God of Medicine: the National Guardian

God of Medicine: the National Guardian

By:  Lao Huang Yu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Five years ago, Lin Hao was framed up and kicked out of his family for his true love, reduced to a powerless man who had been hunted down by his brother since then. However, he grasped a slim chance of survival and returned to power: being rescued by a master on the verge of death and learning Traditional Medicine from him.Five years later, he defeated all Gods of War in eight counties, earning the reputation of Holy Invincible God of War. In the meantime, he was also the renowned Medical Sage who could cure dying patients and whom everyone worshiped.To treat his seriously ill daughter, Lin Hao came back to his motherland, where he had to be wary of family members who always plotted against him and enemies from foreign countries who hadn’t stopped persecuting him at the same time. So let’s join this journey with Lin Hao to slay enemies, protect his love, and tide over all crises.

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Hilary Silenga
I like this story and am happy it’s being updated. Keep up the good works author!!
2023-08-30 04:32:03
298 Chapters
Chapter 1 His Returning
A Bombardier private plane landed at the International Airport in Modu, Country T.Because of this plane, or the people in it, other flights that needed to stop at this airport at this point were all delayed for a full eight hours!Near the window of the terminal building, all the elites of the upper class in Modu had already gathered here.From a distance, when they saw the plane landing on the apron through the window, all the business and political leaders on the scene looked enthusiastic and fanatical."Look, he is back!""The Emperor of Medicine really came back!""Good. The Emperor of Medicine has finally returned to Modu. It's really a great honor for our country."At the moment, all the elites of the upper class in Modu were crowding in front of the window of the terminal building, cheering and shouting. Today, they either skipped their work or refused billions of big deals. All of the
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Chapter 2 Are You Qualified?
It was in the First People's Hospital in Modu.On the third floor of the inpatient department, Lin Hao had already conceived countless versions of the opening remarks in his mind just before the elevator door opened.But when he walked out of the elevator, he heard a familiar name. He couldn't help but stop.Huang Qi, who was following Lin Hao, saw his abnormal reaction and subconsciously tightened his muscles, unconsciously revealing a bit of murderous intent from his look."Xueli, are you sure that little girl is really hopeless this time?"A man said in a deliberately low voice.Lin Hao immediately frowned deeply when he heard the name whispered by the man. If this Xueli was really the one who caused him to be expelled from Lin Family and made Lan missing, Lin Hao would kill her!"Don't worry. People diagnosed with phenylketonuria can't eat any food containing protein at all. These years, t
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Chapter 3 I Will Really Kill You
"Dude, the Lin Family do not know that you have come back, right?""So what?" Lin Hao looked at the guy in front of him and felt sick. He was controlling his impulse to kill this guy at every moment."It would be good if so!" Having got a positive answer from Lin Hao, Cao Shijie suddenly smiled in a grisly manner."The guy who was thrown out from Lin Family five years ago went missing from then on and never came back! In this case, no one can foul up our plan, right?"As Lin Hao expected, that was the plan of that guy. At this moment, a teasing smile appeared on Lin Hao's face."Fine, what's your plan?""My plan…it's quite simple!"Cao Shijie clapped his hands with a light smile and then two sturdy men showed up at the corner of the other end of the corridor and walked to them.The two men walked with fierce paces and even ordinary people could recognize that they had powerful Kun
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Chapter 4 I Will Treat Her by Myself
Outside the ward, Lin Hao was reading the medical records presented by the attending physician, showing a serious look.The medical records which belonged to little Yanxi indicated that she was in a bad condition.Of course, the bad condition was only for the medical technology in the world nowadays.For Lin Hao, though little Xiyan was in a severe condition, he still could handle this issue easily.At this moment, footsteps of some people came from the end of the corridor and one of them said in a manly voice behind Lin Hao,"Director Zhang, who is making trouble here?"The voice was from a middle-aged man, greying at the temples and a name tag of the president of the hospital on his chest. Five to six people followed him, including doctors and guards.Apparently, the two guards came to handle the troublemaker, Lin Hao.Lin Hao turned around to have a glance at the people behind
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Chapter 5 Hit the Acupoint
"Are these the long-lost Three-Talent Needles?"Taking a look at the silver needles in his body, He Dongguang suddenly exclaimed regardless of his dignity.And then, Lin Hao waved his hand again, just like what he did at the very beginning. He took back all three silver needles before anyone could see clearly what he did, after which, he turned to He Dongguang also in surprise."You really know something. Recognizing my trick, you surely deserve the honor of managing the hospital."Hearing that, He Dongguang excitedly gasped for air and asked again, "Mister, did you really insert the Three-Talent Needles, which are long-lost in the Traditional Chinese Medicine circle, into me just now?"Lin Hao quietly nodded again.Leaving all confused colleagues behind, He Dongguang directly walked to hold Lin Hao's hands, as if he were an old father who first met his son's girlfriend."So... you must also k
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Chapter 6 They Worried That It Would Disturb a God
In the ward, everyone was watching Lin Hao.Lin Hao, standing near Xiyan's bed, reached both hands out, put his index and middle fingers together, and flexed his hands fast, which looked so dazzling that no one could see his movement clearly.Lin Hao exerted all inconspicuous forces of varying degrees to hit Xiyan's acupoints with his fingers. These forces could penetrate the skin and dredge Xiyan's blocked meridians.But it was a pity that the doctors present were not young anymore. If it were clearsighted and experienced doctors who stood nearby, they could easily notice the vague tender light radiating from Lin Hao's fingertips.The light came from Lin Hao's body, which was called "Qi" in martial arts.When one doctor recognized the technique Lin Hao used and exclaimed, all other people automatically turned to him.As soon as he heard the exclamation uttered by the middle-aged man standing next to him,
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Chapter 7 Brother, Old Enemy!
Lin Hao's treatment lasted for an hour and a half. During the period, he had to stay careful and alert all the time.Finally, when he finished the last needling and took back dozens of silver needles from little Xiyan, the president and all directors in the room felt relieved with Lin Hao.The old scholars could hardly wait for Lin Hao to have a rest. They quickly gathered around him and eagerly asked questions."What kind of needling did you use just now, young man? Why haven’t I heard of it even if I was born in a family of traditional Chinese medicine?""Yeah, young man. Although I did not major in traditional Chinese medicine, I notice that the acupoints where you stick the needles are clearly fatal ones! But the patient doesn't have any adverse reactions. What's going on? ""Mister, I have been treating little Xiyan from beginning to end. Can I have a comprehensive examination for her first?"“…”
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Chapter 8 Being apathetic
"Lin Ran... How have you been since I saw you last, my good brother?"When he saw the familiar figure, Lin Hao suddenly tensed his muscles. He was like a lion waiting for an opportunity to deliver a knockout blow to prey at any time!In the past five years, when Lin Hao watched in the mirror, he always mistakenly thought that the figure in the mirror was that hateful guy, and then broke himself in the mirror.But today, Lin Hao knew that b*st*rd was standing in front of him and all this was not an illusion!Just when Lin Hao clenched his fists with the intention to kill, Lin Ran standing at the door cocked his head and suddenly sneered,"I haven't seen you for many years. You are so murderous when we just meet, and you will easily lose control of yourself just like five years before!"Lin Hao's narrowed eyes suddenly flashed a chill which made Lin Ran grins evilly."Tut tut tut. I'm won
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Chapter 9 Are You My Dad?
"Anyway, you'd better go back and see the master, First Young Master. After all, blood is thicker than water!"It seemed that Liu Rende really didn't know how to persuade Lin Hao who was full of resentment. After saying this sentence, he showed a feeble expression.However...Lin Hao was still calm just like a dried-up well without ripples.Just when Liu Rende felt helpless, Lin Ran standing by him suddenly sneered,"Huh huh. You can just forget it, butler Liu. From my point of view, my dad is so confused that he wants this pathetic man to go back to inherit the family business as he even couldn't protect his own woman and child. I'm the man who ought to inherit Lin Family's business. It used to be and it will be!""This pathetic man couldn't even protect a woman at that time. He was not qualified to inherit such a large family business of the Lin Family.""Shut up!"Liu Re
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Chapter 10 The Taste of Happiness
Lin Hao took little Xiyan to be discharged from the hospital. There was no need for her to stay in hospital since he was the Emperor of Medicine.After seeing Lin Hao's superb medical skill, He Dongguang was shameless to ask little Xiyan to stay in their hospital.To cure Lin Hao's daughter was just like teaching a fish how to swim.Of course, when he went to go through the discharge formalities and went to find He Dongguang to sign, Lin Hao was naturally advised by President He to stay at the first people's hospital.Of course, Lin Hao wouldn't agree to this. After all, he didn't come all the way to Country T to find a job...After going through the discharge formalities, Lin Hao did nothing all day.On the first day of his return to Country T, he took little Xiyan to the amusement park.Little Xiyan was very happy all day. Additionally, it was the first time that Lin Hao realized the
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