1 month later...

"Where's Seina?" Matteo asked the girl who served him.

The girl's eyes felt familiar in Matteo's mind. But, he doesn't remember who those eyes look like, so he doesn't really bother about this. Moreover, the girl's face was covered by a mask on the mouth.

"Seina?" the girl's voice was less clear because of the mask that covered her mouth.

Matteo's expression looked confused, the tail of his eyes glanced at the closed door not far from his standing position, right to the right.

"Yes, Seina works here and only she knows exactly what my order is like."  Matteo said, with one eyebrow raised and his hands in his trouser pockets.

"I want Seina who is standing in front of me now!"

"For a while, you can--" The girl's words didn't finish, because the door opened wide and revealed the figure of Seina Garcia Lopez, with the gir

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