The Emancipation of a Badboy

The Emancipation of a Badboy

By:  Vendite Johnson  Completed
Language: English
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Having moved on from the devastating heartbreak, Valentine swore to stay single until he finds the right one worthy of his love. But when Valentine accidentally meets Dominic for the first time after five long years, pain and hatred takes over him.Determined to take revenge, Valentine began stalking Dominic only to find out that Dominic had became a fuckboy himself.

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69 Chapters
The Emancipation of a Badboy
Book One: How to Destroy a BadboyBook Two: The Emancipation of a Badboy Disclaimer:This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, places, events and incidents are either a product of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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Chapter One
Valentine "You sure 'bout this?" said the hoarse voice leaning against the wall a few feet away from my bed."yeah, I'm pretty sure about this," I replied confidently, dropping all that's holding me back all these years. The tall man tramped through the moonlit darkness of my room as he began unbuttoning his shirt as well as keeping his eye contact with me. "Okay then, here I come," he muttered, bringing his shirtless self to me. I grabbed his belt and pulled him closer to me as I began unbuckling it. I quickly pulled his zipper down, and as the excitement grew hotter, he pulled his pants down for me, revealing only his boxers. He cupped my face and started putting his lips on mine. I was expecting him to go the rough route, as savage as he desired to, as hard as he wanted to, but I ended up disappointed that he went the soft and tender route. It was too soft, too eased like t
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Chapter Two
Dominic Riiiiiiiing !Riiiiiiiing !Riiiiiiiing!  My eyes opened immediately as soon as I heard my phone ringing loud as fuck. I groaned deeply at the lingering fact that I still needed some more time to sleep, preferably an uninterrupted one. The party that I went to last night was definitely something. My body was inched almost at the very edge of the couch, just about to fall. Much to my frustration, I mustered an ounce of energy enough to keep myself from falling and, at the same time, stretch my arm in order to reach for my phone. I'm pretty sure I did not set up an alarm for today. It took seconds before I realized that it wasn't an alarm but a call from my dad. I honestly don't want to pick up the phone, but I felt like I needed to, and I was damn right. He was calling to give me a heads up that he's already on his way back home from his business trip. I know it was supposed to be a three-da
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Chapter Three
Valentine I expected that reaching adulthood is going to be pretty damn boring in the sense that you only have the same scheduled things to do, and just two weeks of being one or at least trying to be one just basically affirmed my expectations. I wake up in the morning, take a nice shower, have my breakfast, go to work, go home and repeat. That's it; there is nothing really interesting or exciting or even fun about it as far as I'm aware of. I admit that I've already seen this one coming and I know it's inevitable, but I wasn't ready for it to quickly happen as if it's a lightning bolt, and I'm shocked about the massive change. I should've prepped myself at least but being a person who loves having fun and just enjoying the many things you can do at the young age makes it hard to face this quick change and being a party whore basically, my whole college life makes it even harder to do this kind of transition in a matter of weeks.I see t
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Chapter Four
Dominic "Oh, wow. Nice car!" I huffed in awe as I laid eyes on the red Maserati waiting for us just only because it looked slick and shiny as if it just bathed in glossy paint or something. "So, where are we heading to?" I asked once we both got inside."Do you want to meet a special friend of mine?" He responds with a very conniving smile, and if I am reading him correctly, this is going to be a hell of a night."Not really," I replied."Oh come on, man, this is going to be fun.""I mean I know how to put the F in fun so yeah, let's hit the road then!" I swallowed. Jonathan drove me to a place that I positively reckon to be his foreshadowed predatorial abode, and tonight, I am going to be his poor and helpless prey. The parking lot at his building is merely dark and quiet enough for me to make some advances to him. I hope that this man isn't married to someone else. He looks and smells more like
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Chapter Five
Vincent Even though my apartment is located in a precise area where mushrooms of buildings kept on popping out of nowhere, the view over my veranda is still splendid in the bright light of the sun. I've imagined this day. Actually, the right term for it is that I feared that this day would eventually happen to me, and now here I am in mope mood. I just woke up from a terrible nightmare that narrowly crippled my hunger for a good night rest and this morning, no matter how beautiful it is, isn't certainly one of the best mornings I've had with Keiran. It's been a month since we ended things and yet my visual memory is still highly attached to all of the magical things that happened between us. Six years.I didn't know how the fuck we lasted that long, but we actually did. It is no doubt that it was the best six years of my life. We created millions of memories together, we bathed together, we cooked together, we partied
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Chapter Six
Yhannie I will never define my final days in high school to be the best days of my high school life. Clearly, it's an utter fiasco that almost emotionally broke every one that is involved. If there is someone pleased and satisfied with their own final days to the point where they define it to be the best chapters of their high school journey, that would totally be Valerie and that little shit club that she created. After that inevitable heartbreaking night at the Valentine's Ball, there were a lot of lines drawn in the sand, in fact, the lines were drawn pretty visibly, and ultimately, in a day, a wall was built providing unwanted divisions. Dominic made his mind to cut off everything that is between us completely, friendship no more, telepathy gone, connection cut. He strictly stopped talking to me, not even be alone in a room with me, and would only bat a hateful eye-roll on me whenever our paths cross in the hallway or at the field. As his be
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Chapter Seven
Dominic   "I don't want to go home" I screamed. The day had arrived, and I hated that it had to swoop in so fast that I did not even have at least a small amount of time to prepare for it. I hated it so much that I actually wished to get tangled into an unfortunate tragic accident yesterday and just die instantly, so I'd never live to see this day come and take me back to a place where I don't want to be but, apparently, that did not happen so here I am today, alive and kicking, absolutely scared of heading back home. And although, I've missed my mom and her "I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom" shenanigans, and my little sister with her rude ass tongue who by the way has quickly transformed into a spitting image of my mom who is probably swooning over Shawn Mendes and those popular Korean boy bands at this moment, but I don't really want to go home just yet. Singapore saw me cry under the shower,
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Chapter Eight
Valentine  The day had quickly bled into nightfall, and I found myself drinking at an acoustic bar with all of my friends gathered up. I am astonished to see all three of us here tonight when we couldn't even make a decent plan to meet up and have some bro time without someone cancelling out the last minute. This time, there is no plan made. I totally want to have a drink and have some time to burn all of this stress that I'm getting from work. I just texted both Aldrin and Jack last minute. Whoever shows up, I'll deal with it and, apparently, they both showed up. Many things had changed between the three of us except that we are still tight, but most of it, life had just forced us to evolve. Aldrin is already married and has two children, while Jack is doing a lot of travelling with her girlfriend. “How was it going with the restaurant?” Playing with the beer cap, Aldrin began opening the floor of c
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