Follow Your Dreams

Follow Your Dreams

By:  Ezra St, James  Completed
Language: English
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Liam Patrick Owen, a 17 year old gay young man, who has been homeless for the last two years of his life; living on the streets and doing what he has to do to survive in life from day to day; moment to moment and second to second. Riley Aegon Grayson, a 23 year old bisexual man who is the president of the motorcycle club, The Gray Rebel's since he was 18 years old. Most people view these clubs and the members as bad but that isn't true for all. Once of Riley's Patch holders finds Liam and brings the young man to his brother to figure out what should be done with Liam. Liam is usually terrified of everyone especially men but he has an instant connect with Black Jack and one of the women in the club. What will Riley do with Liam and will Black Jack allow it.

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Bobby Ham
love the storyline keep up the great work
2021-08-22 20:57:48
27 Chapters
The Gray Rebel's Rules
The motorcycle club is like becoming a stronger and more committed member – a probationary rocker and then the patch is presented in recognition of your demonstrations along the way. The longer a Patch holder has been a member in the club, along with their experiences the better of a brother and sister you will be to your fellow sisters and brothers.Time is used to prove that you display responsibility and respect toward Patch holders of the club. You will be taught the basic rules, protocols and etiquette of the Gray Rebel's. You will be given time to develop the basic good communication and security habits
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Chapter 1
"Hey kid, what do you think you're doing?" I hear a deep gravelly voice demands from behind me; instantly stilling me in my actions of digging through the trash cans behind a home I thought was empty, searching for something to eat.Silently turning around with my eyes screwed tightly shut; afraid to face the man behind me and what he'll do; "I asked you a question, kid," the male voice asks again; this time kinder but still holding authority.
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Chapter 2
Black Jack tightens his hold around my shoulders as Amy snaps around; glaring at the girl; "Willow Lynn Grayson, that is more than enough; Liam cannot help his stutter and you are being rude!"Clamping my mouth shut at their arguing that is going full force now; remembering my parents yelling at me for my stutter too. I do not want to talk around any of them any longer with the exception of Black Jack; dropping my head, allowing my chin to touch my chest as tears prick my eyes.
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Chapter 3
Tentatively sitting next to him as I stare at the man and woman in front of me, what were their names again? Good for me I don't have to remember because Riley introduces me to them; "Liam this is Jeffrey Ames and Karyn Anderson; they're here to help us with everything.""A-alright s-sir," I whisper tearfully with wide frightened eyes.
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Chapter 4
Dry heaving by now since everything tangible that was in my stomach is now in the bowl in front of me. "Liam you won't be left alone with them nor will any of us allow them to touch you; I promise. We take care of our own and I always protect what is mine."Snapping my head toward his in shock; surprised at his words yet unsure of the exact meaning as I am afraid that I'm reading into them wrong; "W-what?"
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Chapter 5
I can understand why Willow doesn't like me; who would in their right mind want someone broken like me to be in a relationship with their sibling? Willow is just trying to save her brother any pain I would bring into his life.Thirty minutes later the bus rumbles to life and drives out of the station; easing the tension in my body the farther we drive away from what could have been my life as silent tears yet again stream down my cheeks.
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Chapter 6
"Want to have a bath before we eat and watch a movie?" Luke suggests with a small smile."Will you take the bath with me, please?" I seductively ask biting my lower lip with a smirk."Of course baby boy," he winks as he laces our fingers together as he drives us toward home.
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Chapter 7
He sits me on my feet while I'm hysterically laughing as is Luke; who turns on the hot water in the shower to let it warm while we undress quickly, eager for our more than just one way steamy shower.Carefully we step inside the shower tub and fifteen wonderful minutes later our shower is done and I have a red ass, well used hole and our bodies are washed, dried and clothed before we head back into our room to grab our bags (one each) and then making our way downstairs to head outside and find our Uber pulling up.
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Chapter 8
"Dude, you can't force something like this when you know the reason behind his hatred for his birthday," Mitchell states shaking his head at her."Can we drop this subject please?" I quietly beg as I pick at my veggie burger."Sure kid," Mitchell comments with a sad smile at me.
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Chapter 9
"You're welcome, baby boy," he returns sweetly.Luke drives us all off toward the hotel silently and once we're inside the hotelroom, I fall face first into the pillow with a muffled groan. Sliding my arms under the pillow as I roll my face to the right, I'm surprised when Luke straddles my leg
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