visibly trembling with anxiety while Annabel strode ahead of them with regal poise. When they finally arrived at the hall, there was a smaller crowd and Annabel hurried over to Anon. The former Alpha and his mate were nowhere to be seen. The king was also absent from the hall. Annabel surveyed the room with a puzzled expression, then lightly touched Anon's shoulder. Lost in thought, he hadn't sensed her approach. Annabel frowned at that, his mate should be able to sense her presence even before he sees her. "What is going on here? Where is the king?" Annabel demanded. "He's already left," Anon replied. "What? He didn't even acknowledge my presence. Why did he leave so abruptly?" Annabel asked with frustration. She had hoped to see the king and win his favor with her beauty, in order
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Chapter 5
The heavy door creaked open, and Emily and her captor were ushered into a dimly lit room.The air was thick with a palpable sense of power and desire, but not the kind that could be sated with food. Emily tried to conceal her trembling body from the lecherous looks of the men in the room, but it was a futile effort. She was the center of attention, and she knew it."Kneel," the man who had brought her here barked, and Emily complied. But before she could adjust to her new position, he kicked her legs out from under her, and she landed hard on all fours. Her hands were still tied behind her back, making the fall even more painful.There was a moment of eerie silence as the men in the room sized her up. Emily felt like a piece of meat on display, ready to be devoured.The man who brought her here moved to take a seat, leaving Emily alone at the center of the room."What are we to make of her, Alpha?" A new voice broke the silence, and the others started to murmur in agreement."We can
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Chapter 6
Emily knew she was in serious trouble the moment she heard Matt's wife's voice at the door. Matt had abandoned her and turned to his wife, while Emily clutched herself in shame and fear, not knowing what was to come. She had never met anyone in the room before, so she had no idea that it belonged to Matt and his mate.Matt gave his wife a look and then turned back to Emily. "Can you believe it? She wanted me to touch her," he said, pointing down at Emily.His wife said nothing and walked further into the room, looking exhausted. "You know what? I'm not in the mood for your nonsense tonight. Get out of here," she commanded Emily. "OUT!" she bellowed.Emily stood on trembling legs and rushed out of the room, unable to believe her good fortune. Matt sat down on the bed and asked his friend, "You're just going to let her go like that?""I'm exhausted from training all day. I'm not going to waste energy on a mere Omega. I'll only end up breaking her in two," she replied."You should have d
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Chapter 7
Emily quickly covered the pot on the stove, which had caught fire. The pack members had already eaten, but Kane came looking for the Omegas.Mary had instructed Emily to prepare something for him since there were no leftovers, and Emily quickly got to work.She stood facing the stove, aware that Kane was watching her from where he sat on a stool at the table in the middle of the kitchen."When will that be ready?" he asked impatiently."It will be ready in a few minutes, sir," Emily replied. She rarely ran into Kane during her daily chores, and he didn't disturb her as long as she remembered all he had told her on her first day."You are doing well, fitting in with no issues," he commended her."Thank you for your advice on my first day, sir," she said gratefully."Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm starved right now. I need food," Kane said, tapping his fingers on the table."I'm sorry, sir. It's almost done," Emily told him."Fine," he said, looking irritated.A few minutes later, the food was r
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Chapter 8
Emily ran until her feet ached, the wind whipping through her hair, but she didn't stop. She arrived at a river and filled her jug, but She refrained from washing herself, as she believed the dirt was crucial to keep her scent hidden. As she climbed up a slope, she caught sight of a road in the distance, with vehicles passing by. Was this the same road Mary had mentioned? The gap between the humans and werewolves? She peered at the drivers in the passing vehicles, wondering if they were human, and if they would stop if she waved them down. However, looking at her dirty appearance, she knew they would think she was a thief or a crazy person. Emily descended the slope and hid, keeping watch as the cars passed by. When the road quieted down, she crossed to the other side, shaking her head before running deeper into the forest, Perhaps she would come across a human village on the way, but at least she was far away from the Rogues. She rested for a brief period, eating the remaining bre
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Chapter 9
Garrett had Davies by the neck, and Nani was trying to intervene to stop the fight. She slapped Garrett's soiled back, telling him to release Davies. Davies had revealed to Nani about the Omega, which was not his right to do so. However, he knew why his Beta did so; he was aware that if Nani was involved, it would not be easy to reject the Omega as his mate. Finally, Garrett had to let go of Davies. Nani touched Davies' face to check for any injury and gave Garrett t an annoyed look. "Were you going to choke him, Garrett?" she asked. "Nani, he doesn't even feel the pain," Garrett pointed out. Davies gave Garrett a smug look, but when Nani turned to him, he went sober, gaining more of Nani's pity. "Davies, dear, you were saying something about a mate," Nani reminded him of their previous conversation. "Yes, that's right, Nani," Davies replied. "Tell me, child, has he found his mate?" Nani asked. "Yes," Davies confirmed. "But where is she? Who is she?" Nani inquired. "Well," Dav
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Chapter 10
Emily regained consciousness once more, finding herself in the same room. However, this time, a lady was waiting for her in the chair beside her bed. Emily recognized the lady from the first time, and watched her warily as she gazed back cautiously. Emily wondered why someone was watching her. Was it to prevent her from escaping?“I'm harmless,” the lady reassured Emily. However, Emily wasn't sure whether to believe her. The lady showed Emily her empty hands and said, “I am your doctor. I have been treating you for days.”Emily continued to observe the doctor, keeping her gaze locked on her. What would happen now that she was awake? But it seemed that the doctor still had a lot to say. “I'm going to ask you a few questions. You can nod or shake your head in response. Is that okay?”Emily took her time before nodding her head. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail on top of her head, and she wore a large gown that failed to conceal how skinny she was.“Good. Are you feeling any pain?” th
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