Guilty Passion

Guilty Passion

By:  Failia_Baighaan  Completed
Language: English
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“You think you can run away from me?” he scowled, giving me a death-stare which made me petrified to face my consequences of trying to liberate myself from him. My heart was about to burst from the terror as my soul gave up on me. “Please.. Let me go..” I whispered, crawling back. He moved to my ears and whispered in his deep husky voice, submerging me in dread, “Letting you go was never an option.” *** A human mate. Humans... Creatures he despises at the bottom of his heart. Something he deeply wishes he never has in his life but who can twist fate? He has to face the inevitable reality of having a human mate. With that intense hate for humans, he was destined with one. He can't reject her for the sake of his pack but he can't accept her either. Struck between these two dilemmas, he's obstructed. But, Will his resentment let him attain salvation? Because he never knew his devastation would turn into something memorable, a feeble emotion of love he never wanted to accept; leading him to the labyrinth of darkness and regrets.

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name of the sequel ?
2023-06-15 13:48:25
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Asma Huzefa
What a beautiful story. I feel so bad for Blaze. It was such a beautiful story...️ Definitely recommended!
2023-06-03 21:41:41
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khushboo sav
I'm in so so so love with this book. I really felt sad for blaze while reading this book.I would love to read this book again and again. You made me cry at the end ... i wanted happy ending for them. Blaze was always alone,he deserves to be happy with love of his life. plz write sequel ....
2022-07-18 19:13:36
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2021-03-05 18:50:30
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Basheer dé Templar
Great story, enjoy every situation and I have to praise the author who tried so hard and made this story so interesting.
2021-01-17 03:11:22
user avatar
Huzefa Bin Khalid Baig
Love this story, It feels like I were the main character. Emotions are flowing all over the script. Best part was more chapters are coming. Keep it up.
2021-01-17 03:03:52
user avatar
Mariam Mehmood
All the best to you.. ❤
2021-01-13 16:34:36
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Yes s see d we CT zy
2021-05-11 07:01:14
user avatar
Babu !
You nice, keep going 👍🏻
2021-04-18 15:49:11
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96 Chapters 06/27/2023 Touching story. I liked it.
2023-06-28 02:59:11
user avatar
Rabab Asad
This story touched my heart.. and..feels like a needle pricked in my heart too!
2021-01-15 00:01:50
96 Chapters
~The story of my life moves in rhythm to chaos along with a mesmerizing harmony of your voice engraved in my soul but all of them are buried in those graves of remorse~ In your life you meet people, some become your ravage, some become your redemption but if the same person becomes both your devastation and liberation then what would you do? Well, I took the side of ravage and still regret it now. “Ashley.” I called my sister who was sitting beside me. She hummed as I hesitantly asked, “Did… she ever confessed her love for me?” I know the reply still, I ask this question a million times to her. Every time I hear it’s answer it gives me solace as a source to keep breathing and stay alive apart from Damon and Charles. “Yes. She loved you a lot.” Ashley breathed out, passing me a faint smile. Whenever I heard it an instant calm was given to my soul to know she held a shred of love in her heart for me- unlike me. Upon hearing it, I bit my cheek to contain my anguish inside me, my heart
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1- Most Undesirable Mate
3 Years Earlier A deep sigh escaped my lips as I looked around to see if the preparation for the ceremony was done or not. My silver eyes are tired due to lack of rest but I don’t care because there are a lot of things to do and I don’t want anything to be left unchecked at my sister’s marking ceremony. I don’t know why but she wanted to show it to the world that she found her mate but all I could do is to fulfill her wish. I am Alpha Blaze Allen of the Fiery Fire pack, I am 26 and still haven’t found my mate yet and could feel this sensation of unbearable passion and losing control over myself surging in me but I have to contain those uncontrollable urges inside me and keep up a strong front for my pack. The lack of having a mate bothers me a lot but I didn’t show it. But, I am happy that my sister; Ashley Allen found her mate at the age of 20 and that person is none other than m
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2- Of All People, Her?
“I-I am Avery Cray..” She replied. My whole being stopped when I heard it. No.. Of all people, her? After all these years the person I was avoiding turned out to be my mate. The most unwanted mate. Anything but her. I will happily stay alone but why of all people… a human mate? I grit my teeth as heartbreak filled me. The grief filled me up for having her as my mate, a human and she doesn’t even realize what tribulation has been caused. The intense dolor crushed my hopes, my chest tightened in pain. Devoid of devastation, it crashed upon me, taking me to the depth of the abyss. “Will you help me?” She asked again, dragging me from my thoughts. I gradually changed my expressions into my u
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3- Unknowingly
I growled in extreme consternation, knowing that I am stuck in a very bad position because I know I cannot reject her for the sake of the pack and I cannot live my life with her. The dreams I treasure in my heart shattered to pieces, the emotions of love I used to imagine burned to ashes. The tombs of devotion turned dusty.Everything fell apart before it could even start. It was no less than a curse. I grit my teeth and not being able to bear this burning rage inside me I began to throw things around in my room. I cursed loudly and broke everything that came to my hand. A deep pain inflicted on me and broke me apart. Heartache pushed me in those bottomless pits of turmoil. Why are all despairs in my fate? I don’t know what I should do, just a sensation of hurt left in me. What I strive to receive becomes a curse for me. Why is this blasphemous with me? I, who hate humans and now destined with one. Was my
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4- Alone With Her
I was sitting in the lounge, quietly reading a book feeling the peace in the air and diverting my mind from anything that can ruin my day, for example; My mate; Avery and the human; Avery and my sister’s best friend; Avery. In all; from Avery. I just want a moment of equanimity to think about what I should do.  “Do I really have to mark that pathetic girl?” I asked myself, pondering. Whether I should force her to be with me and mark her and let her go but the mate-pull inside me won’t let me but it’s would be easy like this, I could mark her and then she can do whatever she wants but what will happen to me that way I will become more tensed and if I force her to be with me the chances of loving each other would be zero which are already zero. 
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5- Your Sanctuary
“By the way, how can you live here with all these wolves, aren’t you scared?” She asked. She is just speaking, non-stop. But I don’t know why, I kind of liked hearing her talking. “They only harm the outsiders... let’s just say they are our guardian.” I said, carefully using my words. “And everyone calls you Alpha so you must be the leader of them.” She joked. I remained silent, not replying to her. “You are very talkative… Just like Ashley said.” I said. In our conversations, the main topic would be Avery. Ashley kept rambling about her, how’s she, what she does, what she likes and all but I never paid attention to it, even in the pictures and now the main topic of my life is her. “Oh, sorry.” She laughed nervously and continued to pack. “Avery.” I called her. The way her name rolled over my life is blissful yet repugnant at the same time. I don’t want to think about her in this way. No matter what, my disapproval will not decrease. She hummed and I continued, “What Ashley told y
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6- The Date
Avery POV:- I couldn’t believe he said that. I respect him so much because he saved my life but he just turned out to be a scum. I thought he was a gallant guy but he can be anything but chivalrous. How he touched me in such a repulsive way, saying those unnerving words to me, leaving me defenseless. I never felt like this before. It seems his presence drained my energy. It sends shivers down my spine just to think about it. Those fierce words of his are stirring my mind drastically, submerging me in fright. I couldn’t fathom why he said that.  How can I be his mate? I don’t want to be his mate. I won’t even let this happen. I cannot be his mate. I love Jeremy. He is the only one for me. I will never allow myself to even think about him. But somewhere in my heart, it terrifies me to no extent just to think about what he is planning to do, what limits he can cross. I
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7- Unexpected Visit
“Congratulations.” He said standing up after invading my room without permission. “What are you doing here?” I whispered, taking a step back. My whole being stiff in fright upon seeing him right here, in my room. “So then… getting married at the end of October.” He said, his voice lingered in mockery as he took steady steps towards me. A convulsion shook my core as a horror swept across my face when he came close. “Don’t come closer.” I was about to leave or call someone but before my mind could register what happened, the door was closed and locked and I was pinned firmly against it. I tried to yell but he put his hand over my mouth. I endeavored to get out of his grasp but to no avail, he held me firmly. My heart pounded against my chest. My breath caught up in my throat, my strength slowly deprived from me. His presence crushed me miserably. “If you struggled one more time..” He began to say with his voice lethally low. His hot breath blew my face and startled me in dread. “I wi
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8- Shopping
Months passed in the blink of an eye, a rapid wave of breeze and gave a weather of good luck and no more dread. And at this moment I don’t think anything could go wrong. A deep melody of love and never ending blessing are one step away from me. The inexplicable elation built inside me and took me to the world of star where I could be with Jeremy and no one can harm us and take me away from him. The place where I will become his and he will become mine and no one could break this bond.  A week left for my marriage, I am so content about it, my exhilaration is beyond anyone’s comprehension. It’s like all happiness is knocking on my door and nothing can take this away from me. Not even that revolting guy. I wonder what papers he made me sign but I don’t care about it. I haven’t seen him after that day, it’s been months and I have decided not to think about it and ruin the special time of mine. Maybe he
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9- Wedding
“ What can he do after it anyways?" I laughed off but the look plastered on Ashley's face alarmed me for a torment moment I might never have imagined. Blaze menacing plans are horrifying, the fear aroused in me by the tension of the future is immense and I don’t want any negativity. "I just don't know. I hope Brother will not ruin neither your nor his life." She breathed out after a prolonged silence, pulling her hairs in frustration. I shook my head, not wanting to think about anything bad before my marriage. "Leave it. Don't think about it. I haven't seen Blaze in a few months. I don't think he will do anything." "I hope so." “We can talk about your marriage life and gain some tricks and tips.” I grinned. We then changed our topic and talked about other things to divert our minds and turn oblivious to the upcoming afflictions. Just focusing on the moments and not having any consternation about the future. *** My heart flutters with extreme happiness which extends to no bounda
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