The night grew lonely.  In the dark sky covered the moon in half.  As if silent, waiting for the ruler's fate.  Only the moon is alone in silence, without any stars to accompany it.  The sound of nature in the breeze is singing deep solemnity. The sound of the wind rustled softly again, accompanied by snowflakes touching the young leaves that looked frozen, while the falling snowflakes fell to the ground, were swept away again and continued to be swept away by the night wind, again repeating itself in a cycle of time that seemed increasingly shorter.

"Stop, honey!"  said Bianca to the fat old man, who was her client tonight.  So that makes the man stop his car.

Bianca pushed the man's mischievous hand from her crotch, and she got out of the car.  Not long before, Bianca exclaimed.  "Oh My God!"

Hearing Bianca's scream, the man got out of the car too.

Now, they were looking at the two cars that had flipped over. One car, which is black, looks terrible.  And one silver car, much more pathetic.  The two cars, puffed out of smoke.  However, what caught Bianca's attention was a girl, who was roughly the same age as her daughter.  It was seen that the girl was badly injured with blood all over her body, she was moaning and crying. Within seconds, Bianca had reached the girl.

"Help me to save that girl, honey!"

That fat old man, didn't seem to care.  He approached and grabbed Bianca's waist from behind.

"You know, this isn't our problem, darling!" whispered the man in a sensual tone.

Plus the man's hand came back to touch Bianca's body, who only wore a tight and very short dress. Bianca is so sexy, her exposed body is bright red.

"You gotta come with me, bitch! Get back in the car and go to the hotel!"

Bianca doesn't mind the calls of a bitch.  She was used to that calling, because that was the job that had been supporting her.

"Come on, honey!"  said Bianca in a sensual tone, seducing the man.

Bianca put away the fat old man's hand, she turned to face the man instead.  Bianca put her hands around the fat old man's neck.  The man's eyes were closed, it seemed that he was enjoying the touch of Bianca.

"I beg of you. Help me, honey!"

Bianca then kissed the man's lips, intending to tease him.  "After that, I can spend this long night with you!"

The fat old man let out a deep sigh, he opened his eyes, awakening from Bianca's long fingers that were so affecting him.  "Okay, okay!"

The fat old man approached the girl who was already unconscious.  He crouched down and began to tuck his hand on his thigh and one hand on his back, then he lifted the girl's body.

"Thank you, honey!"

Then, that moment when Bianca and the fat old man had loaded the girl into the car, in the back seat.  Bianca suddenly narrowed her eyes, she realized that there was an object stuck on the silver car. But Bianca ignored the thing.

Bianca got into the car with the fat old man.  Not long before, when their car had retreated very far from the scene, in the next second the sound of a fairly loud explosion was heard.

"Shit!"  said the fat old man spontaneously, while Bianca was just surprised.

The car that was silver colored suddenly exploded, right before their eyes.  Unfortunate indeed!


The party atmosphere that night was very, very lively.  Many of the guests, of the man's friends and business colleagues dressed in elite attire, had attended her party.

Kenzo De Leon, the man repeatedly loosened his tie accompanied by his gaze circling around this party room.  Every now and then he also stares at the rolex clock in his left hand.

"Kenzo!"  called Agatha, Kenzo's mother. The woman patted her son on the shoulder.

Kenzo then looked at his mother. "Mom, can you delay the show a little more?"

His mother shook her head, then she stroked Kenzo's cheek gently, "Are you waiting for Alice?"

Kenzo groaned, then he covered his face which looked frustrated.  "I hope Alice doesn't forget about today, Mom!"

Agatha laughed, "Alice will never forget, Kenzo. After all, Mommy already invited their family, right?"  said Agatha paused for a moment, "maybe Alice is just a little while preparing her appearance for you, dear!"

Kenzo lowered his hand from his face, he stared closely at his mother.

"Yeah, I almost forgot about it, Mom," said Kevin, then he smiled sweetly at his mother.  "Alice never put on her face, Mom!"

"And if Alice is dressed, that means she doesn't want to upset you" said Agatha, teasing her son.

Kenzo was pensive for a moment, before the corners of his lips pulled up.  Especially hearing his mother's next sentence.

"Alice would want your eyes only to her. She wants to be the prettiest girl on this special night, only for you!"

"I hope it's true, Mom. Because I can't wait to meet him tonight" said Kenzo, laughing in a low voice.

Agatha then stroked Kenzo's shoulder, before leaving his son because he received a phone call from someone.

And from afar, Kenzo studied his mother's expression.  It can be seen that the mother is serious and also in shock at the same time.

I don't know who called his mother, but it was successful to make Kenzo filled with curiosity.  So he asked, after Agatha hung up the phone.

"What's the matter, Mom?"

Agatha sighed, "Kenzo ... Mommy knows, you're waiting for Alice, right?"  said Agatha, pausing for a moment, "but it looks like that girl will not come" continued Agatha softly.

"What do you mean, Mom ?!"

"Alice ... She and her family ..."

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