Good Things Fall Apart

Good Things Fall Apart

By:  Lonely in Neverland  Ongoing
Language: English
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When a popular guy from another school named Eustone transferred to Shinrea SHS he encountered the toughest girl ever existed. The moment Sasha punched him in the face made him thought of something good. And from that punch on, he'd irritate her more. What he didn't know was behind that tough girl is someone who is trapped in a horrid past.

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R.A Higheels
Love the title and the protagonist's name❤️❤️
2021-01-31 03:26:14
15 Chapters
Chapter I : Sasha's Punch
 "There are twenty-eight students in every classroom and every semester comes new sectioning. For now, since your grades are higher than expected then you're in section A." The principal of Shinrea Senior High looked at her nephew with a smile on her face."I'm glad to meet your expectation," Eustone displayed a slight smirk.
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Chapter II
Sasha was hesitating to enter pass the school gate. It seems like she's going to be more in trouble today than usual. I'm not tough but here I go, she thought and walk inside.
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Chapter III
Eustone strode towards Sasha and lift her chin. "Where the hell did you--"Before he could finish what he was about to say, she shoves his hand away. "I tripped," she lied and look away."You're a bad liar. You have the same cut I do now. I bet that someone who punched you was wear
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Chapter IV
"Hey, Eustone! Want to go check out a new hangout place, today?" Hades invited. The guy seemed excited but Eustone has got some other plan in mind."Sorry bro, I can't today," he refused and head out of their classroom."He's kind of weird trying to make friends with a bitch, huh?"
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Chapter V
Sasha just got off from work and now she's walking home. She's really excited that tonight her mother is cooking them dinner. It's not always that her mom cooks so when she does, it's a good evening.  "I'm home!" Sasha yelled, as soon as she was inside and taking off her shoes. She didn't even realize that there was another pair of shoes not usually in there. &nbs
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Chapter Vii
"Did you do it right?" Arya asked the girls whom she instructed to beat Sasha up.
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Chapter VIii
Exactly 8:15 PM when Sasha went out of the shop with the owner Miss Lyka. She was smiling while talking to Lyka and when her boss' husband came, Sasha waved goodbye. She looked around to see if that Eustone was somewhere but nope, there's no annoying
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Chapter 9
"Hey there, Sasha," Lukas greeted Sasha with a smile.
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Chapter 10
Sasha got off at one in the afternoon. Lukas told her that he wanted to give her a ride home, but knowing her, she always say no. Plus it's not nice to leave the girl who took her shift alone. So she started walking home.At the same bench, she saw Eustone and Yuki laughing together that made her stop to stare. There were sparkles in Yuki's eyes. She couldn't help but notice how comfortable Yuki was with that irritating guy. 
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