The Rise Of Akaisha Morningstar

The Rise Of Akaisha Morningstar

By:  Kataya Moon  Completed
Language: English
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HIATUS What happens when the person you've been seeking revenge on actually gave you superpowers? What's a girl to do then? Meet Akaisha Morningstar, 28 year old assistant to newswoman, Mahima Blake. Akaisha has a dark past that many people dont know about. She keeps to herself until he comes back into her life.She's been on a quest to find the man that kept her prisoner for two years in her youth. Will she find him? or will he find her and activate the powers lying dormant inside her.

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47 Chapters
The Beginning
It's the year 2019. A little girl with pigtails plays outside with her neighbors in the forest behind her house. A young boy with a fox tail growing from his posterior, a tiny girl with butterfly wings, and another child with a strange marking on her wrist. Their happiness fills the area. Her tiny voice, loud and clear, “Tag! You’re it. Come and get me, Azitha.” She chased after the kids that ran away from her. A little faster than the average child her age. A man watched her as she played before disappearing. He knew this was the child he need. She was predestined for greatness. The children continued to play until the sun began its descent. They had until the streetlights came on to go home. She continued to play until her mother called her inside. The setting sun washed her face in a brilliant hue. “Akaisha, time to come in.” “Coming mommy.” She ran inside to see her parents getting ready to go out. “Is it date night already, mommy?” “It is. A new babysitter will be here soon. You
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Akaisha woke from her nightmare. She had sworn at the age of nine that she would find that man that did this to her and kill him with her bare hands. Every day, she went through the mundane activities of her day-to-day life. Feeding her pit bull, Blue, going to work at the television station, then out to pound the streets searching for that horrible man that did this to her, and finally home again to start the process all over again. The friends she had once known never entered her life again. She had done everything she could to push people away. And having been more comfortable with animals than people, it was an even trade-off. Blue ran up to her, pouncing on top of Akaisha, knocking her down. The wet, slippery tongue licked all over her face. “Ha, ha, ha, get down Blue. I have to go to work now.” She attempted to push the big dog off her and failed. “Who’s a good girl? Who’s my good girl?” Her cajoling only riled Blue up even further. Blue gave her one last lick before getting off
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It Started Again
Akaisha looked at him as he glared at her. Her hands balled into fists, ready to fight. After escaping his clutches, she found her parents, who took her in, bewildered. The way the pair of them acted when she found them was apprehensive, then glee. They put her in self-defense classes at her request. She was proficient in mixed martial arts. The man turned away to leave. “I know that you know I won't give up. Not until you're dead.” He looked over his shoulder at her. “Find me when you start hearing the unspoken thoughts or anything else… strange. Until then, goodbye.” She clenched her fists tight. Too tight, she could feel her nails digging into her skin. Anger took consumed her rationality. Akaisha charged at him, aiming to land a blow, one hit. Just when she thought her fist would connect with his shoulder, he vanished right in front of her. The whoosh of air disoriented her. The confusion kept her from slowing her momentum, but she turned just enough to not break any bones. She
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Akaisha paced back and forth outside of the hospital room, nervously chewing on her thumb. The cat carrier rested inside the room with her kitty mewing softly. Mahima was still unconscious from her fall, with no signs of waking up. Many of the nurses fretted over their favorite star being in a coma. Akaisha, on the other hand, had hoped none of the other news stations reported the incident. Half of them respected her as a journalist, the others were not so much for her attitude. Left up to her own thoughts, she wondered how did Mahima fall. How did she hurt herself from the fall? The trajectory and speed weren’t enough to do this to her. Just as she continued to think about it. ‘Is that woman crazy?’ The unknown voice flitted through her mind. The random thought caused her to look around her surroundings. She caught the eye of a wary nurse, looking at her with disdain. She was one of the fans concerned about Mahima. ‘What does she have that I don't have?’ Akaisha’s face twisted in co
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Stalking the Prey
The elderly man had been watching her ever since she ran away. She was never truly out of his sight. It was his dream to have a prodigy that could live the life he couldn’t. Having experimented on himself years prior to adopting her from the hospital. He knew just what her life would have turned into had he left her there alone. Her parents were Tracy people. They cared more about the almighty dollar versus her well-being. He had used clairvoyance to monitor once she reunited with her parents. Every time she succeeded in MMA, he smiled. She would have been the perfect daughter had she stayed with him. When she was asked out on a date, he reached into the mind of the person giving them threats he made good on if they hurt her. Once, a budding young Lycan tried to get frisky with her. The young man hadn’t yet controlled his inner wolf, and they were on a date just as the moon was rising. It was a no-brainer to interfere when he refused to let her go home. The man was obsessed with her s
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The Meeting
Akaisha ended the call with Dave on a peaceful note. Which is surprising. Sometimes he made her feel annoyed. She hadn't wondered how he knew about her being in the hospital too, no matter how brief it was. There was a time she had felt that he liked her more than a coworker, but then one day that feeling was gone. It was as if they wiped the notion from his head. It didn’t bother her that the feelings vanished. A part of her thought to ask, but she didn't care to have any romantic entanglements with anyone. She finished drying off and got ready for bed. The cool satin sheets felt nice against my skin. Blue jumped on the bed right behind her. She dug her nails into the bed, scritching and scratching against the sheets until it was soft under her paws. “Blue? Are you finished?” She looked up and scratched again. ‘Not yet. Just … about… done..’ She finally laid down. Akaisha rubbed between her ears. Then the two of them fell asleep. The next day was gloomy. It was because of the dark c
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Who Am I?
Akaisha was sitting in the car, looking out the window. The FFACs glided in the sky above her head. The cars were at a standstill because of traffic. Pedestrians hover walked across the road or stood there motionless as the sidewalk moved for them. This was the world she came to know after the rumors of vampires causing the end of the world. History would never mention the truth, only that a virus broke out and zombies appeared. The authorities extinguished all the zombies. Their world now allowed for the preternatural beings to flourish and live side by side with humans. Who repopulated the world once more. When Akaisha's mind was at ease, she could control the freaky problems she had. Meditation had become her friend during her stint in the psychiatric hospital. It was during those times of meditation she wondered what her life would have been like. If her parents hadn’t disappeared. She hadn't fallen prey to a psycho. If she had lived a normal and loving life. Sadly, some of her me
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All Points Bulletin
Blue pranced to the car. When Akaisha opened the door, she eagerly sat in the front seat. Her head plastered to the window, looking out. A tongue print had formed on the glass. Where are we going? Isn’t some place fun? Where? Where? Where? Akaisha wanted to open the window, but now wasn’t the best time. Her windows had the darkest tint. It was hard to see who was inside. In her panic, Akaisha bolted from the restaurant. Leaving Dave there. She hadn't eaten all day. This wasn’t the best decision. “Blue settled down, girl. We’re going for a drive.” Blue turned in a circle a few times in the seat before she laid down on to relax. Her head rested against her front paws as her body curled in itself. Akaisha reached over to press the different stations to find something soothing when she heard the emergency alert system going off. The static of the radio caused Blue to lift her head. “Attention! Attention. Police are looking for an armed female. Believed to have taken out armed suspects.
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Unwanted Assistance
Unwanted Assistance The police were all searching for her. There were several units patrolling the area. Sergeant Acheki knew it was rare for an individual to display multiple powers. Most of them would use a maximum of two, usually never more. There were a small few that could use three, but Akaisha wasn’t normal. She showed the use of three, maybe even more. They considered her a superhuman. It gave him a guilty conscious. It was illegal to use any form of superhuman traits, even if she was doing it for a good reason. Saving lives and stopping a robbery in progress was amazing. Akaisha was, by definition, breaking the law. Unfortunately. He was back at the station, trying his best to look into her. Any information would do at that point. Something. Anything at all. Thinking her name in the search box didn’t yield any results. It was abnormal. Something should've come up, but not even a dob. “What are you hiding, Miss Morningstar? Why can’t I find anything about you?” His eyes scan
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Experiments in the Desert
Professor Mozart kept driving down the road before he reached an area that seemed the same as everything else they had passed by. Same mountains. Same rocks. Same everything. The silence in the car was deafening. Neither spoke to the other. He knew in his heart that once he told her everything, she would have understood what was going on. She would want to help him. He didn't need to resort to shameful tactics. If she didn’t understand, then he was proud of using her trash father’s face as a way to get closer to her. It was better for him to have every potential outcome known to him. So that he could have a plan for it. If it came down to her rejecting him. What could he do or say to get her to help him with this mess he unwittingly made? That mistake was surprisingly hostile towards him. They arrived at a seemingly normal patch of mountains. The only difference in front of them was the two cacti. The arms on them made it appear as a goal post. He pressed a special button on the car t
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