Hidden in the Shadows

Hidden in the Shadows

By:  Rachel Moss  Completed
Language: English
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Houston Legacies Series Book 1 Angel's life has never been easy. Growing up in poverty with her mother had made it even harder than most. But she was a fighter, in so many ways… How could the truth so totally alter someone's life as they knew it? How did she adjust to this life? All she knew was she had family now, and she was going to make them proud. This was just the beginning she was going to change the world. At least her small part of it. It was time to change some lives… Life was all about change…

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Carolyn Ambers
Very well written. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The ending is a cliff hanger. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.
2022-09-17 06:50:24
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Tiffany Hughes
awesome book the ending is little sad but still good I wonder if there is a sequel to the book at all it?
2022-03-03 19:46:32
default avatar
This was an awesome book! But the ending is so random! I hope there’s a sequel because wow
2021-11-25 13:20:32
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Pamela Cookston
this is a good book. keep writing.
2021-09-21 00:36:56
user avatar
Pamela Cookston
This book holds your attention to the end. can'wait for the ending.
2021-09-20 13:06:11
33 Chapters
Chapter One
Finding out you were adopted would be shocking for anyone but finding out your birth mother had wanted to be rid of you so badly she’d handed you off to a stranger, was lowering in the extreme. She couldn’t doubt the words the woman who supposedly raised her, had thrown at her. At nineteen she’d always wanted something better she’d prayed for it. Her mother had never worked a day in her life that she remembered but the bills were always paid, her mother was always high, or drunk. To think that her biological mother had footed that bill while her daughter had been miserable. It was unthinkable that a woman could hand her child over into this. She couldn’t count the number of times that someone her mother knew had tried to corner her and take advantage. But she’d learned early in life that she had to protect herself, no one else ever would. The most crushing blow was knowing that other than a transfer of custody paper with the woman she’d called mother all these years,
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Chapter Two
The silence that fell in the room was so thick it could have been cut with a knife, even Gabriel who’d been on the phone looked sick. She was getting a weird vibe from them and wasn’t sure why, she should have known this would be a mistake. She asked cautiously “Should I leave, I’m stirring up things that probably should have been left alone.” It was Justin who cleared his throat and said “No, you’re good. They are just a little bit shocked at, the moment.” Michael rushed to say “Gabriel, I think you have another phone call to make.” Angel looked at Justin she was curious how one made it out of the neighborhood and asked calmly “How’d you get out?” Justin stared at the girl before him. For someone her age she had old eyes, as if she’d seen the world from so many different angles, she wasn’t sure which was supposed to be right. He replied, “I joined the military, and that helped me tremendously.” Angel nodded absently; Justin could see she was concerned about being here in th
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Chapter Three
Meanwhile, Justin gave everyone a meaningful look as they all entered the elevator he said “I talked to a friend he knows Angel. I think we should all talk.” The look Hunter turned on him would have made a lesser man piss himself, Hunter said “I have a feeling I’m not going to like this.” Justin clenched his jaw tightly and said coldly “You have good instincts.” It took them three minutes to get into the room and settled. Then it took Justin five minutes to give them the full run down on what Antonio had told him. Including the part about Maria’s male friends trying to take advantage of her both as a child and a teen.   It was Marigold Stacia’s mother who said, “This has to be illegal, after all my daughter was only sixteen at the time.” Justin replied “It is highly illegal, though technically no one ever adopted Angel. She was just left with the paper you all read.” It was Hunter’s father Jamison who said angrily “Then we should bring the authorities into this.
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Chapter Four
Angel was self-conscious of her attire in the restaurant people were looking at her oddly. When they were led to the private dining room that really drew attention. Justin heard the whispers of ‘Who is she?’ “Wonder who she’s dating?” There was, of course the snide comments he overheard on her attire as well.He was glad Angel didn’t appear to have let any of it bother her. Angel wasn’t stupid or deaf she’d heard the comments, but she’d grown a thick skin over the years, what people thought or said didn’t bother her.  When they entered the dining room she came to an abrupt halt. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why. She was staring openly at Isabelle McDaniel’s known better as Belle McDaniel’s by family and friends. He knew what Angel was seeing; she was finally seeing the connection to her father’s family. This woman minus the hair and eyes was Angel at the age of nineteen
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Chapter Five
Angel herself felt as if her world had been turned upside down then shaken. She felt like one of those snow globes people buy at souvenir shops as if everything was up in the air, and slowly falling down. Everyone watched as Angel excused herself, they knew she’d had enough drama and change for one day. Angel made her way back to the penthouse in a fog, did that really, just happen? Did that man really, just choose a granddaughter he’d never met over a nephew he’d known his whole life? It amazed her that kind of love and devotion, that man had earned her respect and her loyalty without even trying. Hunter had been promised by the Lab he’d have the results no later than the next evening. He’d paid a small fortune for that test, but it’d be worth it if it would make her feel like she belonged. He knew she did, it killed him that he’d had a daughter for nearly twenty years and never known her. Oh, he knew most people wouldn’t believe she was his, but he knew she was. It felt su
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Chapter Six
It was all happening so fast, Angel said simply “This is a lot to take in for sure, but I need to go shower and get dressed if we’re to keep up with all your plans.” That said she went to the bathroom taking her clothes with her, she stood before the mirror trying to see if there were any physical changes from the day before. Because today she felt completely different. When she walked from the bedroom, she said “Are we ready to go?” It was her Grandma Marigold who said “Dear, do you have a jacket?” Angel sighed and told her honestly “I’m from California there isn’t much need for one there.” Lillian nodded and said, “Well that settles that then, we’ll be taking you shopping for some clothing before we go to the ranch.” Angel hadn’t been prepared for that, but she bit her lip and let the women lead her out.   She noted that two of Justin’s men were trailing them and was curious. When she asked her grandma, Belle said “Dear, you’re a very wealthy girl now, we want
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Chapter Seven
Hannah had called her at least ten times. The first had been when she’d realized exactly how large a client Angel would be. She’d known she’d be rich, but this wealthy had never crossed her mind. She’d told Angel that the partners at the firm had congratulated her for going outside the box and bringing in a new client. They had even given her multiple associates and a paralegal to help solely with Angel’s legal matters. It was around three that afternoon when they arrived back at the ranch; she realized she’d spent more in a single day than she had in her whole lifetime. But her father had insisted she pay the fees to expedite everything. She’d taken one look at her still empty house and called her grandmother to ask, “Is there any furniture outlets that have stock that you don’t have to order?” Which was why she was now standing in a furniture store outlet that was owned by a friend of her grandfathers and she was being given the royal treatment. Anything she needed he prom
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Chapter Eight
Cody stared down the man before him, seriously thinking about knocking him on his tail in the dust. Cody said coldly “I believe you’ve said more than enough, and you know the way out.” He didn’t take the hint and fired off saying “Is this what you do?  Wait until good people are down on their luck and swoop in take over their life’s dream.” Cody couldn’t help himself; he laughed and said “Is that what your neighbors told you, that they lost the place because of hard times?   Your neighbors just sold this place for over 5 million dollars; it wasn’t the bank who received that money.” He could see he’d taken the wind out of the man’s sails and he said coolly “The next time you even remotely think of speaking to Angel in the manner you did earlier. I will rip your spleen out if her father doesn’t beat me to it.” Cody was so angry and preoccupied he missed Justin walking up with four men, until Justin asked, “Do we have a problem here?” The man who hadn’t learne
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Chapter Nine
Hunter himself spent the next three hours on and off the phone with various employees having them do the research he needed done. He had even called his father and Harrison who’d conferenced in his son’s and they’d brain stormed for a bit. He told them he’d promised Angel he’d have information for her the next evening. Then he’d told them about the Kingsley situation and about Gwen confronting them in Angelo’s. Harrison cut in saying “Yes, I received a message from Giovanni saying Angelo refused to serve Gwen after her behavior. It appears Angelo thinks Angel is an angel and does no wrong.” Angel spent the night setting up her home office; the furniture had been placed where she and Deanna had decided it would maximize the rooms appeal. She noted while she’d been away Deanna had hung the curtains and moved the rest of the furniture to the correct positions. Angel began setting up her new laptop and wiring in her TV and phone system to it. Once she had everything setup, she h
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Chapter Ten
When they arrived all the hands were on deck to unload the horses. Cody made sure the most expensive horses got the bigger more prominent stalls, because as he said they were used to more luxurious surrounds. He said winning horses were an extension of most people’s families.  The vet they had chosen was on hand and he had startling news for them, it seemed that one of the mares was in foal.  Cody said he’d put in calls to try and find out who they had bred her with. Depending on the stud used she could have a foal that wasn’t worth anything. According to Darren the vet she was close to delivering, he said it would only be a few days if that before she did, he noted that she was carrying very, large as well. So, they would keep an eye on the horse. Once Cody got a hold of the old owner, they told him they weren’t sure who the foal belonged too. They had mated her with Gamblers Run one of the horse’s she’d bought tonight, he had won a huge race this year and his stu
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