My First Love Is My Impossible Love

My First Love Is My Impossible Love

By:  Violet Evergarden  Completed
Language: English
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He? He is her first love. Love at first sight. She? She is not his first love, however, he loves her eventually.Him? He was in love with her from the beginning. But she never sees him as someone that she would fall in love with.The one she loves is an impossible love for her, and another one is the one who is willing to give the world to her.She stuck between two loves and two persons with a different character.Will she choose him? or him?What kind of love do they encounter?This story is about a girl who experiences first love in her college life. A golden time that will lead us to the future we will have.

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121 Chapters
1: I Love You With All My Life.
Prologue:"Good evening to our listener. As we promised yesterday, we brought you the winner of The Art World Award, Miss Shen Xue Mei, streaming live with us today!" A cheerful voice speaks through the radio station tonight. Welcoming the artist who's with him as a guest for a special segment, where she's now a hot topic among the country.
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2: Have We Met Before?
 "Oh my god! Oh my god! I can't believe my eyes! Xue Mei! Is this for real? Is this really happening?!" Risa shouts happily while blinking her eyes a few times. She is very excited to see the extravagant lawn that they pass all along the way to the campus.Shen Xue Me
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3: Did I Just See An Angel?
 "Hey, who is that guy? Do you really know him?" Risa asks with curiosity once they were a bit far from the place they met the cold ice guy. As far as she knows, Xue Mei never had any friends outside of their province. Wait, this school is full of all hot guys, and most of the students here are from a wealthy family, so there's no way Xue Mei knows him.
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4: Not Only Ugly, But Stupid Too
 Knock! Knock!Xue Mei wipes the corner of her mouth, which has a bit of saliva. Open her eyes, she rubs them for a while before she goes to open the door.
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5: Why Did You Turn Into Xui Li?
 Ren Zhi grabs her hand roughly and leads her to one of the private sauna rooms. Release her hand, he went to sit on the floor and lean his body against the wall. He closes his eyes to relax for a bit.Xue Mei also went to sit down on the floor. She stares at him, which is in
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6: Show Me Your Skill
 20 minutes earlier."How does she know ~you love her.." Risa starts singing at the pool with only wearing her bathrobe to attract the boys' attention. In contrast, the boys' dorm is now full of boys watching her from the corridor and window, wooing her.
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7: Her Daughter's Dream
 Ren Zhi turns to her when she still silent."What's wrong?" He asks.
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8: My Name Is Li Na
 Knock! Knock!Xue Mei knocks on Risa's door room. She ties her hair in a loose ponytail and wears her pastel color jumpsuit. Ready to go to find a part-time job.
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9: Fall In Love, Huh?
 "So, how's it going?" Risa went to Xue Mei once she was done with her interview. She was waiting for Xue Mei while looking at the store, which amazes her with the quality they sell, and the price is not too high!Xue Mei smiles at her with a happy face. "I got in. Yeay!"
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10: She's So Beautiful.
 "Yes?" Xui Li asks once he opens the door.Look at the girl in front of his door, he smiles a bit. "Need something?"
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