Our Love Story

Our Love Story

By:  Maria  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amelia Thompson just wanted to finish her last year in highschool in peace and move on to the next stage of her life but little did she know that she would come across the drop dead handsome Blake Andrews. It was love at first sight for the both of them but still, Amelia knew she couldn't afford to fall for a playboy like Blake. Despite all odds, Amelia knew that battling her feelings for Blake would be difficult but she was ready. Or was she?

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1
"Amelia! Breakfast is ready." Mrs Thompson said from the kitchen."Coming Mom," replied Amelia from her room upstairs where she had been arranging her things for her new school.Seventeen year old Amelia Thompson was a stunningly beautiful teenager with long jet black hair, she was tall and athletic with light freckles on her face. This was going to be her first day at Maverick High school and she hated first days at school, with all the students staring at you like you were some kind of alien. Her Dad had been transferred from his place of work and they had to move so they could be closer to the new workplace. His transfer also came with a promotion which meant an increase in salary. Even before all of this, Amelia barely saw her Dad. He left for work every morning before she woke up and got back home late at night after she must have gone to bed. Now with the promotion at his place of work, all of this was about to be made worse. She always complained to her mother about this bu
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Chapter 2
Blake Andrews looked himself over at the mirror again, adjusted his tie and then smiled. At seventeen years old, he was tall and huge with sunny brown hair and a dimple on his cheek whenever he smiled. He was the school's football captain and also the school's bully and resident bad boy of Maverick High school, also very proud and pompous. All the girls fawned over him, always trying to get his attention. He dated a few and broke the hearts of many. This was a new school's year and the beginning of grade Eleven."One more year and I'd be out of high school" he said to himself. He was also going to turn eighteen next year and as the only child and heir to the multi-million dollar company his family owned, he'd finally be able to take over the family business. It was an old tradition in the Andrews' family that whenever the heir turned Eighteen, the company was handed over to him or her."I can't wait.'' he muttered to himself.At that moment, there was a knock on his room door."Come i
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Chapter 3
Amelia looked around the school's building, trying to get familiar with her surroundings. Her Mom had told her to go straight to the principal's office so that he could show her to her classroom but now, she had no idea on how she could get there. She thought about asking one of her fellow students for directions but none of them even seemed to notice her. They all walked around with their nose up, with an air of superiority."Snooty, snooby Maverick High students". She muttered to herself. Just then, she heard a beep on her phone. She took it out and it saw that it was a text message from her Dad. She opened it and read; ''Amelia darling, Good morning. Your Mom told me that she already dropped you off at your new school. I hope you're good. Enjoy your first day at school. Love you.''She smiled and was about to text back when she mistakenly bumped into someone."Oh, I am so sorry, I didn't see you there.'' She said,"Of co
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Chapter 4
Blake Andrews couldn't take his eyes off the new girl. Her name was Amelia, he had heard that when she introduced herself earlier. He was a bit shy when she caught him staring. He had never been shy in the presence of any girl before, this was the first time. He couldn't deny the fact that he already had a crush on her."Damn it." He said to himself. He had never really been in love with any girl before. Girls were supposed to be in love with him, not the other way round. Almost all the girls in Maverick High had a crush on him and he loved the attention he was getting from it. He couldn't possibly be in love with someone he barely knows. Or can he? He thought. Either way, he made a mental note of walking up to her after class and telling her he liked her. Just then, Charlie leaned over and whispered in his ear."The new girl, she is beautiful, isn't she?" Charlie said."Yeah, she is.'' Blake said. Charlie had also been staring at Amelia ever since she stepped into the class, he was
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Chapter 5
"What is wrong with him?" Amelia said to herself as she walked down to the school's laboratory. It was time for chemistry and their teacher wanted to teach them some basic experiments so he asked them to head over to the laboratory.Amelia was thinking about the boy, the sunny brown. He had mentioned his name at the school cafeteria when he came to sit with her. He said his name was Blake, Blake something but she couldn't remember the last name now. She didn't hate him and at the same time she didn't like him. She just wanted to be on her own. Who the hell did he think he is anyway, walking up to her and asking that they hang out. He had mentioned that he was the captain of the football team. And so what, what was she supposed to do with that? She couldn't deny the fact that he was handsome but still that doesn't mean he could get any girl he wanted, anytime he wanted. "Well, if that's what he thinks, then I'm going to show him he's wrong, so wrong.'' She said to herself. She got
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