Forbidden Desires! With My Stepbrother

Forbidden Desires! With My Stepbrother

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“Your body is damn hot and I'll love to bury my dick in it.” He whispered to me, his warm breath brushing against my ear. He kissed my neck, sucked on my nipples, and grasped my tits softly. I clench when the head of his cock brushes against my aching pussy. He presses his lips to mine in one lingering kiss, then pulls away. *** Elliana is a teen girl that has a crush on Tom, her school mate. Tom in return did not actually like her at first, he was always bullying her for her nerdy attitude until one day they had an intimate time together. After their intimate time, Elliana thought that they both had a thing together but her expectations were short lived when Tom started acting like nothing happened between them. Elliana decided to let go of her unrequited feelings for Tom, and reality hit her when she found out that they were step siblings. How will Elliana accept the fact that her longtime crush and bully is her stepbrother? Will Tom show his feelings to her? Or will they end everything. Find out….

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Jack Daisy
Nice piece of work......
2024-05-17 15:50:02
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ELLIANA'S POV“Be fast girl, we'd be late for the party.” Kora snapped at me as she watched me go through the pile of clothes on my bed.“I'm lost, I don't know what to wear. I never wanted to attend this party, I don't fancy parties.” I replied, my hands busy taking up one outfit after the other.“Ughhh..” Kora sighed. “I know that you are a nerd, but how will you get Tom's attention if you don't attend the school social parties?” Kora, my best friend asked.I knew that she was right, I had always been reserved and a nerd. I don't even have good outfits except my regular big shirts and baggy pants. And of course, my glasses which I always wore. Tom has been my long time crush, it was an unrequited love and I have been trying to get his attention for a while but instead, he'd bully me. I purposely let him bully me all these while, because that was the only time he'd talk to me.Kora started helping me go through my clothes, she has been helping me link up with Tom and this time, she f
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ELLIANA'S POVThe next thing I knew, I woke up in my own bed, sunlight streaming through the curtains. My head throbbed with the remnants of a hangover, but I was relieved to find myself safe and sound at home. The events of the previous night remained a hazy memory, like a dream I couldn't quite grasp nor forget.I remembered how I had a steamy time with Tom, my longtime crush and then I remembered the splitted part. I swallowed his fucking sperm.I gasped.I quickly brought out my phone to check if I could get pregnant from swallowing a boy's sperm and luckily for me, it won't make me pregnant. I was thankful, pregnancy is what I hated the most.“Elliana! You are gonna be late for school, get your ass up.” My mother yelled as she passed the hallway. I lay in bed staring at my ceiling and reminiscing about the night I shared with Tom, he had a big dick and I could still remember the feeling when it brushed the lips of my pussy.“Elliana, get up!” My mum yelled for the second time an
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TOM’S POVI glared at Elliana and walked off. I was pretty drunk last night, but my time with her was really great.“Guyyy” Gray hailed me as he walked over to me.Gray is my close friend and we have a matching vibe.“I saw you talking to your girl,” Gray chuckled. “Your princess.” He added sarcastically.“Stop it man” I brushed him off.We both started laughing.“I want to ditch the remaining classes, are you with me?” I asked Gray.“Of course.” He replied sharply.We took our bags and headed to the head teacher’s office.“Ma'am, we have to urgently leave school and we need the URGENCY PASS.” I said to the head teacher, a red haired woman who was in her fifties.“What is the reason for your early leave?” She asked.I was already prepared for this, “We both mistakenly ate what we are allergic to and we needed to rush home for medications.” I lied.“Okay.” She replied. She fell for my tricks once again. We got the URGENCY PASS and we left.I and Gray went to a gaming center to play vi
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ELLIANA'S POVAs I got back home from school, my mother's joyful expression was contagious, and soon I found myself smiling too. It was odd to see her so happy, and I wondered what had happened to put her in such a good mood. But I decided not to question it, and instead to enjoy the moment.My mum broke the news to me during dinner.“I will be getting married soon.” She announced.I was shocked by her sudden outburst, I never expected my mum to be dating anyone more or less getting married. The news hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't believe that my mother was getting married, and I had so many questions. I wanted to know who the man was, and how long she had been seeing him. I was worried that he would change our family dynamic, and that things would never be the same again. I was also curious about the man himself, and what he was like. “I have been dating this man for six months now, his name is Jeffery. Jeffery is a wonderful man, Elliana," my mother assured me, her eyes s
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ELLIANA'S POVAs we got closer to our reserved table, I saw a familiar face but I thought that my eyes were playing tricks on me.“This is your Step Brother to be Tom, and this is his father Jeffery.” My mum introduced them to me.I was shocked. “Tom?” My heart sank as I saw Tom sitting there, waiting for us with his father. I felt my stomach twist into knots, and I could feel my palms start to sweat. My mother didn't seem to notice anything amiss, and she greeted Jeffery with a warm smile. "It's so nice to finally meet you," she said, reaching out to shake his hand. Tom stood up, his eyes sweeping over me, and a sly smile playing on his lips. "The pleasure is all mine," he replied, his voice smooth and confident. “This is my daughter, Elliana.” My mum introduced me."I've heard so much about you." Jeffery commented. “Good things of course.” He added and gave me a broad smile.“It's nice to meet you.” I shaked hands with Jeffery, forcing myself to smile despite the awkward moment
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ELLIANA'S POV“What are you still doing here?" Tom snarled, looking at me with undisguised hostility. "This is my house, not yours."“You are just a rude brat.” I snapped.“You're just a pathetic little tagalong," he sneered. "My dad must be out of his mind to let you live here. You're going to ruin everything.”I walked out of him and I found my room, I closed the door behind me, grateful for the moment of privacy. I started to unpack my things, trying to put the unpleasant encounter with Tom out of my mind. I knew it was going to be hard living with him, but I was determined to make the best of it. After all, it was only temporary, and I could get through anything for a few months. I just had to be strong.As I unpacked my clothes, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it, expecting to see Tom again, but instead it was my stepfather, Jeffery. He looked concerned."Hi Elliana," Jeffery said, a warm smile on his face. "I just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. How's the unpa
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ELLIANA'S POVTom snorted. "Nothing about you is a big deal," he snapped, his words like knives. "You're just a useless waste of space. I can't believe my father wasted his time on you guys."I felt like I had been punched in the gut. I couldn't find the words to reply to Tom.I stormed out of there, my mind boiling from my encounter with Tom.The next day, I decided to be friendly with Tom. "Hi, Tom," I said, trying to sound upbeat. "Thanks for letting us move in."Tom didn't respond, merely raised an eyebrow at me before disappearing upstairs without another word. I frowned, feeling deflated, but tried to brush off his coldness. After all, it wasn't my fault his dad had decided to marry my mom.Later that night, I lay in bed, staring up at the unfamiliar ceiling. Thoughts of Tom and our new living situation swirled around in my head, making it impossible to sleep. Suddenly, I heard a faint tapping on my bedroom door."Who's there?" I whispered, sitting up in bed.The door creaked op
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ELLIANA'S POVOur relationship had always been complicated, full of hate, but also undeniable attraction. And now, it seemed like we were finally giving in to that attraction, allowing ourselves to explore the forbidden territory of our desire."Come in," I whispered, stepping aside to let him into my room.Tom stepped into my room and closed the door behind him, his eyes fixed on mine. In his hand was a small box of chocolates, which he offered to me with a shy smile."I got these for you," he said, his voice soft and uncertain.I took the chocolates, feeling a rush of warmth flood through me. It was the first gift he'd ever given me, and it felt like a kind of truce, a way of saying that things had changed between us."Thank you," I appreciated, my voice catching in my throat.Tom stepped closer to me, his hand brushing mine. "You're welcome," he replied, his voice low and intimate.I felt my heart racing, the air between us charged with electricity. We stood there for a moment, jus
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ELLIANA'S POVThe woman's phone suddenly started ringing and she left in a hurry.“That was close.” I let out a sigh of relief.As the pharmacist rattled off a list of options, I felt a surge of embarrassment wash over me. I had never purchased contraception before, and the thought of sharing intimate details of my life with a stranger was mortifying.But I knew that I needed to be responsible, especially given the reckless path I had embarked on with Tom. "I'll take the pill," I replied finally, my voice a whisper.The pharmacist nodded, handing me a small box. "Take both at a time," she said, her tone matter-of-fact. With the pill in my purse, I left the pharmacy, my cheeks still burning with embarrassment. But as I made my way to Kora's house, a sense of relief washed over me. At least I had taken some precautions to protect myself from the consequences of my reckless behavior with Tom.I arrived at Kora's house, my nerves returning as I knocked on the door. When she opened it, he
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ELLIANA'S POV"That sounds lovely," I responded, trying to keep my mind focused on the conversation. "It's nice to get some fresh air after being cooped up all day."As we walked, Chris chattered easily about his day, his job, and his plans for the weekend. I found myself relaxing more and more, enjoying the gentle rhythm of our conversation.We strolled along the lake, Chris gestured toward a small shop on the corner. "Hey, my friend owns this place," he said, his tone excited. "Want to stop by and check it out? They have the best snacks in town."I glanced at the shop, feeling a slight hesitation. But Chris seemed so genuine, so friendly, that I couldn't bring myself to refuse. "Sure, why not?" I said, smiling.Chris grinned. "You won't regret it," he promised. "You can thank me later."We stepped into the shop, the bell above the door jingling as we entered. The place was small and cramped, with shelves lined with chips, candy, and various other snacks.But as I looked around, I co
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