Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad

Fall For My Ex's Mafia Dad

By:  Caroline Above Story  Completed
Language: English
35 ratings
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Fay is a psychologist and her patient is the most ruthless mafia king. He's in jail. And he's the father of Fay's ex ?! One day, he caged Fay against bars and unbuttoned her shirt Fay tried to push him away but she was wet. Him:"You know, doc. I wanted to do this the first day we met."

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Lene Staal
Love the book, but there are some problems with the order of the chapters and repeating chapters.
2024-05-17 01:00:57
default avatar
Excellent book!!!!
2024-03-29 03:54:33
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Leigh Ann Baker
Just so you know. The kiss app has this under Forbidden Temptation: My Mafia Fiance's Alpha Father. Looks like it started getting posted there a few months ago. Under author name Ella Black. Literally, the same exact story with the names changed.
2024-02-24 09:09:42
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Tiffany Nottingham
I love all the twists of this book. it's has a good storyline.
2024-01-13 03:45:22
default avatar
Love the slow burn and twist on girl getting with her ex's dad
2023-12-29 08:34:48
user avatar
I cannot put this book down! I have beeen obsessed for the past 3 days, and I was late to a meeting because I was so lost in the story. Hottest scenes ever! So much sexual tension here, and complex characters.
2023-12-10 05:32:23
user avatar
Meagan Spivey
Lowkey OBSESSED with this book. Someone PLEASE tell me how often we get new chapters!?!? I NEED to know what happens next. I honestly didn't think I'd get into this book at first, but I haven't been able to put it down for the last 2 days. .........
2023-11-14 14:20:31
default avatar
Love the story
2023-11-14 08:43:06
user avatar
Gail t
love it and then this happened. ... 10 chapters went missing WHAT HAPPENED??? please fix this.
2023-11-08 09:40:41
user avatar
Brittany Barrett
obsessed with this story!
2023-11-02 05:01:28
user avatar
Miz Manipulator
man, this book! the twists and turns. brilliance.
2023-10-31 11:14:26
user avatar
Delinda Schumacher
181 chapters 10-30-23
2023-10-31 03:16:13
default avatar
Omg this book is amazing but these cliffhangers waiting for updates is killing me! Can’t wait for the updates!!
2023-10-27 04:56:08
user avatar
Love this book!! One of Caroline’s best. The chemistry between Kent and Fay is incredible. I wish I could give it more stars!!
2023-10-08 23:49:15
default avatar
2023-09-30 10:51:51
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604 Chapters
Chapter 0001
My ideal lover would be a guy who is not in a hurry to get laid, loves literature and books, and is polite. My sister says that such men are extinct in the 21st century. She accused me of always daydreaming about nerd stuff, which is why I still haven’t cashed in my v-card. I mean, why should I? I
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Chapter 0002
Kent leans his shoulder against the bars of his cell, his well-muscled arms crossed against his chest. What was he doing in this local prison, created to catch the overflow of the city’s rampant gangs? He was their king, after all. And to think, Kent was here by choice. His lip raises in derision
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Chapter 0003
I hesitate, settling down in my chair across from this man, sensing that I’m the doe to his wolf. It feels almost as if he could leap across this table at any moment and gobble me up. Daniel’s father is Kent Lippert, the Mafia King of our city. That’s why he has a bodyguard, that’s why he has so mu
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Chapter 0004
“I’m just saying,” Janeen says, shrugging as she slides an omelet out onto a plate. “It’s a red flag when a guy doesn’t want to meet her friends and family. I mean, who even is this Daniel guy, anyway?” I stop dead on the stairs hearing these words, just three steps away from the kitchen. I stay st
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Chapter 0005
The music pounds in the club and, I have to admit, I’m really starting to have fun. Janeen even dressed me tonight, which would usually make me uncomfortable, but I let her take charge. What she called a “dress” is more a sheet of silver fabric that falls across my front and then wraps low around m
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Chapter 0006
Kent sees the blade just in time, whipping up his hand to intercept it. The blade slips between his fingers and then drags down his palm, cutting his skin, but just the surface. Growling, Kent grabs Fay’s fist and twists, trapping the knife between their palms, wrenching her wrist back so that she
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Chapter 0007
I’m in a daze, half in consciousness, half out of it – I hear a moan – did that come? I open my eyes, frowning. Where’s the car? I close my eyes against the warm yellow light of the room. I want to wake up, but I feel sleep pressing me back down – A prick at my finger – I jump at it, pushing away
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Chapter 0008
“That’s impossible!” I gasp, staring up at him. “You can’t force me to marry someone against my will!” He laughs at me, holding me too him, still looking down into my face. “It’s possible if I say it is.” I press my hands against his chest, trying to push away. “It’s 2023! Nobody has arranged marr
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Chapter 0009
I stare into his face, pleading in my eyes. “Please. Please just let me go home, let me stay there. I’ll never bother you again.” He shakes his hand slowly, beginning to close the door, as if the offer is ending soon. “You can go home and say goodbye, Fay. Or you can just stay here and let him wond
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Chapter 0010
The car pulls around to the back of Kent’s mansion and enters a garage. When I get out of the car, Kent is standing at the entrance to the house, his arms crossed. The guards move to the trunk to remove my dad. “Why did you do this,” I ask, glaring at the mafia boss. He looks me in the eye. “Beca
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