Chapter - 17

After two days

After that day, it had been two days. Since then, Adonis and Ethan couldn't meet because both of them were busy. Ethan had a new case to handle and Adonis was busy because one of his colleagues took leave and he had to cover up for him.

In those two days, they merely talked to each other because if Ethan was free then Adonis was busy or the other way around. But they would talk to each other before they went to sleep.

On the other hand

Austin was feeling restless. Ellis started to avoid him. They didn't meet everyday like before. Ellis didn't show much interest in him. It looked like something was stopping him. Austin noticed that Ellis wanted to tell him something but couldn't bring it up. He tried to ask him if something was bothering him, Ellis would make excuses.

Austin was feeling insecure and started to doubt Ellis because he heard something strange and confusing about him.

Flash back

Few days ago, Adonis went to Phenix Mansion to drop Ellis. Ellis invited him in
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