Gift Of the Heart

Gift Of the Heart

By:  Isabel reigns  Ongoing
Language: English
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Have you ever loved someone so much you thought you would crumble without, but then met someone who gave you a thousand million more thrills? And the question that base an honest answer is do we really move on from our first love or we just learn to recuperate? *** Growing up to only love and learn how to love one person <..Cadeau had always had one dream and that is to get married to the love of her life, Lijie_the person she was betrothed to. But what happens when she finds out moments before her wedding that he does not feel the same way? Forced to live under the same roof with Akarui_her ex fiance's bestfriend who has always been in love with her secretly can Cadeau manage not to tap in to Akarui's love??!

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37 Chapters
Mohabbat (1)
They say the truth shall set you free_ but what if you choose to be a prisoner to set the one you Love free.? "...Cadeau, Akarui is the reason you didn't get married to Lijie!....." she shouted. "What did you say..?" Cadeau sniffled quietly, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.-Cadeau woke up to the sound of wrenching knuckles dabbling gently on her bedroom door. She turned sideways pretending she heard nothing. But as the knock persisted, she slowly opened her eyes and shouted, "come in."She waited till she heard the footsteps approaching, and then she turned on her left averting her gaze upwards and said.  "Good morning Remy,?" and closed her eyes back to sleep.The woman did not respond, instead she reached forward and pulled the covers off Cadeau's body."it's already nine in the morning Cadeau. wake up and go to bath. Besides, Fleur is waiting for you downstairs to have breakfast,""Nooo
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Mohabbat (2)
 – – – At the same time. Lijie walked out of the  immigration office doors dragging he's suitcase and walked straight to where he's car and chauffeur where standing.And immediately Bahai put up a smile  and walked to open the door for him, "Good morning sir," he said and grabbed the suitcase out of Lijie's hands." What is good about the morning? Beijing makes me sick." He replied and pulled the passenger's seat-door open and got in.He switched on he's phone and then typed a message to Akarui 'Good morning Bro. I was asking if you can rehearse with Cadeau even today?  it's just that I've arrived and I feel very tired though I'll see her at the venue later in the afternoon. Ohh and please don't tell her I've arrived.' He added a pleading emoji clicked the send button. He waited for a delivery report and then switched it back off. "Head to the office" he told Bahai."okay sir, but just a reminder on your schedule, I was told yo
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Mohabbat (3)
When Cadeau received the message from Akarui she was already at the mall shopping with Fleur and Natasha, though she was disappointed by Lijie's late coming she couldn't help panic if he was gonna make it on time to the venue to see if everything was according to what they wanted.She picked a dress but then again left it, she looked at where Fleur and Natasha had been standing a moment ago and  figured they where in the fitting room, she unlocked her phone and typed a message to say she had gone to the jewellery section, "we'll find you there," Tasha replied, she walked there and started looking for a pair of earrings or necklace she could pair with the evening dress she chose to wear for the appreciation party  the night after the wedding. She was looking at the necklaces, bracelets, bangles, rings, anklets and all other accessories displayed but still didn't like any, she moved closer to the necklaces looking gracefully one by one, everything  
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Not even me (4)
She looked at him and back to the picture before walking to her mom who was now standing with the workers. "Mom?""princess,"  she excused herself, "is everything okay,? she raised her chin up "where you crying?" "no it's's the picture, nevermind,""ohh..I see you liked Akarui's surprise. But tell me, is the rest okay,?""yeah, am not even concerned about that_it's about you, you know am going to miss you?_ with no one to wake me up, scold me for missing breakfast, complaining about work, who will be there Mom,?" She faced the herm of her dress "there's a lot of things we do together and am going to miss each and every one of them. Yes, I might be coming to visit every weekend but that  won't just equate it cause am scared everything I'll do will remind me of you," "are you saying goodbye my love?," Mrs wan held her daughters face_with battling demons of emotions forcing their way through the cornea of her eyes tears
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Not even me (5)
"He has gone? How rude." Natasha protested after he disappeared, "he didn't even greet me or anyone else, you were busy talking like me and Akarui don't exist. He didn't even greet his mother-in-law over there,"pearls of laughter escaped Cadeau's mouth and she looked at Akarui, "she doesn't know everything is invisible to Lijie when he's talking to me.." she clasped her chest; "poor thing- Lijie only sees me, the rest are shadows," "what? you mean am a shad.. ? Cadeau come back here!" she spran after her, "wait till I catch you..."suddenly before Cadeau could dodge Tasha for the third time_ she slipped on the glass pearls, sending her body to the ground^ "Cadeau!!" Tasha's leg muscles instantly tightened with adrenaline as everyone's eyes turned, It was dead silent for seconds.. But luckily Akarui caught her before she could kiss the floor...Mrs Wan was the first one to come back to her senses as the shock of what almos
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Feeling nervous? 6)
_When they reached home Fleur and Guerrier were saying goodbye to Akarui just there at the door step before they could go in. Cadeau got out and walked to them as she let her mom reverse the car into the courage, "I'll walk you out," she told him as he turned to walk to he's car. "you shouldn't have bothered..." he said as he reached he's car and opened the driver's seat, "I know, but I wanted to. Actually I just wanted to talk to someone I've been feeling tense the whole day, " "wait, have you been crying?""No,of course not-i just had a pretty long conversation with mum and tell you what? she's more worried about tomorrow than i am."  " don't worry everything Wii be okay," he pulled her in an embrace, " you'll see, it will be like magic.." she relaxed in he's embrace and mumbled a  "thank you." "it's alright," he whispered back. "what colour are popcorns?""what popcorns?..Akarui stop messing with my hea
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Feeling nervous? (7)
 -  -  -  -In the wash of the new light, Rani's face was all over the kitchen. She had prepared enough for this day to handle the heat of a family lunch party for her daughter. Everything was set, she took the bright coloured bowls and set them in fridge next to each other. She finished and handed the huge covered thick peached icing decorated cake to Remice to put in the other fridge and told her to follow behind as she took the small heart shaped one to Cadeau's room Instead. She first piped and slid the door open, "good morning, heard my two princesses are sleeping in this room" she walked across and centered the tray on Cadeau's bedside table next to her study lamp at the moment Remice opened the windows to the outside, allowing the cool fresh morning breeze hit the tiles. "mom please it's too early" Fleur mumbled nudging under the covers followed by Cadeau who said nothing.."look at them Remy?" she turned "they loo
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You are the perfect you there is (8)
She climbed down and helped Yu Yan open all the suitcases. She opened the wardrobe doors and the two of them began loading things in."I thought Remy packed all your clothes yesterday?""No those were for donations." she pulled out her lingeries and thongs she bought and packed them all by herself. She walked to the bamshort pajama suits and held out two the thought of  Fleur and Natasha's words echoed and she almost laughed."Hey, do you also think a newly wedded bride should sleep naked,?" "not that I've been married before but what's there to hide if you've sworn   yourself to each other."She imagined her first night with Lijie that evening and a quick palse rushed to her spine. she pushed the thoughts aside and handed the pajamas to Yu Yan. One thing was for sure and that was to look as succulent as possible,  "miss Cadeau are we or are we not packing that one?" she stared for a moment without saying then nudged
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Staunchest well-wisher (10)
They were all silent no one dared to breath as she slowly sunk to the ground and fell at Lijie's feet to hug he's knees. "For all the times you said I love you Lijie, or I love you too, please am begging you to not go. stay with me one more night- just one more and I'll remind you am the same woman you fell in love with, but right now don't abandon me. for the sake of our childhood memories Lijie," she probbed her chin between he's legs and gasped the more. "you're all I have Lijie, am not Cadeau without you.." Her face slank in pale as if pulled by strings. "Lijie you're the only one who makes my world beautiful, without you am just an old pair of shoes," Cadeau's lips trembled with suppressed hiccups. "remember you said your love will always find and gravitate me back to you, so why do you want to go? why leave me now.?" Her sadness grew more with he's silence. She franticly got up and clutched he's hand to the exit, "look let's just go out and this cold feet will go yo
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Staunchest well-wisher (11)
-The music instantly stopped the moment they footed in the room. The lights surrounding the canopy lit and everybody stood up. one and all were staring, taking pictures, smiling, and clapping as every different petal fell from the sky. Mr and Mrs Lï walked to escort them to the mandap as Guerrier joined them. "For a moment I thought maybe you two had skipped to the honeymoon part," Mrs Lï said in an undertone,"I would say cold feet honey," her husband corrected.Bomal  prowled up and patted Akarui on the back, then helped Cadeau take the two stairs up the canopy.  "Is it because of the wedding, or your shoulders have become more broad,?" Mrs Lï stated lifting the garlands of the sereul. Guerrier quickly blocked her view. "It's probably the texture of the suit aunt, otherwise I would suggest we waist no more time and start the ceremony," he gently pushed Akarui to join Cadeau."Today I don't know if it's just me
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