Chapter 4

As soon as Walter Green saw Mary, his eyes brightened up and he quickly gestured the maid to go away using his index finger and middle finger while waving them away from him in air. The human maid was completely used to Walter Green’s gestures and quickly left the living room in a hurry, leaving only Walter green, housekeeper Bernard and Mary along with her parents.

“Give them what was decided and show this girl her room.” Walter Green informed House keeper Bernard while he pointed towards Mary when speaking about her.

From the moment Walter Green had seen Mary, his eyes were completely focused on her while he ordered his housekeeper to handle the procedures like they would usually do with everyone else.

Housekeeper Bernard quickly bowed towards Walter Green and went away to fetch some money in order to give it to the Woods family.

Throughout this time, Walter green was constantly looking at Mary without even sparing a glance at Agatha woods and Victor woods. It even felt that he was not even blinking.

Mary was feeling uncomfortable but she already knew that this was what she was supposed to bear. In fact, she already knew that this was not even the start of it and many more humiliations were yet to come ahead on this path that she had to walk ahead.

Out of reflex action and constantly feeling the stare on herself, Mary was just about to take a step back when her mother, Agathe gently lifted her right hand and put it on Mary's lower back forcing her to walk ahead instead of coming back.

She also did not forget to glance at Mary fiercely, asking her to behave herself.

All this moments didn’t go unnoticed by Walter Green as he smirked and his lips kept curling upwards.

Mary's head was completely bowed down and her eyes were constantly grazing the floor itself. She didn't know how Walter Green looked but had only heard about him. Many people said that he looked like a weird person having scars across his face. Some others also said that he was handsome in his own way, his worthiness was known in the entire village. After all, the Green family was the only one who had been in constant contact with the village and its people.

Just ask everyone thought that the wait was long, housekeeper Bernard came running towards Walter Green. He then stood behind Walter green and bent down to his ears, and informed him of something following which Walter Green's face completely changed.

His eyes started turning fiery red while his hands got stretched into claws. His face slowly started changing from a human form into a wolf form showing how angry he was.

Just as housekeeper Bernard finished informing Walter Green of something and had stood up back again a loud howl was heard.

This loud howl was more than enough to let the whole Woods family to know that Walter Green was angry. Even Mary who was quietly standing shivered hearing the loud howl.

From the time Mary had grown up, she had always heard about how wolves were fickle in their emotions and how they would act when they would get angry. Yet, this was her first time hearing something like that. She did not even dare to raise her head and look at Walter green with the fear of fainting away in the next second.

Agathe and Victor, both of whom were looking at Walter Green were completely scared and had already started trembling looking at his changing forms. After all, all of them were normal humans.

No matter how much they have heard about wolves, looking at one in front of their eyes was a completely different experience.

Walter Green quickly got up from his chair and gestured housekeeper Bernard something before he left like a gust of wind. Just in a single blink of eye Walter Green vanished from everyone’s eyes.

Agathe and Victor woods didn't even get time to think about anything else and as soon as Walter Green passed besides them, housekeeper Bernard grabbed both of them and tied them with ropes.

“Housekeeper... housekeeper Bernard, what... what are you doing?” Victor Woods

was flabbergasted and

was the first one to question while Agatha woods was quietly complying to whatever was happening around her.

She was completely shocked by what she saw in front of her eyes just a moment ago and was still deeply immersed in the shock. Seeing her parents being tied up, Mary felt nervous all over and she even tried to stick to her father, only to be fiercely gazed by housekeeper Bernard following which, he gestured her to move away.

Feeling scared and nervous, Mary did not dare to offend him and quietly went two steps away from her parents, still looking at them with misty eyes. It was only now that Mary understood, from now on she belonged to the Green family and had nothing to do with the Woods family.

Housekeeper Bernard tightly tied Agathe and Victor woods before he called another male servant who worked under him as his subordinate and asked him to take them to the special room following which he answered Victor's question, “You will be staying inside the Green mansion till young Master comes back.”

Agathe quietly followed Victor woods while Victor did not get any chance to speak anything else. The moment he heard from housekeeper Bernard that he would be staying under house arrest in the Green mansion, he was already started to be dragged into a room on the completely left side of the house.

After Mary's parents were dragged away, housekeeper Bernard turned his head to look at Mary as he called another human maid and ordered her, “Lock this girl in the bottom left room.”

Mary wanted to refute or question him on why she was being treated like that and why were her parents being kept there, but then she remembered how the Green family was known for their ruthlessness.

Raising her head and looking at her parents who were being dragged away forcefully, Mary decided to quietly follow whatever was going on.

There were many stories that were heard about people being killed when they would offend wolfs.

Sometimes, even weak wolves would not be able to stand in front of the powerful ones like Walter Green. Let alone, her and her parents, who were completely humans. Fearing for her and her family's life, Mary kept her mouth shut and followed the other maid who was assigned by housekeeper Bernard to lock her down.

As the maid reached one room which was at the end of the corridor, she pushed Mary inside making her fall on the ground, “You will stay here till young Master comes back. If you need anything, don't shout! What Young Master hates the most is loud voice.”

The human maid who was assigned with the task to lock Mary down into the left hand side of the room informed her, before she pushed Mary inside and locked the room quickly and left without glancing back.

Getting up from the ground, Mary quietly went towards a wall and squatted down while resting her head on it throughout the night with various thoughts encircling in her mind.

She kept on thinking about how her life would change after she would be sent to the Green family. Many people from their village were taken by the Green family and the irony was that none of them ever came back. Their parents would not even get to know if they were alive or were already dead. Be it girls, who were supposed to serve as maids or be it boys who were supposed to become their army, none of them ever came back and neither did their remains. Yet, the village people had no option rather than giving up on their children’s because of their own life.

Looking at the room which was completely dark but had a mild sunlight seeping through from one of the cracks, Mary started wondering what would happen when the young Master would come back.

Even though she did not hear him say anything or she did not look at him, with the way the wind flew besides her when he passed by, she already knew that he was angry and now she kept on wondering if he would vent that anger on her or not after coming back. Just the thought of it scared her. A chill ran down through her spine.

Another thought which was troubling Mary was about her parents. Her heart started speeding up while thinking about what would happen to her parents and when would they be freed.

Thinking about the way her parents were dragged by the servant, Mary wanted to cry but she held in her thoughts thinking about her younger brother who was waiting for his treatment and she hardened herself and increased her determination thinking that she was supposed to serve the young Master of the Green family and make arrangements for her brother to be treated.

“Mary, you have to bear with everything and always remember that whatever you do will affect Sylvester. He is weak in his health and they will surely not ask him to join in the forces. Mary, if today you survive a little bit more and help him, at least his future would be secured. Using this money we would also treat him and then send him to the city so that he can learn more and live a good life. Don’t you want your brother to go away from this... this place? Or do you want him to live life like we lived and suffer the same fate as we all did?”

All those words were spoken by her mother to her while they were walking towards the Green family. Those things were still engraved in her mind and the image of her brother laughing, happily thinking about his future kept on appearing in Mary's mind making her determination grow stronger and stronger with each passing moment.

Wondering about many things, Mary fell asleep.

After a long time, she woke up only to realize that she was feeling hungry and her stomach had started aching mildly.

Walking for three hours and then being locked up in the room without even having a sip of water, Mary started feeling dizzy.

She wanted to call out for someone, only to remember what the human maid had told her. ‘young Master Walter didn't like loud noises’ The worst thing was, she was at a completely different part of the house, at complete extreme end. If she wanted to call someone out, it was evident that she would have to shout and what if young Master Walter hears her voice? Thinking about all the consequences, Mary pursed her lips back again and closed her eyes thinking of trying to reduce the use of her energy and saving as much as she could till someone does not come to her.

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