Chapter - 03

At Phoenix Mansion

Ellis Martin was getting ready to go somewhere. He wore a black shirt and jeans. He put some scent blocker on his neck where the scent glands were to hide his omega phenomenon. He wore a cap and facemask. He checked himself in the mirror for the last time and left the mansion. He got on his bike and went to his destination.

After half an hour, Ellis reached London City Hospital. He took of his helmet and smirked under his facemask. Then he made his way inside the hospital.

In London City Hospital

Ellis Martin went to the 9th floor of the hospital and went to the receptionist.

"Hi, is Dr. Adonis free?" Asked Ellis.

"Yes, do you have a appointment?" Asked the receptionist.

"I don't need an appointment. I am his regular patient." Said Ellis.

"Regular patient?" Asked the receptionist.

"Yes, I am Officer Ethan Wilson." Said Ellis and took off his mask.

"Oh....Officer Wilson, you can go. Dr. Williams is free." Said the receptionist with a shy smile.

Ellis thanked her and headed to Adonis's cabin. He was going to pretend as Ethan Wilson and impressed Adonis Williams until his brother come back from his mission.

Ellis knocked on the door and waited for the permission. He went inside when he heard Adonis said 'Come in'.

"Hello, Dr. Adonis Williams." Ellis greeted with a beautiful smile.

"Officer Ethan Wilson!?" Dr. Adonis was surprised because he didn't expect the officer would come to meet him.

"Ah... sorry Dr. Williams, I don't mean to distrub you, but I am not feeling well nowadays." Said Ellis.

"Ah no problem Officer Wilson, please sit down." Said Adonis.

"Thank you." Said Ellis and sat in front of Adonis.

"So, what's your problem this time."  Asked Adonis.

"I can't sleep and can't eat." Said Ellis.

"Why are you voice sounds different?" Asked Adonis.

"Ah..hehe.... I... I have cold. That's why it sounds different." Ellis said nervously.

"You should take care of yourself." Said Adonis.

"Mn... that's why I come to you." Said Ellis.

"But I don't think I can treat your sleeping problem." Said Adonis.

"You can." Said Ellis.

"How?" Asked Adonis while raising one of his eyebrow.

"Cause you are the reason I can't sleep. If I went to sleep, you came in my dream, smiled at me." Said Ellis with a flirty smile.

"I think you are in mood of joking. But sorry I am busy today." Said Adonis trying his best not to blush.

"Sorry." Ellis pouted cutely.

"Ah....Officer Chen, are you okay? You never behaved like today. Do you hit your head by something?" Asked Adonis.

"No I got hit in my heart." Said Ellis.

"Heart?" Asked Adonis as he was confused.

"Yeah, Your beauty hit me hard in my heart." Ellis flirted with Adonis who blushed.

"I think you are totally fine. You should go back if nothing serious happened to you." Said Adonis as he was afraid his brother would misunderstand the situation.

"No ... no.... actually I am having stomach ache and I can't eat oily and spicy food. If I eat then my stomach hurts badly." Said Ellis didn't lie this time.

"Okay....let me check." Said Adonis and tapped Ellis's stomach and Ellis winched in pain.

"Well, I think you have gastric. Please avoid oily and spicy food for the time being. Take this medicine regular." Adonis said and gave Ellis a prescription.

"Thank you, Dr. Williams. You are so sweet." Said Ellis.

"By the way, didn't you go to mission?" Asked Adonis.

"Ah... I will go after this." Said Ellis.

"Mn..... take care of yourself. Don't come back injured this time." Said Adonis.

"Don't worry I will be safe." Said Ellis.

"I hope so." Said Adonis.

"Dr. Adonis, I like you so much and I know you also like me. If you don't then you didn't tolerate me every time when I come to you with unreasonable excuses. See you...bye bye" said Ellis and left the cabin in a hurry.

'Ah.... He almost caught me. I think I am going too fast. I shouldn't have said that. Anyways, I just have a week. So, it's okay. I hope he didn't get a heart attack.' thought Ellis and left the hospital.

On the other hand, Adonis was froze listing Ellis's words. For him, it's not Ellis Martin but Ethan Wilson. He had a hint that Ethan likes him but he wasn't sure. He didn't know if he should believe what he heard just now cause Ethan behaved strange today. He openly flirted with him. Other times, he would be too shy to talk rather than flirting with him. Adonis was in his own world that he didn't notice someone entered his cabin.

"I just saw Officer Wilson left your cabin in hurry. What did he do that you became froze on the stop?" Asked Ashley Williams who was entered the cabin.

"He said he likes me." Replied Adonis in his daze.

"What? Wow.... finally he confessed. What did you say?" Asked Ashley excitedly and sat in front of Adonis making him came back to his sense and realized what he said.

"What are you doing here?" Asked Adonis.

"Don't change the question." Said Ashley.

"Leave, I am busy." Said Adonis.

"It's lunch time brother. Tell me did you also confessed to him." Said Ashley.

"Ashley Williams!" Adonis said coldly while glaring at Ashley who just ignored his glaring.

"What brother? I know you like him too or I say you love him." Said Ashley.

"So, you like that patient." Said Austin making Adonis and Ashley turned to him.

Austin was laying calmly when he heard a sweet voice. He was curious and peeped and saw a angelic face. He was staring at the patient who was Ellis for a while. He was sure it's a omega but he was confused when Ellis started flirting with his twin brother. Why would an omega flirt with other omega? That's mean, he was an alpha. He didn't like it and was angry when Ellis continued flirt with Adonis and Adonis didn't said anything. He was confused but he was sure they were close. He was shocked when Ellis confessed to Adonis. He was about to come out of the curtains but stopped when he heard someone entered the cabin again. He thought another patient came. So, he remained. But when he understood it's his cousin, Ashley and heard his word he couldn't help but come out.

Adonis almost forgot about Austin because of Ellis's words and Ashley's non stop talking.

"Brother Austin!?" Ashley was shocked to saw his another cousin whom he last saw three years ago.

"Did he said the truth? Do you like that patient?" Asked Austin while sitting in front of Adonis.

"I.... I like him." Replied Adonis.

"Since when?" Asked Austin.

"Ayaa.... Brother Austin, it's lunch time and I am sure Brother Adonis is tried and hungry. Let's go and lunch together. Then we can talk about it." Ashley tried to help Adonis.

"Okay......but I want everything in details." Said Austin.

"Okay..... let's go." Said Ashley.

Then the three of them went to a restaurant. They ordered their food and waited for the food to arrive.

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