Chapter - 04

Austin Williams, Adonis Williams and Ashley Williams were waiting for their foods when Austin decided to start the conversation.

"So, now tell me everything in details." Austin said to Adonis.

Adonis nodded his head and took a deep breath before starting telling his brother everything about Ethan Wilson in details.

"The patient whom you are talking about is Officer Ethan. He is a dominant alpha and a police officer. I met him three months ago when he was injured and had to do an immediate surgery. I was his surgeon and then his attended doctor. Since then, we know each other. He became my regular patient and come to the hospital with unreasonable excuses. I started to like him and later fall in love with him. Today is like other days, he come to meet me. But I don't know why he behave like that. Maybe he was in pressure of the mission."

"Mission?" Asked Ashley.

"Mn....he will go on a mission today. I don't know anything more than this." Replied Adonis.

"It's confidential, he can't tell. I can understand." Said Austin.

"Maybe the mission is dangerous. So he thought to confess to you first then go on the mission." Said Ashley.

"Maybe." Said Adonis and sighed.

"So you love him, right?" Austin asked Adonis.

"I love him but I don't know if he loves me just like me because I take care of him." Said Adonis.

"Obviously he loves you." Said Ashley.

"I have no problem if you love him and he loves you back. I hope he is a good person and won't hurt you." Said Austin.

"He is a very good person." Said Adonis.

"Don't worry, from what I know, he will never hurt Brother Adonis." Said Ashley.

"Then it's good. By the way, I think mom and dad didn't know about it." Said Austin.

"No... I just told Ashley and now you know it." Said Adonis.

"Mn .... I see." Said Austin.

"By the way when did Commander Austin return? I didn't know that you would come." Said Ashley.

"This afternoon. I didn't tell anyone cause I wanted to surprise Adonis." Said Austin.

"Then you come in the right time. Today your mother, I mean my aunt hold a dinner party for our relatives." Said Ashley.

"Why?" Asked Austin as he was curious.

"Mom gets some free time after a long time. So, she wants to hold a get together." Said Adonis

"Oh....our food has arrived. Let's eat, I am quite hungry." Said Austin and all of them started eating while chatting.

After eating they went to 'Williams Estate'. Adonis's duty was over in the hospital cause last night he had night duty. So, now he was free. They went back in their cars. Austin and Adonis went in Adonis's car and Ashley went in his own car. Together they headed to their home.

In Williams Estate

Austin, Adonis and Ashley entered their mansion and everyone was surprised when they saw Austin. They didn't know that he would come. Everyone was very happy and welcome him whole heartily.

After greeting everything and chatting for sometime, Austin went to his room to rest. Adonis also went back to his room.

In the evening

The twins of Williams family was called by their parents in the living room. They went to the living room and found their parents were waiting for them. Their parents signaled them to sit and they sat one of the couch of the living room.

"Mom, dad you called us." Said Austin.

"I am sure, you wanted to know why we asked you to take a long holiday." Said Mr. Williams.

"Yeah. I wonder what's the reason of behind this." Said Austin.

"Austin, I won't beat around the burst. I am starting the main point. We wants you to get married soon." Said Mrs. Williams.

"What? What are you saying?" Asked Austin.

"You heard what I said. We want you to start your own family." Said Mrs. Williams.

"But mom, isn't it too early. I mean he has his own plan." Said Adonis.

"It's not just for him. We also want you to settle down. Both of you settle down as soon as possible." Said Mrs. Williams.

"Mom, I am not ready." Said Adonis.

"You guys are grown up men. You are also successful in your own field. It's the best time to get married and start your own family." Said Mr. Williams.

"Dad, I don't understand why are you rushing things. I won't marry no matter what you say." Said Austin.

"Can I know why don't you want to get married?" Said Mr. Williams.

"You know my profession. My life has no garenty. I can die any moment. I don't want to give hope to anyone." Said Austin.

"Brother, why are you saying this?" Said Adonis.

"I don't understand why are you saying this. Are you saying this soldiers shouldn't get married. Do you forget that your father was a solider too. He settled down at your age." Said Mrs. Williams.

"No one know when people would die. So, don't say about dying again." Said Mr. Williams.

"No more excuses. It's good you come today. Our friends and their family will come at dinner. There would be many alpha and omega, if you like anyone feel free to tell us. I think you would like Elaine Thomas and Sabrina Flores." Said Mrs. Williams.

"I think you are doing everything in rush. We are not ready for this. Now I know why you suddenly arranged this get together." Said Adonis.

"Don't argue and get ready." Said Mrs. Williams.

"Mom, if you insist on us to get married I will return tomorrow." Said Austin.

"Brother!" Adonis said loudly as he didn't want his brother to leave.

"Don't need to go back. We won't force you. Just get along with them. I don't think it will do any harm." Said Mrs. Williams.

"Elaine Thomas and Sabrina Flores are good girls and successful in their own field. I am sure Elaine Thomas will treat Adonis well and Sabrina Flores already like Austin from childhood." Said Mrs. Williams.

"Mom, she is just my colleague nothing else." Said Adonis.

"I always treat Sabrina Flores as my younger sister." Said Austin.

"I said we won't force you. First send sometime with them. Or if you have someone you like, you can tell us. If we think they are good for you then we won't object." Said Mr. Williams.

"I hope you will keep your words." Said Adonis.

"You know very well, I never go back from my words." Said Mr. Williams.

"Then it's good." Said Austin.

"Now go and get ready. Guests will start coming soon." Said Mrs. Williams.

Austin and Adonis just nodded and went to their respective rooms. Then they got ready and come downstairs when the guests had arrived.

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