Father In Law

Father In Law

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It's wrong. It's forbidden. It's taboo. The man I married loves another, but I'm even worse, because I want his father. Tiptoeing around the house just to be with him is sinful. But, I don't see anything wrong with that, because what we have is beautiful. _________________________________________ Charlotte is my greatest temptation, but she also just might be my salvation. She might be Sebastian's wife, but really, she's was always meant to be mine.

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45 Chapters
Chapter 1
Sebastian:The sound of the vase crashing reverberates in my ears. My hand feels numb from hefting it and subsequently throwing it against the wall. "I told you I love Adeline! How the fuck could you do this?""Watch your tone when you talk to me, boy.""I. Am. Not. A. Boy." I seethe. "Then stop acting like one.""I'm not marrying some random bitch." The words come out through gritted teeth. "You will, and mind that language." He says calmly, with that fucking stoic face he never changes. I cross my arms across my chest and smirk. "I will do no such thing."He pulls out a sheet of paper from his thick, black folder and slides it over to me with one manicured fingernail. He makes a point to get a manicure every week. I grab the sheet and skim over the words. When I'm done, I crumple it in my fist and try to turn his table over. Stupid move on my part. The thing is made of Lignum Vitae. "When you're done embarrassing yourself, you're free to leave my office.""Threatening my inhe
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Chapter 2
Charlotte:I see something flash through Anthony Crosswalk's eyes as his son ignores him.I look away when he glances down at me. Goosebumps rise on my skin as I feel his gaze on me. He is an intimidating man."Excuse him. He's not used to not getting what he wants."I appreciate his honesty, despite his words."It's alright Mr. Crosswalk. If he loves someone else, why not get married to her?""I'm sure you of all people know how our world works, Ms. Daymond. We don't marry for love. It is a mere abstract concept. Marriage is just a tactful strategy to further improve our businesses."I shake my head vehemently, completely at odds with his words, but I know it's useless arguing with men of his power. Men like my father. They're thick headed and refuse to listen to what the other person has to say. If Sebastian's childhood was anything like mine, then I feel sorry for him.Everyone knows about Anthony Crosswalk and his ruthless reputation. I could guess having him as a father is not an
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Chapter 3
Anthony:"Charlotte's parents have invited us to lunch at their place. Clear your schedule for the weekend."He crosses his arms over his chest, an arrogant look on his face. When he does that, all I can see is Della, and I prefer not to remember her. "Who said I'm going?""Sebastian. Don't make this harder than it has to be.""I'm not going. You can drag me, but I don't think you'd succeed."I may be taller than my son, but he's buffer. I can't threaten his inheritance for every miniscule thing. That is the one card I have already used. "Why don't you get to know Charlotte? She's smart and successful." I don't say that she's beautiful, since it may not be age appropriate of me. I only want the best for Sebastian. "But she's not Adeline." He counters and I almost lose it. "So you want Charlotte to be a whore?"He smacks the wall in anger, looking like the spitting image of me. Every time I look at myself in my bathroom mirror at night. The same anger and hatred in his eyes. "Sh
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Chapter 4
Charlotte:The next morning, I brush my teeth, take a shower and pack a bag. When I finish zipping up the bag, my phone buzzes with a text. I open it and find an address to a private airport. I eat an apple and banana for breakfast and sling my bag over my shoulder, locking the door behind me. Franco, being his usual punctual self, waits for me. "Good morning Franco." I toss him an apple which he deftly catches. "Good morning Ms. Daymond.""Oh Franco, just call me Charlotte." I say over my shoulder as I get into the backseat of the car. He closes the door and gets behind the wheel. "Where to Ms. Daymond?"I sigh. "We need to go to Teterboro Airport."He nods and starts the engine. I look through my phone to check my mail and respond to the ones that say 'Immediate response required'. When I'm done, I have nothing else to do, so I decide to bother Franco. He's only been my driver from the past two weeks. "Franco, are you married?"He laughs. "For the past 25 years miss."I lean
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Chapter 5
Charlotte:Anthony Crosswalk is meticulous in everything he does. From what he eats, to the way he chews, to choosing a wife for his son. I watch him cut his food into neat little cubes. As I chew my own food, I count the number of times he chews the food. I'm not surprised to count thirty two. Of course he chews his food thirty two times. "Charlotte, how's business going?" My father snaps me out of my counting. "Business is going great, father." I put some roasted carrots into my mouth, hoping he doesn't berate me. "She doesn't want my diamond business, Anthony. Can you believe that? My billion dollar business.""Charles..." My mother tries to stop him. "No, Elise. She has everything handed to her on a silver plate, and yet she just doesn't want it. She goes and opens a boutique, something that's only good as a hobby."I put some mashed potatoes in my mouth and find it hard to swallow. Well, there goes my appetite. I sip some water and remove the handkerchief from my collar, wip
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Chapter 6
Anthony:"I do not want a wedding ceremony. Forcing a woman upon me wasn't enough for you? Putting my signature on the papers is the most I can do. The only wedding I ever wanted was with Adeline, and you so selfishly robbed me of that. Only Adeline will ever be my bride. So, if you think I'd even attend my own wedding, you're poorly mistaken, father dearest."It takes all my effort to push down my anger. What the fuck is that bitch Adeline doing to him? "Crosswalk Industries and Daymond Diamonds. Both of them Fortune 500 companies. You expect us not to throw a grand wedding? That's what your future wife does for a living, mind you""I don't give a shit about her, least of all, about what she does. You can throw the biggest wedding ceremony you want.""Thank y-""But the groom won't be attending." He finishes with a smirk and leaves. As soon as he closes the door to my office cabin, I launch a dart. Bulls eye. I continue to throw more darts till I've expelled all my anger. Just the
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Chapter 7
The engagement party is way sooner than I expected. It does make me nervous, but Anthony's words keep replaying in my head and to some extent, they still reassure me. The engagement is going to be held at their house and Anthony told me he would send a driver, but I declined. Franco can drop me off. It's quite odd that Sebastian has not even spoken to me yet. It may become problematic in the future. A shriek causes my spine to snap up straight. I'm immediately held in a chokehold. "You look so fuckable right now."I laugh and turn to hug Fiona. "Thank you."The glittery gold bodycon dress attracted my attention as soon as I saw it through the display window. I knew I had to have it, so I bought it. The fuckable comment is probably because of the slit that starts at my thigh, extending all the way to my ankle. I look into the mirror and weave some golden flowers into my French twist. I put in some chandelier shaped earrings, clasp a gold chain around my neck and turn to look at
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Chapter 8
Sebastian:She doesn't hold a candle to Adeline. She's ugly. Her face is ugly. Her shoes are ugly, and her style is ugly. She gives me a smile, but I ignore it. I can be civil to the parents, but to her? All cards are off the table when it comes to her. She's the wall standing between me and my Addy. A wall I'll go through any lengths to destroy. My father goes onto the makeshift podium to deliver a small speech, which I tune out because I'm focused on Charlotte Daymond, thinking of all the ways I can make her miserable.She must sense some malice in me, because she looks at me again, but this time she holds my stare. A nudge to my elbow brings me face to face with my father. His speech was over quick. He hands me a ring box and gives the other to the Daymond bitch. I open the box and see a simple gold band encrusted in small diamonds. I bet he picked out the rings himself. He seems more invested in this sham of a marriage than the groom himself. Why can't he marry her instead? The
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Chapter 9
The 26th arrives sooner than I expected. So here I am, in the courthouse, in a white lace dress, all alone, rocking back and forth on my heels, tossing my bouquet from one hand to the other. "Why aren't they here yet?" Fiona whispers to me. I shrug. "I swear if they ditched you, we're getting on the next flight to Vegas."I hold a finger up. "I do not object to that decision. At all.""Are you sure the date is today?" The official asks me after one hour, not including the 40 minutes I had waited before that. "Yes, I'm sure." He looks skeptical, but doesn't question me further. "Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Come on Char, we're going." I grin at her, despite the weight in my chest. I don't know why my heart feels so heavy, I should be happy that I'm not getting married. Maybe it's just the feeling of not being enough weighing me down. I throw my bouquet in a nearby trashcan outside the courthouse and loosen my hair from its updo. "That's right girl. Get ready to get wild in Ve
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Chapter 10
My favorite part of Casa de Crosswalk is the abundance of palm trees. We all get out at the same time and I marvel at the black rose bushes once again. The black SUV goes into the right garage and I ask Sebastian, "Which garage is yours? Right or left?"There's a long pause before he answers."Left." It's grumbled so low that I almost hadn't heard it. Of course the SUV belongs to Anthony. I stand in the foyer and take in my surroundings. To my right is a wide marble staircase which leads to the second floor and to my left, two wide archways lead into the hall. Sebastian just storms up the stairs, leaving me and Anthony to stare at his retreating form. "You'll be sharing the same room as him. As you are, after all, husband and wife now."I clear my throat and nod at him. I expect him to leave as well, but he looks like he wants to say something. After a beat of hesitation, he looks straight into my eyes with his hazel ones. "If Sebastian gives you trouble...you can tell me."I d
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