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He dropped his hands to the side, stepping away, and he voiced. “I’m not sure about having you fucking countless men, Marianne, unless you have chosen to become a whore who is more than willing to please another man’s dick instead of just pleasing one.” He smiled, pushing his hair from his face. I made the conscious decision not to let his words bother me, as it wasn't worth the stress. I said, which got him annoyed further. “I rather please a thousand dicks than yours. So do what you want to me, but I will never marry you.” He suddenly brought out a gun, playfully staring at it and he hint “Not even in a death and life situation.” He aimed the gun directly at me and I took a bold step by moving to him and I pressed my head against the gun. “Then kill me. It has always been my dream to escape from this nightmare.” I was playing with fire, but I won’t back off until we both get burnt. “Pull the trigger.” I breathe. He breath. Both our eyes locked. ****** Kidnapped and sold to a psychopath, a man who finds solace in seeing her in pain while she grips on her remaining hopes of escaping. Marianne finds herself trapped in this endless nightmare with a man who claims to love her by bringing her pain. ***** Trigger warning; This story is not for light-hearted people. Involves very disturbing sex content.

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I love the story so far..! I like the characters so far the protagonist of this book it’s really dark and possessive just the way I like them when they’re in the mafia. Keep up the good work and please finish the book!
2024-03-12 21:17:00
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May An Aragoncillo
very nice story
2023-11-16 22:57:42
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Marianne Thunder cracked, flashing sharp lights across the sky that worn a blanket of darkness hovering around. I heard their distant voices reaching through me and it caused me to accelerate my pace, sprinting out from the alley into the main road. They were going to kill me! Those merciless monsters! My black hair danced around with the wind and my breathing was chaotic. Running for my life with three huge men coming after me, I doubt if I would escape from their grips. “You can’t run for long, little girl.” The bossy voice resonated, echoing through the lonely road and I heard their malicious laughter that was enough to get sweat slipping from my back. Panting hard at I spun my head around to see that they were catching up with me as the distance between us kept on reducing however I slipped, twisting my ankle as I fell on the ground. A man sat on his heels with a dirty smirk playing on his face and he growled, locking eyes with me, “You are quite a stubborn one, aren’t you?”
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I was pushed up to the stage where their lecherous eyes laced on my body like the beastly wolves they were. Under their eyes, I was more of a lamb, ready to be slaughtered. I felt the fear slowly sinking in my bones out of nervousness as I was displayed in front of an item. I dare not glance at them! He made contact with my skin and I would guess what was soon going to happen to me, where some of the previous girls were stripped to entice the buyers. The man raised his voice with his hands wrapped in my hair. “This is Marianne, sh-” he stopped abruptly when one of the men behind the stage climbed up to whisper something to him and it was only prolonging the fear with more time passing. “Are you sure?” the man questioned the person and continued. “Today, we have some wonderful information about this beautiful creature standing here. She is not only attractive with her stunning body, but she’s also a virgin! ” I widened my eyes. How did they get such information? Arousing whispers
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Moving to him with the tiny bells raising the warning signals. I gasp which was too sudden because the man huge hand unexpectedly shot up to my right breast and I whimpered in a low whisper that was sexual, alluring in every way but my arousing body heed no effect to him as his dark cold eyes loop into my and I felt like crying because his hand was adding more pressure. He tug me in a way that I leaned over to him with our faces a few inches away, and heard his cold voice say maintaining the eye contact and I felt my eyes pricked with tears welling up. “I did know that I wasted my money to purchase an animal that wouldn't listen." He growled with one of his fingers massaging my buds and I squeezed my legs, fighting hard not to moan. He leaned closer to my ears and continued, “I own you Marianne. Every inch of your body belongs to me." his wet hot tongue tailed up to my ears. “Ahhh! " the sweetness mixed with pain swelled from me when he bit into my earlobe and a tear slide down my
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MarianneThe woman quickly flee out from the room and in a twinkle of an eye I was left alone with the man. “Are you going to keep standing there like a fool or will you get out?” he looked down at me. His words didn't immediately register to me until when I felt something hard pressing on my buttocks, and I blush shifting away from him. How can he be this shameless even in this situation? I stepped away from him, taking the blanket to cover my body. I saw as he effortlessly removed the knife where his face didn't show any sign of pain. Biting my bottom lip, I stared at his hand. I was the reason why he was hurt. If I didn't step in, he probably would have handled it in his own way, but why would his mother try to hurt him? I shifted my eyes to look at him as he sat on the sofa while pouring a glass of alcohol on his wound. I was on the verge of speaking when he abruptly interjected. “Leave, your presence is not needed anymore."“But you're injured." I didn't know if I was going
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Marianne In a subconscious manner, I instinctively retreated upon hearing his remark, sensing a certain uneasiness about him.“I won't bite,” He firmly said, playing with a smile on his lips. My heart was pounding at every giving minute, my chances of escaping were still high only if I could get away from this man's sight. “I was about taking my leave.” He stared at me for like three second searching for any hint of lies and I stiffened with an invisible sweat running down my back. Hesitantly, I gave a swift nod, brushing past him while making sure my nervousness was intact. His distant voice laced into my ears. “It seems more like you're trying to escape, and your face looks rather familiar.” He touched his chin with a calculative expression. “Ah, you are the girl Ezekiel purchased at Bethel! Marianne! Right!” he exclaimed, and I balled my hand into a fist with my face crouching in frustration. How did he know so fast? I still had the chance to lie, but time was slipping away.
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Ezekiel My black eyes fixated on her as I watch with all amusement, seeing her all confused and scared at my command. The girl was beautiful, but too beautiful for my own liking. Scaling my tongue over my teeth, her little action of disobedience was something I couldn't overlook. However, the girl didn't move as I felt the cold air rushing down my veins. A bit of annoyance sparkled in my eyes. “If you don't like this punishment, I have something better in mind. Something that we both will enjoy.” I moved from the pool, goggling at her expression that brought solace to my empty heart as I fed on her appearance that was quite alluring. Her full lips and dark hair creasing onto her delicate shoulders while her body was molded approximately in the right places, bringing out her womanly curve that didn't escape my eyes that night at the auction. Her kissable lips fell open, probably in fear. Marianne unknowingly took a step back and her soft voice fell on the deaf part of my ears
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Marianne I gasped and woke up almost immediately jerking out of the soft bed as I felt the coldness of the water sinking into my brains. The sheets underneath turned wet as I jerk out from sleep. Fluttering my lashes multiple times to clear my blurry vision with the ice-cold water dripping from my hair down to my face, I seize my breath when my eyes caught hold of the person standing beside the bed with a bucket. “Rise and shine, bitch.” Her vicious voice made my skin crawl underneath not because of her act of pouring me water but because of her heart captivating beauty. My brain glitched just staring at the woman that was no less than my age, but her make-up was overrated. Who was she? And most of all, how did she get inside the room? From her tight fitted short dress, she wasn’t a worker here. “What are you doing here? How did you get in?” I threw tiring blatant questions at her. Most especially, where was Ezekiel? I shifted my gaze away from her and towards the room devoid of
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Marianne Slowly I drew out from being unconscious with my eyes heavy, accompanied by the sticky sweat that ticked down my back. I was bound to a chair with both my hands and legs tied up. The warning bells struck again. I was kidnapped! The room had poor lighting illuminating from the four corners. The place seemed like an abandoned warehouse with creepy webs. I stuttered, gulping the fear that was feeding on my body. “Hello... Is anyone there...” My words echoed to be trapped in the four walls of the room. The feeling was way too familiar that I tasted my nervousness running down my throat. History was reiterating itself. Automatically, I gripped on the chair tightly when the door slowly cracked open, casting a dark shadow on the ground as the male body walked in with a cane in his hand. It was Ezekiel's grandfather! Wait, what was he doing here? “Sleeping beauty is finally awake. I thought that I would have to put a bullet in your head so that you would sleep forever,"
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Ezekiel In one of the many dark rooms in the underground factory in Russia were illegal gems and rare stones were being shipped from across foreign countries. I sat on a throne-like chair majestically. Tapping on the armrest, my neck raised high while my eyes were brewing with uttermost cruelty and danger pitching. I mouthed, dropping the smile while my eyes to glisten in brutal ness. “I see you won't speak. The diamond was safely packed along with the rest goods under my men's supervision and you say that it didn't arrive on the coast ship." A man covered in blood from head to toe, his eyes almost lifeless with his face badly beaten, his fingers were chopped off, leaving the middle one intact, but not for long. “I promise I don't know where they are. I never had my eyes on them after it left the factory Mr. Santiago is lying boss." he groaned, holding his chest. I flickered my tongue. The fool was still. Lying even when he was already on his way to the gates of death, he w
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Marianne Gradually I opened my eyes to meet the fancy ceiling of the room and slowly the memories came back along with the pain. It took me sometime to adjust to the brightness. Getting up from the bed, smoke covered my vision, and I jerked up, alarmed. Was the place burning? I looked to the side, and I saw a faint shadow falling on the balcony of the room and my hands immediately reached out, holding my chest when my heart almost limped out from fear. What was he doing there, standing like a ghost? Slowly yet softly, I called out. “Ezekiel….” I walked up to where he was standing. From behind I noticed how his black hair was damped, his broad shoulders were well fitted in the white bathrobe. He stood looking as handsome as the devil, ready to steal my soul away. He held a cigarette as he smoked heavily. Now that I thought of it, he was always either smoking or drinking . I face palmed my head. I was thinking about him again. Looking at the floor twisting my fingers, I blandly vo
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