A Perfidious Relationship

A Perfidious Relationship

By:  Sheri  Ongoing
Language: English
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My life has always been like that of a prisoner. My father has always protected me from the outsiders not because he cared for me but because he is a mafia king of Eastern Italy and my virginity is the weapon which he would use to gain more pride. He feared that I might run away or worse would lose my virginity to some random guy, not from our world. He wanted me to be pure, because in our world no one marries a used girl. When a truce was signed between Eastern and Western Italy, I was offered to marry the would alpha of eastern Italy. I considered him different,thought he was unlike the other men in our world and will protect me from the bad. Something that was acceptable by me, was happening in my life for the first time when everything destroyed on my wedding night and now I don't have any emotions left in me and the only thing I want now is to seek revenge.

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Aditi Yadav
it's awesome
2023-01-27 04:49:13
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Duke Agbarumhi
The words that was used was very amazing
2021-02-12 04:12:51
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This is a good novel. I love the synopsis and the start. It is thrilling in its own way. Good dialogues and grammatical structure author. This book is a keeper n it is quite lovely. I look forward to seeing Valerie and Enzo rise and conquer the underworld and enact their revenge. Good work author.
2020-11-05 14:46:01
user avatar
The words that the author used in each scene were appropriately enough for the reader to have a clear imagination of what is actually happening. She minimized the dialogues but the descriptions were satisfying. Good job, author ?
2020-11-04 22:08:01
default avatar
Nice story author. Amazing start. The author pretty well described each scenes. just can imagine the events from it. I appreciate your effort how beautifully you wrote everything. It's good read. Just give a try guys. Keep doing author.
2020-11-04 17:51:08
user avatar
started to read from today. First chapter was so nice.?
2020-10-10 03:09:58
default avatar
The story so far is good, but a couple chapters repeat and it’s sort of irritating.
2022-11-01 00:04:57
user avatar
in the beginning it was good, but it was just repeating chapters.
2022-09-19 21:42:12
80 Chapters
The wedding!
White...the color of purity, faith,loyalty and today it was the color of my outfit. White describes the purity of a woman on her wedding day and I wasn't sure if I needed it to prove my purity. I have always been under great supervision,not even a dead soul was allowed to come near me, my parents had always protected me from the outside world, not because they loved me but they did not wanted to ruin their pride. They feared if I was allowed free, someone would catch my eyes and I might lose my virginity to him or I should say, I might lose my purity to someone, that was what they feared for. Virginity, one of the most important thing that mafia family cared about even more than their wealth. Virginity was the sign of purity...for a girl and, a boy he was always taught to suppress women by any means. Whether he used his hand or feet for the purpose or even his dick. It didn't matter, whatever way a mafia man deals with a girl. The only thing that mattered was,
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Fighting for my honor
All the affection he simulated, the fake warmth in his eyes, the mask he carried around me and the  counterfeit act of tenderness everything was just for show? This wasn't the man I liked. But the thing for which I should be concerned was, why did he fake everything and why was he doing, whatever he was doing to me, now?We reached the door of the bar and a bouncer standing at front of it bowed his head in front of Alantino and then smirked when he saw me. Was this one of his bars? Or worse was this some kind of fucking place for his men? Alantino opened the door and shoved me forward,I hit my head on the counter and that's when I realised it wasn't some ordinary bar. The lighting was all pink and red in neon and the small area was filled with smell of beer and so many floral scents. There were so many small cells inside it and few girls were serving liquor, naked. And the men were touching them wherever they wished to. My throat dried at
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Fire of vengeance
My eyes opened and everything was spinning around me, with my pounding headache. It took me a little while to discover a master bedroom with huge dimension and most luxurious furnitures,it was decorated with some highly expensive painting and no photographs. I was laid on a king sized bed with a plain white, oversized T-shirt and an oversized pair of shorts.I assumed they were of a man. Where was I? Was I in the Russo mansion? I managed to recall what car hit me but I couldn't remember anything else except it's color. Black. What if I was back in the trap of Alantino. I couldn't stay there, I had to escape from there. I didn't even know what time it was. It was so strange that the room was completely furnished except for clock, photographs and an empty walk-in closet, I got a peek of it as the door was slightly open and it was all vacant. I got up from the bed and opened the door without making any noise, the corridor was completely dark except the lights perm
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Birth of a new me!
My eyes opened and I found Enzo sitting on the corner of the bed, still not dressed."What the hell!"I screamed, seeing his figure suddenly."What... It's my house."He stated and yes it was his property but it didn't mean, he would intrude anywhere,anytime he wished to. Especially when there was a girl in the room, he couldn't barge in like that. "Don't you know some basic manners. Can you just knock before you come in?"I asked, it was more of a suggestion from my side. "I am not used to knocking, I have always lived alone."He admitted and I couldn't comment anything on that. "Why are you here?"I asked."I have a habit of going to work early. I have businesses to handle and as you are part of it now, don't you wanna get your responsibilities given to you?"He
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Feeling the power
Enzo stopped the car in front of a tall, enticing, forty stories building. The aura of building gave me chills as the thought of managing such a big empire was exciting itself. The structure of the Rexivo was beyond belief with perfect balance of aesthetics. Enzo glared at me while I wasn't recovered from the view of the estate. It's simply great! He looked at me, fascinated and said, "Ready to work?""undoubtedly yes."I exclaimed and we went inside the opulent building. The aroma of the building was filled with leathery smell, mixed with musky and fruity smells. The combination was phenomenal. The reception lady smiled and bowed her head slightly when she saw Enzo and I wondered what it must have felt like when there were so many people, paying respect to you. After crossing the reception area we reached the waiting hall and oh my goodness! It was huge, no,giant. It was furnished with fine leather couches and chairs and air
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Ready for the comeback
It was sunny but all windy weather in the terrace and a good amount of people were having lunch there but still they barely filled only the half of the tables . Maybe, people mostly preferred having food in their suites. "Come let's go there."Enzo pointed at a table which was decorated beautifully like it was arranged for a date."Isn't it reserved?"I asked him because maybe it was for some couple, why would they decorate it heavily, everyday."The reservation was cancelled."He said looking at his tab and then he pushed it toward me to take a look. There were rows and columns in the screen telling the table numbers and those who reserved or cancelled it."Hmm ...Quite a managerial work."I admitted.He smiled and we went towards the table and sat down, the smell of hyacinth and roses was exquisite and one can sit there until they fade. It wo
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Finally taking a step ahead
"Okay. I understood and I will contact Williams personally tomorrow."I said. "Yeah but I would prefer you contact his right hand first and don't directly ask them to stay at our hotel. That will sound creep."He said as if I didn't knew that. "Okay."I nodded. "Don't you think you should be good at physical training as well. I will surely provide you a body guard but you should learn self defence too. As you would be the first mafia woman to run mob business."Enzo suggested and he was right. Once the legal proceedings were done I would have many adversaries who would try to get their hands on me. I wouldn't be some general girl, they would think of me as an equivalent enemy as Enzo. "When can we start my self defence training?"I asked. "Tomorrow morning but for now, the lawyer is com
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The first mafia woman
I took a sigh of relief as the delivery guy handed me my order.I closed door and leaned against it, I wasn't sure what had made me this scared for opening the door but the relief I felt was equivalent as someone has removed a tons of weight from my back. I took the pizza and  after pouring myself a glass of juice, I sat on the couch and ate it while watching TV. They were showing the Harry Potter series, the Voldemort was troubling the little boy. But Harry was able to muster the power to win upon the evil. I ate my pizza, watching the same movie, I had watched a tons of times. It was still fun to watch it. I ate my last slice of pizza and was already full to have the desert I ordered for myself. I was feeling dizzy but did not want to go to my room I decided on watching the TV until I could and eventually fell asleep on the couch, was too languid to switch off the TV. I don't know what time it was when I felt myself moving and my body felt a lot more lig
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Not letting the past control me
I panicked under Enzo's hand and he looked at me, I was petrified and nervous. Enzo followed my gaze and his grip on my shoulder tightened. Alantino made his way towards us with an unreadable face. I thought it wouldn't take me much efforts to face him, I thought I have mustered that much courage but somewhere I was wrong and for a second I thought of running away from there. But there was no turning back now, I had to face him, if I had to survive here and most importantly, to seek my revenge. I would only survive in peace, once I'd made sure that none of my adversaries, rest in peace. "I suppose you have your hand on my property."Alantino said with a cold smirk to Enzo and then looked at me and the small hairs on my neck rose. "Well, she is no one's property."Enzo said, pulling me towards him and exerting the more pressure in the word:property."You can't stay that close to her, she
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The first attack!
"I loved it."I admitted to Enzo and he was still standing at the door, observing my expressions. "I'm glad you liked it, but I'll take my leave here. Your assistant Chloe Winthrop will help you in everything. Also I'll be returning late today, so I have asked one of my best soldiers to not leave your side until I am back. He is standing outside."He told me and I peeked out to find a tall, muscular man, dressed in formals with a straight body posture, standing beside the door. He was as tall as Enzo, but I still didn't believe anyone or rely on anyone as much as I did on Enzo. But it was good to know that he cared for me and assigned me a personal bodyguards to my service. If he wanted he wouldn't have bothered about my life. He wanted to play games with his enemies and anyone could have done the help for him if not me. But it felt so good to know that he actually cared for me. "Have a safe trip. I'll d
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