Chapter 3

Mary was urged by her mother, Agathe to go and listen to her dad, following which she did not help her mother tonight and went towards her dad who was walking on the road besides her house.

In their village, every house had a good space around itself, where usually people would walk or sometimes if they have a lot of people, they would also sleep. Even though the houses in Mary’s village were made up of hay stack and woods, each house was separated from another one by quite a lot of distance.


As soon as Mary stepped outside the door, she saw her father walking and called him out in order to inform him that she was there to talk with him as he asked.

Victor's face was unfathomable as there was some kind of nostalgia as well as some confusion on his face. Mary was close to her father as compared to her mother. From the time she grew up, she had always seen her father working hard and taking care of their whole family as much as he could.

Mary looked at her father’s wrinkled face from the corner of her eyes and sighed. Her father was not old, but the hardships of life had never given him a chance to relax.

They did not have too much money but her father… her father always made sure to give them what was required. They had never slept empty stomach. Never did they feel ashamed in front of anyone. As compared to everyone else in the village, Mary and Sylvester were the luckiest of them.

As compared to other men, her father was hard working and did not gamble. He had always protected them as much as he could. If not for Sylvester's treatment, she and Sylvester both of them were given equal rights and both of them were studying in school with the hope of making their future bright.

Victor turned his head to see his daughter coming over and patted her head before he started walking ahead and Mary walked behind him. A brief silence followed, the whole environment, the air around them was calm, but it everything became a little awkward for Mary. Unknown to herself, her heart began pounding in her chest. It was as if she knew something bad was going to happen.

Mary looked at her dad's wrinkled face from the corner of her eyes and immediately noticed worry and anxiousness on it.

“Dad...” very softly Mary called him out and continued after seeing him respond, “Are you worried about something? Dad, you can tell me what is it!”

Victor woods was kind of stupefied when his daughter guessed that he was worried about something.

He moved his head trying to look over here and there in order to delay time but was again unable to spend much time as Mary was constantly looking at him, intently for his answer.

Finding no other option apart from accepting, Victor woods nodded his head and spoke softly, “Mary, you know that we are trying to get Sylvester treated.”

Thinking that her father was worried about Sylvester and his treatment, Mary grabbed her father's arm and curled her hands around it as she nodded her head, “Yes dad, and we will surely do it. Sylvester would be fine one day” Mary spoke with confidence on her face which was shining brightly under the faint moonlight.

“Mary, we are out of our savings and if things keep on going this way, we would not even have food to eat soon.” Victor's these words surprised Mary as even though she knew that they were not rich but she always thought they had enough amount of money in their hands to support Sylvester's treatment. Coupled with the fact that her mother and herself also started working as soon as they figured out about Sylvester's disease, Mary always thought that they were at least self-sufficient.

Seeing Mary’s shocked and surprised expression, Victor tried to control his emotions as he turned towards Mary and stood in front of her while deciding to break the most important news to her, “Mary, Walter green. I'm sure you have heard about him.”

Mary’s eyes opened wide as she already figured out what her dad was going to tell next.

Walter green, the young master of Green family. Who didn’t know him?

The Green family was the only rich werewolf family staying closer to their village. Apart from them, there were many other families, but they were quite away from the village and were closer towards the city. It was like, the Green family was ruling their village and were mostly known for their notorious young master, Walter green.

Mary still vividly remembered, when Sophie's elder sister Sophia was about to be sold to be a maid in the wolf family, the Green family was not in town. It was supposedly said that one of their relatives had a function and the whole Green family went to attended.

Mary still remembered, how at that time, many family in the village decided to take make use of this great opportunity and sell their children's to wolf families away from the village.

As for why?

It was mainly because the Green family’s young Master, Walter Green was attracted to beauty. While the elder master, Tristian Green the big brother of Walter Green was attracted to people who can make his force stronger.

One was entangled with beauty and freshness while other was attracted to power.

Both the brothers together would always keep on looking for girls who would look beautiful in order to serve Walter Green while men or boys who would be strong enough to serve for Tristian Green.

“Looking at your expression, I'm sure you know what I am hinting at Mary” Victor knew that this was a tough decision but he still remembered his wife's words and the smiling face of his son kept on flashing in his minds.

Owing to Sylvester’s health problems, both Agathe and Victor were sure that the Green family would not force them to sell Sylvester to them as well. If at this point, they could use Mary and prevent as well as secure Sylvester's future, they might at least be able to save one of their child.

Anyways, they had no right to say ‘No’ to the Green family. After all, it was always better to bow down and accept rather than to fight, lose and then accept.

Mary's eyes started turning Misty and tears begin falling through her eyes gliding down through her cheek.

“Dad...” Mary cried out softly.

Victor's heart was pain to see his daughter in such a state but he already knew that there was nothing he could do. Closing his eyes Victor took a deep breath and patted Mary shoulders before he went back inside the house leaving last sentence for mary, “Brace yourself for the battle ahead, Mary. I'm counting on you.”

Looking at her dad's vanishing back, which was once her shelter, Mary lost all of her hope and strength as she plopped down on the ground falling on her knees.

Inside complete darkness, Mary's tiny figure was sitting on the ground, hugging herself in a foetal position while soft tears were wetting her hands and face. Even though Mary knew that this was going to come one day. One day she had to face this situation as well like every other girl in their village, she did not expect it to come this quick. She thought she would at least have some more time for herself before she would have the same fate as everyone else.

It did not take long for Mary to cry and loosen up all of her emotions before she hardened her heart back again and braced herself for the upcoming battle as her father suggested her.

Mary was a smart person and she knew that there was nothing she could do at this point of time. At least in front of the Green family, who once set their eyes on anyone will make sure that the person belongs to them or else the person dies.

Mary spent some more time, sitting on the ground while looking at the dark sky before she went back inside and started packing her stuff. Even though Victor did not tell her when she was supposed to leave, she had already guessed it and decided to consider the worst case scenario.

Early in the morning, next day, Agathe Woods and Victor Woods were just about to leave their house when a loud voice starteled them.

Mary was cleaning the table after their breakfast suddenly stopped and felt her heart tighten up. She closed her eyes and muttered, "It's the worst scenario!"

Agathe and Victor turned to look at each other. With a brief nod, Victor went towards he door only to see some people standing at the door. It was no doubt that they were sent by Walter Green. 

Victor's heart tightened.

He turned around to tell about it to Agathe but saw Mary carrying her small bag down all by herself.

Guilt crowded his old face as he saw the girl who he wanted to hold in the palms of his hands had to go through this. 

How could Agathe not make out what her husband was thinking? She quickly came forward and greeted the people who came in. These people were present along with Walter Green when he came to talk about taking Mary to the Geen house, precisely selling Mary to him.

Mary knew what was coming.

She walked towards her parents, bowed at them, "Mom, Dad, Thankyou for all this years. Its time to say Goodbye!" Mary had just turned around to leave with the people when she heard a soft voice calling her.

"Mary..." Victor was stopped and pulled harshly by Agathe.He stopped at the pull, but his heart was in jeoparady. He felt something was wrong. He didn't wanted to allow Mary to go alone. 

Agathe understood Victor's thoughts and decided to take charge of the situation. 

"We will come along to drop her off!" Agathe and Walter had already spoken to each other. Those people were also informed to bring Mary at any cost. 

After a long thought and after confirming with Walter Green Victor and Agathe were allowed to go along with Mary to drop her off at the Green mansion. 

All three of them left their house along with Mary and decided to keep Sylvester in their neighbour, Clinton's house for the time being.

Agathe Woods, Mary's mother was walking besides Mary and her father, Victor was walking in front of the mother daughter duo, leading the way.

Mary had a small luggage bag in her hand which barely consisted three of her clothes and a couple of books that she was used to reading in school. Apart from that, she had a hand-drawn sketch of her brother along with her and a very old photograph of her mother and father, for memories.

Since the Green family was hardly located at the edge of the village, it only took 3 hours for Mary and her parents to walk over to the Green family’s mansion.

The woods family was welcomed by housekeeper Bernard who was the housekeeper for the Green family. It was said that generations of the housekeeper Bernard had been serving the Green family and was as prestigious as the young masters of the green family. His words were not the ultimate but held power. After the young master’s he was the one who held the highest status.

Standing at the entrance of the Green Mansion, Housekeeper Bernard called the Woods family, “Young master Walter has been waiting for you. Follow me!”

Housekeeper Bernard gestured the Woods family to follow him and took all three of them towards the living room where Walter Green was sitting on the couch and enjoying hot tea being served from a maid.

As expected, the maid who was serving Walter Green, tea was none other than another human girl who was purchased from their own village three months ago. Agathe did not take long to recognize her.

Looking at the scene in front of her, Mary shuddered as she quickly bowed her head down turning her eyes to the floor, not wanting to see the scene in front of her. For Mary, the floor was also better at this moment as compared to the disgusting scene in front of her eyes.

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