Her Sanity

Her Sanity

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"Why are you doing this? Don't hurt people because of me." I yelled at her. "You are mine. I'll do this again and again if I have to save you and no one can stop me." She growled. Grace Anderson is a badass of school. She there also pickup fights where we can sort it out by talks. She have no friends to rely on except her best friend Candice Salvadore who's as bitch as Grace. But what will happen when Joshua Williams a simple boy stumbled into her life who gets bully by Lucas and she feel a urge to protect him from everyone. Because she feels she relates from his situation? What's the story of Grace being a bad bitch? Let's find out.

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The best highschool book I ever read! ...
2023-09-14 12:13:40
60 Chapters
Joshua's pov:"Why are you doing this? Don't hurt people because of me." I yelled at her."You are mine. I'll do this again and again if I have to save you and no one can stop me." She growled.What in the hell she growled? Is she even a human? Oh god keep protected me from this woman. Though I know she'll never hurt me."You can't just simply claim me like that I'm not 'yours', in fact I'm no ones" I calmly stated.She took long steps towards me and grip my throat tightly but not that much which cuts my air supply."You. are. mine." she gritted her teeth and put pressure on every word like it'll make me understand."Listen Grace, now you are being ridiculous." I tried to make her understand."Then let me be, little one" she stated.What in the hell I'm looking her little? I'm much taller than her. She only reaches to my shoulder."Don't call me that" anger started pulsating in me."I'll call you whatever I want, little one". She again stated with a smirk."You don't know what I can d
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Chapter 1
Joshua's pov:Oh shoot! I'm late for the school! Now I've to run to the school! Here we go. I've transferred from my old school because of the environment which I don't like a lil bit let's not get into details. So today is my first day in this new school where I get late on the first day. I set my alarm for 5 in the morning. But this stupid alarm goes off. Great way of starting a day right? Now I'm literally running to collect my things from the study table and shove it into my bag. I ran to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. Should I take the shower or not? How stupid I'm? This is not time for debating Joshua, just cut the crap and take the shower. Finally I stepped into the shower and after 5 minutes I came out. I wore my uniform and tie my shoes. Why do they have to make us wear uniform for school? Shutup Joshua it's not the time for your over thinking. I tool my bag and ran downstairs. I saw my mum and dad sitting on dining table having conversations. I quickly approached
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Chapter 2
Joshua's pov:I got up from the bench and about to walk then--"Don't!" came the voice from behind me. I turned around to face her. "What?" I say more like a question. "Don't go, you can sit here" she said in a monotone voice. Is she bipolar? I thought. "Why are you bipolar? First you said go away and now you are saying don't go." I voiced my thoughts, getting annoyed. She stare at me for few seconds and look away without saying anything. Is she always rude with everyone or it's me only? I shrugged it off and sat down on the bench again, facing the front of the classroom, on board to see what the teacher is explaining. From the corner of my eyes I saw she again put her head on table between her arms and went to sleep again. Lazy. After half and hour the bell rang and the teacher gave us homework and dismissed us. The next subject teacher came and he started teaching after the bell rang he gave us some homework and went out of the class room and like that few periods also passe
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Chapter 3
Joshua's pov:As I exited the canteen I started looking here and there to catch a glimpse of her. Grace. But the whole corridor was empty so I decided to check in locker area I was running towards the locker area suddenly I heard many gasps and whispers I turned my head towards the voices and saw a huge crowd circling around something or someone at the front area of the school. Is she there? Did the whole school came here? I ran towards the students and stood there putting my hands on my knees, gasping and panting. So much workout for a day. I suck huge gulps of air breathing through my mouth. Just as my breathing got normal I started pushing past the students to reach in the middle of the circle. As I reach in the center of the students I saw the girl Grace sitting on that poor boy's stomach punching him nonstop. What is she thinking? Is this a boxing match or what?I saw no one is stopping or objecting her behaviour. Do they even have emotions? If no one is stopping her I have
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Chapter 4
Joshua's pov:I started walking at the way to my home. It took me 20 minutes to reach home. As I entered I remember to apologize to my mum so I started searching for her. "Mom!" I shouted from the living room while putting my bag on the couch. "Yes I'm here." She replied back from the kitchen. I started walking towards the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen the sweet aroma of lasagna hit my nose. I sat on the kitchen counter and open the lid of the bowl. I started sniffing like a dog. "Wow you are cooking my favourite dish." I said feeling suddenly happy. "Yes I cooked it specially for my sweet little boy." she smiled at me. "Mom I'm not little anymore, how many times I've to tell you." I said while taking a spoon to taste the tasty dish. Lasagna. "You will always be my little baby." She said and slapped my hands away from the bowl."Oww! Geez woman." I stated shocked. "Wash your hands first and second don't talk to me in that tone boy." she said while fake glaring at me. We bot
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Chapter 5
Joshua's pov:(The next day) Today I woke up early in the morning so I won't get late for the school like yesterday. As it spent well except for the interaction with that girl. Lady Don. But anyways. I had breakfast with my mum and dad today and like the yesterday night dinner we were just bickering on random topics. I love spending my time with them. Now I'm on the way to my school and as yesterday in not late so I'm taking my time to enjoy the mother nature. On my way I saw a beautiful plant of red roses. Was it here yesterday also? How would you know you were busy in your marathon to your school. My sarcasm! Ughh!I saw a little boy around the age of 5-6 years trying to reach the red rose. He is jumping and jumping to catch that rose but poor little thing can't reach there. So I approached him. "Hey little boy what are you doing?" I said walking to him. He turn around to face me."I juss wan' this flower." he said frowning in his little voice I almost cooed at him. "But you c
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Chapter 6
Joshua's pov:RrrrriiinnnggggggggFinally the school is over. But thanks to Ms. Grace Anderson I can't go home. Detention! The students started packing their bags and moving out of the class. I saw her sitting beside me busy in sleeping. Wow such a hard work she got to do! I glare at her head. She is a bad luck for me. After all the students got out of the class I saw only few students are left in school premises, and they were also leaving. Great! Mrs. Smith entered the class with her cold looks. I'm in the bad books of her. Thanks to this girl sleeping beside me. She stare at us and sat on her chair. "Take out your English text book and write the summary of chapter 4 in your own words." She said scowling at grace who is still sleeping. I nudged her in her shoulder. She raise her head and glared at me."What?" she snapped. "Can't you see Mrs. Smith is here." I retorted back. "So what?" she said with a nonchalant expression.Is she crazy? Can't she be a little respectful to
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Chapter 7
Joshua's pov:After the long day finally I reached home. I sighed and entered inside the house. I directly went to the kitchen and saw my mum reading something while sitting on the dinning table. "Hey mom." I greeted her. "Hey my baby boy." she beamed at me. "Mommmmm I'm not a baby." I whined. "You'll always be my baby boy". She teased me like always. "Okay fine, I'm hungry please give me something to eat." I said peeking at what she's reading. She was as always reading her home decor magazine marking what she want to buy for the home decoration. She likes to moderate the house and made aesthetic changes in them. She got up from the chair and started serving the food. I went to the sink and washed my hands. Basic manners. She put the plate on the table and sat where she was sat before. I started digging in my food hungrily. "Slowly Joshua Williams." my mum instructed."Hmmm." I hummed and started eating slowly. After finishing the food I put my dish in the sink and went to my
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Chapter 8
Joshua's pov:I shifted my gaze in front on the black board but I can feel both of their gaze drilling holes in the side of my head. Am I scared of them? Do I regret it what I did just now? Obviously, no! Mrs. Smith started checking the papers submitted by me. After reading the whole summary she gave a single nod to me and then Grace. Then she started teaching from where we left in the previous class. I saw with my side eye Grace again get back to sleep while Candice is busy with her phone, texting someone. RrrrrriiinngggggAfter few periods more of different subjects the bell rang and interval started. Students started rushing out of the classroom as always. I also skipped to the canteen putting my hands in my pockets. There was again a huge crowd for getting food but I don't wanna suffocate and die inside of it. So I stood in the side waited for the crowd to decrease. Stacey and others also came. Yes from the day one I'm sitting with them for the lunch."Hey Joshua why are yo
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Chapter 9
Joshua's pov:I entered the classroom and saw Stacey giving me a small smile I smiled back. Then I saw Grace already staring at me. She glanced at my changed shirt, then me and smirked. I avoided eye contact with her and went to my bench and sat on it. It's our chemistry period and Mr. White came and started teaching us. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time skip:Finally, after all the periods ended the bell rang and it's time to go home yay! The students rushed out of the door hastily. I also packed my stuff and slung my bag on my shoulder. I was walking out of the class Mr. Snow our physics teacher who took our last period asked me to help him. "Mr. Williams can you help me in putting these charts in my office?" he asked. "Yes, of course sir." I said and took half number of the charts from his hands. He nodded and started walking ahead of me and I started following him. After turning few hallways we reached his office he unlocked the door and entered inside inv
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