Chapter - 16

After two weeks

It had been two weeks since Ethan returned back to London. Adonis returned back after two days of Ethan's return. Now they were secretly dating.

Adonis wanted it to be secret because he wanted to be sure and confident in his relationship with Ethan before telling others and Ethan respected his decision. He didn't get a chance to tell Ellis cause Ellis didn't come back home yet and he didn't have time to visit Ellis.

Ethan was busy with his work and he spent his free time with Adonis. He wanted to make Adonis feel confident in this relationship.

Today Ethan and Adonis went on a date. Both of them were free today. They went to the mall to do some shopping. Then they had lunch together. They went to some beautiful places in London. At night, they had dinner in a fancy restaurant in which Austin met Ellis coincidentally.

After dinner, they went to a nearby park. Now they were on a beach beside each other.

Adonis placed his head on Ethan's shoulder and Ethan placed his
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