Chapter 50


“Let’s track down any potential Dragon Stone Keeper that was born around the time of Cyran. Cyran was born. Most Keepers are around the same age as their Guardians. Once all of them have been captured, we will expand our search to capture others.” My father said while getting agreeable nods from the others.

I wasn’t sure how to feel right now. There were too many feelings rushing through me. There was anger, confusion, disbelief, shock and so much more.

“What will happen after we capture them, and you die? How can we ensure that they will be killed?”

“Let me worry about that.” My father had a smirk on his face like he already knew what he needed to do.

I waited for them to talk more, but shortly after they began to leave, and Trenton sped time along. When we stopped, we were now standing in the backyard, where my father had us kids trained. I didn’t see him or Arion, but Arric and I were training with one of my father’s warriors.

A few minutes passed and I wondered why we stopp
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