Chapter - 02

In Phoenix Mansion

Phoenix Mansion was owned by Mr. Martin. When Ellis became a famous professional eSports player, he created his own team 'Team Phoenix' with his friends. His family supported him and helped him to set up a company where many eSports players took training and took part in the competition under Team Phoenix. Main team members lived of Team Phoenix in Phoenix Mansion.

Ethan and Ellis reached Phoenix Mansion and got out of the car.

"You don't need to help me. I can handle it." Ellis said when Ethan helped him with the luggages.

"I saw how you handled it. You were huffing after carrying the luggages from your room to the hall of our mansion." Ethan rolled his eyes and Ellis pouted.

Ethan took one luggage in his left hand and Ellis took another luggage in his left hand. He wrapped his right hand around Ethan's right arm. Ethan smiled and then started walking while dragging the luggages with them.

Ellis rang the doorbell and waited for someone to open the door.

After a few minutes, a woman in his early thirties opened the door and smiled as she saw them. She was Team Phoenix's manager Ms. Kelly. She opened the door wide and they entered the mansion.

Although it was a mansion but here all the main Team Phoenix's members practice. In the hall of the mansion, some of team members were playing. They came to the twins when they saw them entered the mansion.

"Hello everyone, I am back." Ellis shouted cheerfully.

"Hello." Ethan greeted everyone and they also greeted the twins.

"Brother Ellis, finally you have arrived. I was excitedly waiting for you." Said Noah Ward.

"Ah Ethan give me the luggages. I will take them to Ellis's room." Said Jerry Edwards and took the luggages from the twins.

"Okay then I am go....." Ethan couldn't finish his words because he was cut by someone.

"Brother Ethan!" Said Cici Rose who just entered the hall with her friend Rain Lewis.

"Brother Ethan, are you already leaving? Why don't you have a coffee with us?" Asked Cici.

"Some other time, I have to go now or I will be late." Said Ethan and Cici became disappointed but smiled.

"Then okay." Said Cici sadly.

"I will send you to your car." Said Ellis.

"No need." Said Ethan and hugged Ellis and Ellis hugged him back tightly.

"Take care and don't stay up at night. Call mom and dad timely." Said Ethan while ruffling Ellis's hair.

"Mn.. Take care and come back safely or I will kill you." Said Ellis. He didn't want to let Ethan go on any mission because Ethan was injured several times. He was afraid to let his brother go.

"Don't worry, I will come back safe. I don't want to be killed by you." Said Ethan and broke the hug. He kissed Ellis's forehead softly and Ellis kissed Ethan's cheek. Then Ethan bid goodbye to everyone. Ellis followed his brother until he entered the car even though Ethan told him not to follow him, but Ellis didn't listen. He stared at the car until it vanished from his eyesight. Then he went back to the mansion.

"Is Brother Ethan going on a mission again?" Asked Cici.

"Yeah." Ellis said and sat on a couch.

"For how long?" Cici asked again.

"One week." Replied Ellis.

"Hope he will come back safe." Said Cici.

"He have to." Said Ellis.

"By the way, Brother Ellis why do you move here?" Noah asked and sat beside Ellis.

"Can't I come?" Ellis raised his eye brow.

"I didn't mean that. It's just that you love to stay with your parents." Replied Noah.

"I came to complete a mission." Said Ellis.

"Which mission?" Asked Jerry.

"It's a secret." Replied Ellis.

"Okay... okay... now all of you get to work." Said Ms. Kelly.

"Okay Ms. Kelly. First I will go and change my clothes then I will join others." Ellis said and went to his room.

In London City Hospital

A doctor just finished his surgery and went to his cabin to take a rest. He sat on his chair and closed his eyes. Suddenly he heard a knock.

"Come in." Said the doctor and sighed.

Then a handsome young man who was wearing an army uniform and a mask entered inside the cabin and removed his mask. The doctor's eyes widened, staring at the person. He was so shocked that he couldn't speak a word.

"Long time no see Adonis Williams." Said the person with a smile.

The doctor was none other than Dr. Adonis Williams. He continued to stared at the person without blinking his eyes. His eyes became teary. After a while he composed himself.

"Long time no see Austin Williams." Said Dr. Adonis while tears started to roll down from his eyes.

The person who entered the cabin was none other than Austin Williams, Dr. Adonis Williams's twin brother. Austin walked towards Adonis and whipped his tears then hugged his brother.

"I miss you so much, brother." Adonis said and hugged Austin back tightly.

"I also miss you so much." Said Austin and rubbed Adonis's back.

After a while they broke the hug and sat on a single bed which was placed for checking up the patients.

"Why didn't you tell me that you are coming?" Asked Adonis.

"I want to surprise you." Replied Austin.

"Do mom and dad know that you are coming?" Asked Adonis and Austin shook his head.

"No. I didn't inform anyone and directly come to meet my loving brother." Said Austin and Adonis nodded his head.

"I love you, brother." Said Adonis.

"I love you too, my little brother." Said Austin.

"This time you have to stay longer. You come after three long years. I won't let you go easily." Said Adonis

"Ok. I will stay longer." Said Austin.

"Really?" Asked Adonis excitedly.

"Yes." Said Austin while nodding his head.

"How long?" Asked Adonis.

"You guess." Said Austin.

"You come after three years, that means you can stay six months. Am I right?" Asked Adonis.

"Yeah, right." Said Austin.

"Oh my god, you will stay six months." Said Adonis.

"Yes my little brother." Said Austin.

"Promise?" Asked Adonis.

"Yeah promise." Said Austin and Adonis hugged him tightly.

Austin Williams is commander of red battle force of the China Army. He joined the army at the age of eighteen. He completed his graduation in military university. He didn't take a break too long from the military base. It became his first home and his parents home became his second home. A military soldier could have two months of holidays in a year. They could have them together or separately. It's Austin's third time taking a holiday. He last came home three years ago. This time he came for a long holiday. His parents pursued him to come home and take long holidays. They had something important to do which needs him and would take a long time. So, this time he came home for six months.

They broke the hug after a while and Adonis said "It will be lunch time soon. Do you have lunch?"

"No, I want to have lunch with you." Replied Austin.

"Okay, then let's go. I don't have any patients." Said Adonis.

Austin was about to say something but interrupted by a knock.

"Didn't you say you have no patient?" Asked Austin.

"I thought so." Adonis frowned.

"Okay. Check the patient. We will go later. Duty comes first." Said Austin.

"Ok, you lay down here. I don't want my patient to become confused. Then I have to answer unnecessary questions which will waste my time." Said Adonis and made Austin lay on the single bed. Then he covered the bed with curtains and sat on his chair.

"Come in." Said Dr. Adonis.

The door opened and a handsome young man entered.

"Dr. Adonis." The young man greeted with a beautiful smile.

"Officer Ethan Wilson!?" Dr. Adonis was surprised because he didn't expect the man to come.

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