Grave Affairs

Grave Affairs

By:  Jeon Gina  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story of how two people from 2 different walks of life, met, fell in love, and battled all the adversities in their life. It bound to be fun, wet, and dangerous.

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5 Chapters
Chapter 1: Begining
*This book is a work of fiction, no persons, places, names, and events are not in any associated with actual places, names, and events. This book is made for entertainment purposes. Enjoy*  It is written that you only realize how much you love something or someone when you are no longer with them, as humans once we realize this we do whatever it takes to get that thing back. Working for a prestigious company and coming from a wealthy and highly educated Family, Bryson Lawrence had everything that one needs in life.An amazing house, Luxurious cars, and lavish foods that money can buy; you could say he had lived on a silver platter."Congratulations on sealing the deal with our investors. Thanks to you we now own 15% shares in Deloitte. You have proven why we need your expertise in our company". Said Mr. Maxwell Charles the CEO of the Company for whom Bryson worked as a Senior Sales Manager.
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Chapter 2: Begining (2)
Natalie seductively crept closer to him, licking her lips as she drew closer and closer. Her long, slender fingers roamed freely on his body. His shirt and blazer were slowly being discarded and thrown across the room.Her lips found his bare neck sucking and leaving dark, purple marks on his beautiful pale skin. Bryson tried to hide a moan that threaten to come but this lady knew exactly what she was doing, he had no choice but to let it out, her ministrations were like fire, a fire that was under his skin, igniting itself."Hmmm," he sighed contently as his body was exposed to the cool air within their room, while her warm hands stroked the softness of his skin.  Her hands trailed down his torso making him squirm at her touch, he was very sensitive there, and the way she was working it was wow. Bryson smirked as his hands slid up to her cheeks as her lips descended on his once more, kissing him passionately. This woman was full of lust.Their family set t
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Chapter 3: The End?
Bryson woke up to the annoying sound of his alarm, which he found rather strange. Natalie would always be the one waking him up with her chirping voice, in fact, she would wake him up an hour before his alarm was due and he absolutely hated it the woman wouldn’t let him sleep. Turning his head side to side to get that faint after sleep sensation out of his eyes, he remembered the events of the night before…he wouldn’t admit it, but it was great to have some frustration for work and life lifted.Getting up he made his way to the restroom to conduct his morning business.Making his way downstairs he felt rather uncomfortable that the house was awfully quiet. Normally Natalie would be cooking him some breakfast whilst playing some soft tunes on the home stereo, but he quickly brushed it off, until he noticed something strange. Natalie was one to always leave her stuff lying around the house and he used to constantly argue with her over it, but this time
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Chapter 4: Help from above
Etienne turned in shock around to see his beloved uncle and a smile paused on his face."Andre".The excited lad run and jumped on his uncle showing great love to him. Andre de Villiers is Etienne’s uncle from his mother’s side, her name was Chantal de Villiers until she married into the Arnulphy family. Andre was the last born in a family of 5 children and Chantal was the fourth."Andre, oh I missed you so much…you didn’t mention to us that you were back in town, how’s the residency going at Edenvale Gen?""I know right it’s been so long…the residency is going well, I was thinking of just staying in the emergency unit, but I know my heart is with pathology. I’m actually here because I heard what happened to mom…I just wish I was there for her, and how are you doing?”"I'm fine Andre ‘sobbing’ I just hope she’s going to be okay...she can't leave me, leave us like this"
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Chapter 5:A Fresh Beginning
  'Holiday Ohh, Holiday, and the best one of the years dozing off underneath my sheets, while I cover both my ears.   But if I wait for that holiday, could it stop my fears?   To go away on a summer's day, never seemed so clear.' ~ Vampier Weekend   The song traveled through Etienne’s ears as he stared out his window of their Uber that had come to pick them up from the airport about 15min ago, it was a drive but there were finally in the city, seemingly fascinated by the city of Sandton. He smiled at the marvelous architecture, the people going about their day, the different colors, everything just left him in awe, a contrast to where he was before.   “André tell me how life is really like h
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